A dozen postal workers claim they were bullied at work in St Louis MO

ST. LOUIS – Last week, a St. Louis mail carrier shared her story of being bullied on the job. She said a supervisor threw a key at her.

“I thought about committing suicide because it had gotten that bad,” she said.


After her story aired, 5 On Your Side got at least a dozen phone calls and e-mails from postal workers saying they’re being bullied, too. The allegations range from verbal to physical abuse.

“It is now being exposed because one brave female came forward,” one woman said.

Source: ksdk.com | A dozen postal workers claim they were bullied at work

30 thoughts on “A dozen postal workers claim they were bullied at work in St Louis MO

  1. Got over 20 years in and have worked in 11 office from district HQ to office with 3 city routes. The PO is the most hostile work environment I’ve ever seen! Daily carriers are harnessed. I’ve seen people walk out, have breakdowns, come to blows, take stress leave and suicides. I accualy am surprised there aren’t more workplace shootings. I park off postal property just so I can keep my CCW 9mm in my car.

  2. To all the Postal employees that blame the unions for the abuse just remember the unions only have so much power. The true fault belongs to the voter! What does the worker expect when they have a anti union government? Elect government officials that give power to fight for worker rights. Just take a little time and go to the library and read of labor history. Did you know that Reverend Philip Moody said in lectures that the “Workers must understand that they must work hard for ten hours a day for little pay. That is the political and economic reality. And that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor when they are in heaven” What shit! Reverend Moody started the Moody Bible Institute. read and educate yourselves.

  3. With our recent National Agreement, Rolando put in place a “Joint Work Place Improvement Process”. If you report these disastrous conditions to your NBA office and nothing is done, I suggest calling on National Officers. I have personally seen irate management removed from duties. It takes time, don’t get me wrong. Just be persistent.

  4. HELLO,, My entire Postal Career I have Been Bullied, Threaten,Cursed out Mistreated and I feel that the entire country knows how we are getting kicked in the butt by management. No one ever steps in to hear or to assist the employees there are too many stories and truths that they over look MANAGEMENT IS A BUNCH OF BULLIES BAD PEOPLE MOST ARE UNEDUCATED, HAVE RECEIVED PROMOTIONS BECAUSE OF SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH ANOTHER PERSON IN MANAGEMENT. I HAVE WORK CHICAGO DISTRICT AND NOW IN LOS ANGELES. Management steals money corrupted. THE UNION WORKS WITH MANAGEMENT. Sad. This is why employees come to work and shoot up the place.

  5. This type of abuse is the NORM….and it’s SAD!!!!…You have supervisors and mdos, being disrespectful, revengeful,their management styles, are one if intimidation and scare tactics..I’ve been with postal service for 24 yrs…I’m so disgusted, with what we have to deal with on a daily basis, and d ont get me started on the sorry ASS unions, that why I’m no longer a member….and the public wonders why at times, employees go “POSTAL”…I personally can’t wait to retire…I don’t recognize ,nor do I have respect for the system,I used to be so PROUD to work for back in the day…May GOD help US ALL!!!!

  6. USPS Letter Carrier – Me, too!

    I, too, was singled out and treated with disrespect by a certain supervisor. When I informed the manager of the station, he told me to go talk to her and deal with it. When I called the local branch President he told me he got along with her just fine and could call her to ask her to back off of me. I told him “No” don’t say anything. It would only escalate matters even worse. This was happening when I had approved FMLA sick leave to help care for my mother who at the time had dementia. Which, of course, I was given grief for taking time off. I was once even denied time off because of “needs of service “. I tried switching days off as much as I could, so I really didn’t take that much time off as could have. I was constantly bullied about my overburdened route to the point that I almost had a breakdown. I have never met a more evil person in my life. #MeToo!

  7. postal company unions are no damm good. po mismanagement =abuse job #1. postal dues collection agency’s look the other way at best, help the po mismanagement abuse people who call out the crummy unions. saying in Japan-the nail that sticks out, gets hammered in. every postal union member should just converge on Washington, DC and have a massive picket in front of their buildings on K Street, throw rocks, and in general act like thugs and rip them a new one. I blame these corrupt unions for all of this and then some. it would be like a rapist plying their trade in your neighboorhood and the police looking the other way or driving the rapist to his next “appointment”! and when you question the cops, they say “They Can Do That”!

  8. a real union would have stopped this crap a long time ago. whats a real Union? SMART-International Association of Sheet Metal. Air, Rail & Transportation…..Transportation Division, Railroad (BNSF, CSX, Norfoolk Southern, Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific Railroads-35,000 members) Ratification Vote 79% for, 21% vote No………year 1,…4% raise year 2, 2,5% raise year 3, 3.0% raise and more employee pay of health care, contributions and enhancements of 401K and no work rule changes, no part time or new tier pay scales………the kicker is, look at the vote 21% said NO not enough…………postal pukes hold out the tin cup and get a boot in the arse and go yummy. that in a nut shell is why the abuse you…..because you are girlymen who crawl on their belly. you earned it, all of it!

  9. Everyone know what’s going to come of this?…….. nothing. Management will say it didn’t happen. The NALC will claim it as a “win” for all the “hard working” carriers since somebody came forward (true or not), and we just move forward….. and the game continues

  10. Love (NOT) how all these “critics” of the union say officers should be removed. Do you read the Postal Record, or just toss it as so many in my office have?
    Do you ACTUALLY stand up for and mentor other carriers?
    Do you realize that the union has NO authority to fire anyone in management?
    The problem starts at the top, not just with Meagan. It starts with the “suck ups” that weasel their way to the top.
    Unfortunately, we CANNOT rely on Congress, as they will try to crush the entire organization if the current party in charge continues to prevail. They want sheeple, as indicated by the continued push for “Right to (not)work laws.

    • Bob ,you don’t believe these people? Are you a troll ? I don’t believe you. As a 37 year retiree, i can tell you that this is common in the postal service. Abusive supervisors are the norm. When the s— hits the fan they back off as they will do now that they are exposed. But soon enough ,when things calm down, they will be back at it again.Glad that it went public,but the woman will be targeted down the road,that’s for sure.

  11. I will take a wild guess that these are all “top line” carriers.Can’t carry a route in 8, case route it 2 plus hours,take long personal needs breaks. I just don’t believe these people.

    • I have been constantly bullied and yes I carry up to 12 hrs quite frequently and have never been on the OT list I can’t see why the hell you don’t believe bullying and abuse/harassment have occurred with these carriers just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it’s not happening because it damn sure is daily,. besides you must be management kiss-ass if you are accusing these carriers of lying about this abuse that they (along with myself) constantly experienced

    • Ha ha ha ha ha! REALLY??? Don’t you realize that these policies are just on paper to say they have “addressed” these problems?? This goes on daily in the Postal Distribution Centers even after we’ve had the stand-up talks!


  13. Hooray for the woman going public with the information USPS craft people have been putting up with for years. This is one of the only ways to force management into a corner right now, the other working with lawmakers or the NLRB. I hate to say it, but if harassment and abuse has been going on a long time in her office, the NALC officers are just as guilty for the workroom floor conditions as her supervisors. Tough talk from the NALC office in D.C. ultimately means nothing more substantial than when management under fire occasionally has to issue statements talking about their “commitment” to a harassment free workplace.
    And St. Louis has full time NALC officers, at least the President, maybe some stewards. They are there to support their membership, and take every appropriate measure available to make management behave. I’ve said it before, but there are officers out there who are worthless, corrupt, and turn the other way before doing their damn work. NALC members, listen up. This problem will never go away if your union officers will not get involved. You must hold them responsible if they won’t be honest, fight for every member regardless of the size of the branch, refuse to file grievances and play favorites with “buddies” and sell out others.
    When nominations for officers comes around, nominate somebody else. Run yourself. You can vote dishonest officers out. It takes guts, your own organizing skills, and a real commitment to making your office one of respect for you and free of abuse. Contact your Regional office. If you have an NBA who ignores the rank and file, when their elections come up at conventions, nominate somebody else, then, too.
    Bottom line is: we cannot expect or even ask management to do the right thing. They are programmed to abuse, harass you, suck up for bonuses at the end of the year, and ignore every contract provision or Handbook and Manual regulation they can get away with.
    Stop the abuse and take up the fight yourself. And to this woman who contemplated suicide, let me say: never ever let anybody in management get to you that bad. They win and don’t care about you, your health, mental state or happiness when you are miserable. They simply are not worth the trouble.

  14. Abuse in the postal service is a NATIONWIDE problem and the unions do NOTHING to address this situation. Hollering, carrying on, pushing to the point of unsafeness goes on ALL the time in the postal service. The postal service does NOTHING to correct this situation, and no, the employees are NOT treated with dignity and respect. This is just lip service the postal service gives, it is not based in any type of reality. I am glad to see that a news station is making the public aware, but sadly, nothing will come of this. This has been going on for years in the postal service. Anyone who has worked for the postal service has been subjected to this type of abuse. Most people just don’t know how abusive this organization is. If it were not for pay and if people could find a job outside of the postal service with comparable pay and benefits, they would leave. No one would stay for this type of abuse and it is just sad that the postal service does nothing to address it. They have sent in work place improvement teams and claimed that what was told would remain confidential. Do you think that happened? How can anyone trust the postal service when all they care about is “production” no matter at what cost? Working for the postal service is not what people think it is. It is a highly abusive workplace and a hostile work environment, and sadly I don’t think it will ever change.

  15. its been going on since I started in 1986……….people I work with said it was going on all the way back in the 1960’s and 1950’s. these people better watch what they say or they might wind up like Philip Marshall.

  16. This is the same as the nassar crap . No one listened . Now maybe someone will and fire these scumbags . Who do we prosecute ? To many . It starts @ the top . They allowed this to go on for years .

  17. From 100 miles down the road. We were going through similar abuse in Rolla,Mo for years until he left! I suggest to hang in there & tell all those whom that will listen to help you. IT IS NOT EASY!!

  18. It happens across the nation. Would someone in the USPS please wake up !! The manuals and employee processes are all written down, but the powers that be delay, refuse, fudge, ignore, it only gets worse for the employee until they begin receiving frivolous write ups on trivial issues, at attempts to justify the supervisors actions. The system protects those ignorant supervisors that deliberately deceive the very processes the USPS puts into their training manuals. Many of these supervisors then befriend their “pet” employees who are also just as ignorant to help with the abuse. These “pet” employees receive many perks to continue the reporting of, the harassment of, the aggrieved. These “pet” employees are more desperate at their attempts at an illusionary ‘status’ and preferred. They get approved leave randomly, preferred duty assignments, promotions, recognition, dont have to bring in doctors notes for missed days, dont get written up no matter what they do. Its the most dysfunctional atmosphere I have ever experienced. You then hear on the news another homicide at a post office and wonder WHY???? Unbelievable. Supervisors need extensive training, they need disciplined if they have to many complaints in their files, and grievances which can be proven. Instead they are only sent to other offices. Why is this allowed to happen ?

  19. This is the new PO. These toolbags in charge only know
    how to lie, cheat and treat employees like dirt. This type
    of unmanagement starts at the top with Muffin Meghen
    and permeates throughout the service. The toolbags in
    charge are aware of these issues but are just as immoral and
    unethical as their underlings. The truth is finally coming
    out and the toolbags will be scurrying. The end is near.
    The toolbags will finally be held accountable.

    • Accountable by whom? there is no Board of Governors and Congress is not doing their job providing oversight and they are doing whatever they want.

  20. Where is Fred Rolando and the sorry add company union called the once mighty NALC. What a joke! As long as management and union representatives don’t carry that carry the mail on there back nobody cares. At this rate the NALC should be disbanded!

    • The NALC officer elections are this year, there is a slate, Noble and Clean Sweep running against Rolando,Renfroe and their minions if the elections aren’t rigged as I suspect they will,their asses will be voted out.

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