2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated October 31, 2014

A lot of changes in this update of USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule. Some dates for closing plants have been moved up or back by several months. For example:

**date moved back**
Madison P&DF – Milwaukee P&DC
Wausau P&DF -Green Bay P&DC

**date moved up**
Kalamazoo P&DC to Grand Rapids P&DC back
Lansing P&DC to Grand Rapids P&DC
Gainesville -Jacksonville
Manasota – Ft Myers
Augusta P&DF – Macon P&DC
New Orleans P&DC – Baton Rouge P&DC
Tulsa P&DC – Oklahoma City P&DC
Industry P&DC – Santa Ana P&DC

Date changes for closing some USPS plants
Date changes for closing some USPS plantsDate changes for closing some USPS plantsUSPS Network Rationalization Consolidation Phase II

14 thoughts on “2015 USPS Plant Consolidation Schedule Updated October 31, 2014

  1. many of you will be involuntary reassigned outside of the commuting area. You better have your union reps learn about the OPM guidelines for severance pay and discontinued annuities.

  2. Lol, we don’t need clerk buyouts. I’m a supervisor and I’m working the window, throwing mail, dispatching mail, working the desk, clearing carriers; I don’t have enough time to do my own job (never did, then again). Cutting the clerk pay scale has drastically reduced the quality of people we can recruit and I won’t keep them if they’re not up to it. We need to reassign the people who pushed these flawed workload assessment systems and figure out what resources we really need to complete our mission, and stop trying to make that mission “everything we can possibly conceive.” The sign of a healthy company is not constantly reducing the standard of living of its employees across the board. Narrow the scope and pay people wages that are consistent with the pressure employees face to maintain productivity TO THE MINUTE.

  3. Industry PDC lemmings…..don’t forget to thank the crew at your local union office who sat on their hands. Well, at least you’ll be better represented by the Santa Ana contingency.

  4. SAME ‘OL SAME ‘OL ! Belongs to Congress at ‘lection time ! ! Thenfalls in the lap of the good ‘ol TAXPAYER ! ! !

  5. It won’t matter come Tuesday ( Election Day )… The Republicans are gonna retain the House and looks like there gonna win the Senate.. House Speaker Boehner is going ahead with Impeachment proceedings and have President Obama removed.. Then Vice – President Biden will be President till 2016… If the republicans win the White House and still retain POWER in both Senate and the House. Well folks, we’ll definitely be privatized and all be fired.. That’s why everybody must get out and VOTE on TUESDAY!!!!!!!! Your JOB, SOCIAL SECURITY,PENSIONS.. For GOD’S sake, everything is at risk!!!!!! Good luck raising a family on 10 bucks an hour. You’ll find out how hard it really is soon enough if the Democrats lose.. GOD help us all then.

    • Yes, keep voting for your Obamacare. What good does making $20 an hour do, if you’re having to spend half of that on health care premiums?

      You’re just one Democrap Dupe who has fallen for all of their lies and crap. When will you wake up?

      In case you don’t know how things work, the House cannot remove the president, that is what the Senate does, and that will never happen.

      • What till you see what the GOP has in mind for federal workers. Just look at the states, they should give you some insite as to what will come next. Throw out the contract, collective bargining, less pay, pay more for your own benefits. While there is no gurantee any of this will happen, don’t be supprised if congress attempts to do any of this. This country is $17 trillion + in debt. The GOP will not take that from big business or the wealthy. It will come from blue collar workers.

    • I aint going to vote for NO DEMOCRAP The DEMOCRAPS are not going to save USPS if they are they would of done something by now so let the dice fall

  6. What are the plans for all these displaced employees. Will they offer another early out to make room.

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