25 postal trucks parade past home of NY teen battling cancer

2/2/16 LIVERPOOL, N.Y. — The United State’s Postal Service delivered a dream come true to one of its biggest fans Tuesday morning.

Liverpool Postmaster Lindsey Hicks led letter carriers from the Bayberry Office along with large trucks from the Syracuse Post Office’s motor pool in a special delivery to Matthew, its first class customer.

Matthew, whose dream is to be a mailman, was diagnosed with a serious illness and has been in and out of Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse and special care units in Rochester.

No matter where he was or how sick he was, he still wore his letter carrier shirts with pride on a daily basis.

The parade was held in his honor and helped him to achieve his dream of being Matthew the Mailman. Read more


2/2/16 CLAY, N.Y. — It’s no secret that Matthew Watkins wants to be a mail carrier.

The 17-year-old boy who lives in Clay has long loved to greet his local carrier and count the mail trucks parked outside the U.S. Postal Service’s Bayberry post office, said his mother, Jennifer Watkins. When Matthew was diagnosed with cancer last May, postal uniforms given to him by retired carriers brought Matthew comfort — accompanying him to a Rochester hospital during his nearly eight-month stay.

A few weeks after Matthew returned home from the hospital, the Bayberry post office decided to welcome home their top supporter.

25 postal trucks parade past home of NY teen battling cancer

U.S. Postal Service trucks from the Bayberry post office head to Matthew Watkins’ Clay home Tuesday morning. Mail carriers and firefighters held a parade to support Matthew, an aspiring mail carrier who is battling cancer.

Why did 25 postal trucks, fire trucks parade past home of Clay teen?

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  1. That is TOTALLY AWESOME really that is a Postmaster I like! Very few of them around 🙁 I am praying for Matthew and it’s nice to see comfort given to those that suffer. God Bless kiddo!

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