American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign

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12/18/2015The APWU joins with all fair-minded individuals and organizations in condemning the Democratic National Committee (DNC) attack on the Bernie Sanders campaign for U.S. president.  At a crucial time in the primary process, the Sanders campaign is arbitrarily being denied access to the DNC voter data base from all 50 states. This includes crucial voter information files that belong to the Sanders campaign.

The actions of the DNC are simply an effort to undermine the Sanders campaign, which has captured the imagination and support of millions of people. The DNC action is an attempt to rig the election.

We encourage all people who believe in democracy, no matter their affiliation or candidate of choice, to voice their outrage, sign petitions and demand that the Bernie Sanders campaign have access to the DNC voter files fully restored.

“We, the People,” deserve nothing less.

9 thoughts on “American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign

  1. communists and left wing nuts only want big government and control of the population, you mean nothing to them.they think you are a bug. the flow of money from your union dues by apwu into their coffers is their only concern, if the union dues money dried up tomorrow the lefties would throw you to the wind. wake up, try acting like an adult. look at what they DO, not what they SAY!

  2. I don’t think the Sanders campaign can benefit the Postal Service, but I respect the APWU for voicing its objection to his treatment by the DNC. I don’t think he wants to help us or he would get out of the way of the BOG appointments. However, I heard the DNC chairman on TV and her fangs were dripping with vitriol against his campaign. She might as well have spit in his face. What did he do? He apologized in the debate to Clinton. What a “nice” guy.

    Sanders wouldn’t do it, but if I were him, I would announce a third party run, and announce that it was because of my treatment by the DNC. A third party Sanders would sink the Democrats chances much like a Trump move would sink the Republicans. Sanders could have some kind of influence on the Dems platform if he just wasn’t so sweet to Mrs. Clinton. No one respects a doormat, not even another doormat.

  3. HRC is the campaign,is the Human Rights Campaign. They r a 100-percent Gay/Lesbian rights group.
    I assume that’s who”ET-10 Simmons” is referring 2?

  4. if these A-PEE-U dolts would concentrate on our contract and what goes on in the plants instead of picking these loser political hacks to fawn over, we would be a lot better off. in our plant (across the street from henry schein corporate headquarters-you figure it out-hint google earth it) mail handlers got 95% of all Christmas OT, clerks for the last 4 years have been getting screwed because a-pee-u refuses to fight these a@@holes and two many back room deals that give the store away. our local a-pee-u president just sits on his a@@ until his disability retirement comes in and could care less……national is worse. $22 bucks every 2 weeks for nothing! oh the 1% raise sorry!

  5. The unions are only pro Sanders since he discusses the PO once in a while and takes union $. Last I checked he has failed to get reform passed too, but I guess the unions have to endorse someone

  6. Van aka vote builder should have had permissions done correctly by DNC. The only info they could have gotten,was name of doner and amount of donation that becomes public record at the end of month. The rest of info is shared.

  7. U moron have nothing better 2 do than partisan political BS. Bernie Sander’s, acted as opportunist,who immediately got caught.

    • One employee, who has since been fired, wrongfully accessed HRC campaign data due to a firewall failure. The DNC, headed by the hag DWS, then wrongfully denied the Sanders staff their OWN data. This was only corrected within minutes of a federal injunction against the DNC being filed.

      Can you say ‘in the bag for Hillary’? If you can’t see that, and think that HRC is a better choice where this forum is concerned, then YOU are a moron of extraordinary magnitude… Piece and national response a little late-in-the-day as this has already been resolved…

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