USPS confirms Postal Worker diagnosed with Tuberculosis

12.18.14 VICTORIA. Texas – A spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Service has confirmed a Victoria postal worker has contracted tuberculosis. The employee worked at the James Moody Station off of Sam Houston Drive. According to Sam Bolen, the postal service medial officials are monitoring the situation. USPS briefed all employees who may have been in […]

Lance Armstrong co-defendants agree to pay $500,000 as part settlement in USPS case

12.19.14 Two of Lance Armstrong’s longtime business associates have agreed to pay $500,000 to the United States government as part of a conditional settlement in a lawsuit filed by former Armstrong teammate Floyd Landis. Bill Stapleton, Armstrong’s longtime agent, and Barton Knaggs, Armstrong’s longtime business partner, also have agreed to pay $100,000 to the law […]

USPS Tells Customers: Get Postal Discounts at Staples

Union Says ‘Return-to-Sender’ 12/19/2014 – Postal management has launched a new offensive – one that clearly reveals the sinister goals of its no-bid deal with Staples. The Postal Service has sent a mass mailing to “postal customers” advertising 20 percent discounts on USPS shipping services. But the coupon glued inside isn’t for use at your […]

USPS sets records for package deliveries, online visits

The Postal Service made history in recent days, setting records for package delivery and online visits as the peak holiday season kicked into overdrive. On Dec. 15, USPS delivered 27.9 million packages, the most single-day package deliveries in the organization’s 239-year history. On the same day, received a record 7 million visits. The records […]

Family members of USPS workers comp employees may be affected by data breach

12.18.14 The Mail Handlers Union reported: In a new development on the earlier data breach at the Postal Service, USPS has now sent individual letters to another group of employees who may have had personal information compromised. USPS informed us that a large number of Workers Compensation records were “possibly” compromised, in some cases including […]

Alabama Clerk Sentenced to Prison For Role In Tax Refund Fraud using corrupt letter carrier

Alabama Letter Carrier Sentenced to 111 months in Prison For His Role In a Tax Refund Scheme Alabama Medical Clerk Sentenced to Prison for Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud Scheme that Involved Corrupt U.S. Postal Service Employee 12.18.14 – An Alabama woman was sentenced today to serve 70 months in prison for her involvement in […]

USPS workers comp employees medical and bank records may have been compromised

On November 10, 2014 USPS  said workers compensation records of postal employees may have been compromised. On November 20, 2014 APWU said ” Apparently, information regarding OWCP records that were shared with the Department of Labor exposed medical records, bank account and routing information for tens of thousands of employees and retirees. The Postal Service […]

OIG: USPS Capital District’s security controls for data lacks protection from hackers

The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General’s Information Technology Security Risk Model identified the Capital District as being among the five most at-risk districts for multiple quarters during fiscal years (FY) 2013 and 2014. Security events during those periods included instances of malicious software which can affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive […]

OIG: USPS security lapses on ‘Tracking and Reporting System’ could result in hackers gaining access

The USPS Office Of Inspector General audit  report: “Parcel Readiness– Product Tracking and Reporting System Controls” 12.16.14 PTR (formally known as Product Tracking System-II) went into production in April 2013, and provides tracking and performance data for all domestic and international package and extra services products. It is the system of record for all delivery […]

USPS truck flips, spills packages along Bay area roadway

USPS truck flips, spills packages along Bay area roadway. RIVERVIEW (FOX 13) – Some people in the Tampa Bay area might be getting some damaged gifts delivered to their doorsteps after a United States Postal Service truck flipped Thursday morning, and spilled packages all over a local roadway. A number of crews arrived and worked […]