Another postal reform effort fades away

Jason Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz

It’s hardly a surprise to many in Washington’s postal community, but the lawmaker who crafted the House’s bipartisan postal legislation says his bill appears dead.

That is what departed House Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told The Hill newspaper shortly before his resignation from Congress became effective June 30.

“You can continue to get frustrated and whine about it or you can leave, so I’ve decided to leave,” Chaffetz told the paper.

“I’ve got three big prospects and no daylight to actually get them done, and that absolutely was a factor in making my decision,” he said.

One of those “prospects” was the postal bill, which Chaffetz said the House GOP leaders did not want to bring to the floor.

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21 thoughts on “Another postal reform effort fades away

  1. So,Retard-Washington,DC,certainly will NOT appoint any new Postal Boards of Governors,which is current down to Zero(0;there is supposed to be Nine(9),and USPS will NOT make the MANDATED”pre-fund retirement payments. The 2011 Status Quo,continues. Unfortunately,this sound like the situation in the former Soviet Union,or some present-day third-world nations. We pretend to work,and they pretend to pay us. In others words,laws are just mutually ignored.

  2. Do not listen to radical right wing nut jobs! All they care about are guns, god, tyranny, and forcing the once great country back to the 18th century. Great country, every day gun violence, every day stories about business screwing workers, every day stories about never ending wars, every day moves by the Ratpublicans trying to take from the common man to give to the rich! Lock him up. No more President Dump.

  3. I don’t think Down Low Moe Barry Santoro every did anything in eight years for the post office……let it rot on the two checks from Bush 2 for 300 dollars each……….waiting to cash in under Trump. do not listen to the left wing radical democrat nut jobs……most are Bolshevik Communists who hate the USA. look at them going insane because that evil Clinton did not win…….bunch of criminals trying to destroy our great country. just look at that nut job Maxine Waters….should be in Creedmore Mental Hospital. MAGA!!!! Trump 2020! Lock Her Up!

    • iam not staying silent no more impeach trump and vote out republicans in 18!! go dems!!!!

  4. Weird. Postal reform has taken center stage for the last….idk 7 years? And what has changed? Oh yeah. Absolutely nothing. The post office is an afterthought. It will be in the future too. We are making a bunch of $ thanks to Amazon so no worries anyway.

  5. The best way forward is kill the prefunding of health care! Dreamed up by ex President Forrest Gump and congress. Forrest Gump should have spent more time looking for his “weapons of mass deception”. As bad as President Forrest Gump was, he was a saint compared to President Dump. The Postal employees that voted for Dump, do you realize that he wants to end the S.S. supplement? That is $1600 per month. What a price to show those Mexicans their place. And it will even help to open closed coal mines! Workers must give up quite a bit so the rich can prosper. I know one carrier that voted for Dump because he would make lots of overtime. Very smart on his part.

  6. Chaffetz is collecting what marbles he has left. Congress is not playing the game his way. Poor Jason. Hopefully he will have a job for the Postal Service union presidents who lost their marbles playing with Jason. I had a hunch something was going wrong with Postal reform when Trump summoned Chaffetz to the white house to brief him on the HR 756 bill. I believe Trump has something more sinister up his sleeve for the Postal Service and Chaffetz was in the way. It’s time for the current union Presidents to be voted out. Their support for HR 756 is a warning for their membership. They will sell you out if left in power.

    • Stop trying to fix a corrupt system. The unions and USPS management are in “collusion” everyday. Get out and save $600 a year. And don’t give me the scab BS. I paid in for 26 years and fought daily for carriers rights as a steward. the local went out of their way to throw all of their stewards under the bus if it got them in tight with the PM.

  7. Not just Republicans if you read the bill, but why do that!

    Today, with a bipartisan voice vote, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017, as amended. Upon approval, the bill’s original cosponsors, including Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Ranking Member Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD), Reps. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Dennis Ross (R-FL), Gerry Connolly (D-VA), and Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA)

  8. Good news. This legislation would have been hurtful to some retirees and would have not provided the USPS any real long term relief. The recalculation and 40 year amortization of the USPS retiree health care liability (due from OPM by the end of this month) will show that the USPS will pay only slightly more this year and in future years than they have actually paid over the past few years. This means no more huge prefunding payments. The PRC is in the midst of a rate review and later this year will announce their findings. This should include a rate change and relaxation of the inflation based price cap constraint the USPS has been held to the past 10 years. The combination of these two events should give the USPS the financial relief and resources to fulfill their service obligations to this country.

    • Not just retirees. This bill also wanted to create a USPS health plan that all *current* employees would have to belong to, taking us out of the FEHB.

      Postal employees tend to have more health problems than other federal employees, so putting us in a smaller health plan would shrink the pool of people in the plan.

      Guess what happens to rates when that happens ?

      • As stated by an ultra left wing asshole. How can you see the light of day with your head so far up there?
        Sounds like you got your talking points from good ole Bernie (ignore that FBI investigation of me and my wife) Sanders.

  9. Aw, gee, what a shame. I’m glad Chaffetz is resigning. He is an ultra right wing asshole, and his version of postal “reform” would have been a disaster. No Republican ever has the best interests of anybody at heart except for:

    1) Corporate and banking interests These lobby groups are the front men for the most sinister, greedy criminal bastards in the world. Congress has gotten so corrupt that unlike the old days where the lobbyists would threaten lawmakers with withdrawals of campaign contributions and support at re-election, the Congresspersons and Senators now call THEM and tell them if they don’t get the contributions and support, they, the lawmakers won’t act on their behalf. Extortion runs Washington, D.C. And don’t forget the defense industry – Republicans LOVE war because they make tons of money.

    2) Anti regulation When Republicans talk about government interference in “our” lives, they aren’t talking about regular folk. They want a clean slate to do whatever they want to whomever they want without accountability or oversight. They already have one tactic that works: if they want to pass a bill that is against the law, they change the law when they have the votes. This applies to environment, insurance, gun laws, banking, you name it.

    3) Themselves. Of course this is the biggie. And before Democrats get too smug, and I am one, only an idiot will assume that just because they are not Republicans, that they are not in it for the same prizes as their counterparts. However, there are more decent Democrats out there, and it’s those politicians like Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken or Bernie Sanders we need a lot more of. As far as the GOP, nobody hates their constituency more than they do. They think the voting public is extremely gullible and even more stupid, and for many, wrapped up in religious brainwashing to boot. And as far as too many voters are concerned, they are right. A Republican is always in it for their own power, greed and riches. They want nothing to do with anybody who isn’t equally rich and powerful, and consider all who aren’t as lower life forms beneath their contempt. Only at election time do they have to go out and pretend to like their supporters and voters, dredge up non-issues to deflect from their own terrible records, and hopefully win re-election and go back to D.C. and do the same crap over and over.

    They hate organized labor, raising the minimum wage or doing anything that takes away money from them. The Postal Service has four of the more effective unions left, and if Chaffetz and his co-horts had their way, not to mention management, the USPS would be a fast food style entity, with minimum wages, no contracts, no job security and even more pay for managers who are grossly overpaid in the first place. Postal reform is important, but not in the way it’s been bandied about the last year or two.

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