abusive supervisor respect2014The APWU Oakland Local #78 took the unusual step of launching an office-wide petition against Tour 1 Postal Supervisor Preet Singh. The petition, which has more than 100 signatures, details years of a variety of unacceptable conduct. The petition was sent to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, USPS Bay-Valley District Manager,Mark Martinez, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-13th) and the USPS Office Of Inspector General (OIG).

Oakland Postal Employees have started petitions against abusive supervisors before–most of which gathered a dozen or so signatures and went no further than the Oakland Plant Manager. However, Postal Supervisor Singh’s offenses have gone far beyond the garden variety of managerial rudeness. He has engaged in harassment and disrespectful speech. In a safety-related matter,Singh mishandled a bloody parcel which should have been treated as a HAZMAT situation.

Even as the petition was circulating, Preet Singh was involved in a scuffle with an postal employee who did not appreciate his aggressive approach. Several witnesses said that Supervisor Singh was the instigator. Some people just don’t learn from their mistakes and how to treat people with dignity and respect. Continue reading ‘Oakland APWU Local Strikes Back at Abusive Postal Supervisor’ »

 (October 18, 2014) NEEDHAM, Mass. —Needham police responded to reports that a vehicle had crashed into the Needham Center Post Office Saturday morning.
The crash occurred at around 8:38 a.m., and police and fire officials found the driver of the vehicle, a 73-year-old New Hampshire man, unresponsive.

Continue reading ‘Truck slams into Needham, MA post office’ »

(October 18, 2014) MODESTO, CA — Animal control officers joined forces Saturday for a sweep through southwest Modesto, the neighborhood where Tuesday’s deadly mauling by a pack of roaming pit bulls occurred. But a 911 call reporting a vicious dog in the northern area interrupted the sweep, with police going to the aid of a mailman trapped in a pickup bed. Continue reading ‘Animal control officers rescue mailman from menacing pit bull’ »

Abraham_Lincoln_1866_Issue-15c(October 14, 2014) Did you know that some of America’s most notable public officials, businessmen, scientists, etc. began their careers as postal employees? Although many people know that inventor Benjamin Franklin served as the first Postmaster General, did you know that President Abraham Lincoln was also employed by the Postal Service®? Before he was president, Abraham Lincoln was appointed postmaster of the New Salem, IL Post Office™ on May 7, 1833. The then 24-year-old Lincoln served in this capacity until the office closed in 1836. Other notable postmasters include abolitionist John Brown, businessman Conrad Hilton and humorist Bill Nye.

charlesdrew2014Some of the most famous cultural icons also served as a postal employee. Scientist/surgeon Charles Drew, singer/actor Bing Crosby and Disneyland/Disneyworld founder Walt Disney all worked at their local Post Office as a part-time special delivery messenger, clerk or substitute carrier, respectively. These gentlemen began their careers helping to connect Americans through the mail and continued that tradition by connecting Americans through science, the arts and entertainment.



Other famous postal employees include: Continue reading ‘Famous Postal Workers’ »

domestic mail manual Postal Bulletin – Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)(October 16, 2014 )

Effective November 8, 2014, the Postal Service™ will revise Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) section 508.7.0 to expand Hold For Pickup service to include Parcel Select Lightweight and Bound Printed Matter parcels.

In order to provide mailers with additional options to have their shipments held at a designated Post Office™ location for pickup by a specified addressee or designee, the Postal Service is expanding Hold For Pickup to include shipments of Parcel Select Lightweight and Bound Printed Matter parcels. Additionally, the DMM language for Hold For Pickup service is being consolidated to eliminate unnecessary wording, without changing the actual standards.

Although these standards will not be updated in the online DMM until December 8, 2014, these standards are effective November 8, 2014. Continue reading ‘USPS DMM Revision: Hold For Pickup Service Expanded to Additional Products’ »

Date changes for closing some USPS plants Continue reading ‘2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated October 17, 2014’ »

baby james gradyBONNERS FERRY, Idaho – It is a matter of life and death. A terminally ill Bonners Ferry infant needs specific medical supplies to survive but his mother claims the mail carrier won’t deliver them.

Baby James Grady was born with more birth defects than you can count on your hands, as well as a genetic disorder, Fanconi’s Anemia, that will eventually lead to bone marrow failure.

Now Grady is facing a whole new battle for her son. His medical supplies are not being delivered to their home, even prompting an emergency trip to the ER. Her first thought was the medical supply company was to blame, but after she had the company track the shipment, “She said, it’s ready to be shipped out from the post office today, and as soon as she said post office I was like, ‘Oh.'” Continue reading ‘Idaho mother claims mail carrier won’t deliver medical supplies for terminally ill infant’ »

albnm2014Four suspects are behind bars in connection to a rash of mailbox vandalisms around the Albuquerque metro.

On Tuesday, Rio Rancho and Albuquerque police arrested Robert Gallegos and Amber Hilton at a Rio Rancho home.

Hilton followed orders and was detained, but police said Gallegos jumped from a second story window and fled on foot. He was apprehended a short time later.

A subsequent investigation led to the recovery of stolen mail, identifications and property. The evidence indicates that property was taken from various areas within the Albuquerque area. Victims will be contacted by police.

Hilton was booked into the Sandoval County Detention Center on the federal charges of possession of a counterfeit postal key and aggravated identity theft. Gallegos was booked on an outstanding warrant.

On Thursday, police arrested 32-year-old Carlos Gomez and 24-year-old John Gomez on felony warrants related to the case. Continue reading ‘Video: Cops catch four suspected thieves in Albuquerque area mailbox vandalisms’ »

postal worker charged with stealing cash from mail(October 17, 2014) Hanover police arrested a 28-year-old post office employee who allegedly stole more than $2,500 in cash and gift cards from sealed envelopes.

Hanover police arrested Amber Lopresti, 28, of 13 Alger Way, Taunton on Wednesday, Oct. 8 following a joint investigation with U.S. Postal Service inspectors. Lopresti reportedly admitted to running the scheme, where she would steal cash and gift cards from envelopes being mailed out of the Hanover center post office, for several months. She had been employed at the Rockland Street post office for two years

Police said they are still determining the extent of Lopresti’s scheme and encouraged anyone who mailed cash or gift cards that later went missing out of the post office located at 196 Rockland St. to notify the USPS.

note: According to USPS records Lopresti worked as a Postal Support Employee (PSE) Sales, Service Distribution Clerk (SSDA) since 2013.


source: Wicked Local

opm2013The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is issuing a final rule to modify eligibility for enrollment under the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program to certain temporary, seasonal, and intermittent employees who are identified as full-time employees. This regulation will allow newly eligible Federal employees to enroll no later than January 2015.

This final rule modifies eligibility by authorizing enrollment in a FEHB health plan for certain non-Postal Federal employees on temporary appointments and certain non-Postal employees working on seasonal and intermittent schedules. Currently, most employees on temporary appointments become eligible for FEHB coverage after completing 1 year of current continuous employment and, once eligible for coverage, do not receive an employer contribution to premium. Employees working on seasonal schedules for less than 6 months in a year and those working intermittent schedules are excluded from eligibility regardless of the work hours for which they are expected to be scheduled. Some limited exceptions were made to these exclusions for temporary firefighters and emergency response workers in 5 CFR 890.102(h) and (i). Continue reading ‘OPM final rule on Temporary Feds Health Care benefits excludes USPS non-career employees’ »