2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated August 21

The USPS plant consolidation schedule for 2015 was updated August 21, 2014


Readers can download Network Rationalization schedule in two formats:
condensed version in PDF
Network Rationalization Phase 2 full version in excel (xls)

7 thoughts on “2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated August 21

  1. Do it! It’s about time. It’s 2014. Stamps should be relegated to a museum right beside the horse-drawn carriage.

  2. How can you get rid of so many places? There are more address’s to deliver to and more package’s coming each year. So how can you deliver them in a timely fashion with less help? You already made window service a joke by the slow service you have now and closed on Sat when most people are off,I don’t call losing 15% of the business a good decision when they say we need more income.

  3. I’m confidant that congress will put the brakes to this ill-advised plan by the PMG, Donahoe to close & consolidate mail processing facilities.

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