APWU Contract Arbitration Hearings Conclude, Decision Expected in 30 to 60 Days

APWU overtime penalty exclusion period05/06/2016Arbitration hearings on the APWU Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Postal Service have concluded and the union expects a decision in 30 to 60 days, President Mark Dimondstein has announced.

During 18 days of hearings that focused primarily on the economic provisions on the new contract, the union and management presented their positions, called witnesses, submitted evidence, and offered rebuttals.

The three-member panel of arbitrators began its deliberations on May 4. The panel is comprised of a union-appointed arbitrator, a management-appointed arbitrator, and Neutral Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg, who will determine the outcome.

For more information on the negotiations and the fight for a good contract, click here.

20 thoughts on “APWU Contract Arbitration Hearings Conclude, Decision Expected in 30 to 60 Days

  1. thought years ago that I might just make my 30 year retirement coming up in 8 months with my high 3’s in the 60,61,62 range, it is not going to happen. my wife is a nurse who makes 125K. when I came to the po 29 years ago I asked an old timer how the raise’s were, he said “slow starvation”. I remember that after all these years. wise dude he was.

  2. a 1% raise is really way below the rate of inflation. $56,871 base in NYC or SFO is lower working class. overtime just masks your low salary, you have to work hundreds more hours like a mouse on a wheel, year after year, until your health goes. I think you could equate this dance to circling the drain. cherry on top is no paid dental.

  3. USPS treats employees like slaves, and don’t want to pay us, so that employees moral are very low. The postal service can’t expect good work from employees because management doesn’t want to provide good pay and benefits. NO GOOD PAY = NO GOOD WORK.

  4. Same old same old contract game of phony bargaining and then on to hold your breath arbitration. Then drum role please, 1 percent, 1.5 percent, 1 percent and maybe another 1.5. The sweetener from the union. WE KEPT THE COLA. We will never break this cycle now that it has been cemented in place. So if you don’t work a lot of OT this job sucks.

  5. It’s obvious Diamondstein’s an amateur…parading some PSE’s in front of the panel, with their sob stories ain’t going to cut it…Mo Biller is rolling over in his grave right now.

  6. notice it was not postal unions who filed FOI request for postal pulse survey results. that survey in the arbitrators hands may have made a big difference in their thought process………..but than the unions would have to get out of bed with the postal mismanagement. kind of like the Rethuglians and DemonKKKats and Donald Trump beating both to a pulp. kiddies your only getting 1%, but think of all the drama from the A-PEE-U-you can take that to the bank! the fix was in, everything else is just smoke and mirrors and shadows on the wall!

  7. it just shows that Donald Trump was a winner because he went for the throat………low energy types like Jeb Bush or APWU lose all the time……because showing up with a tin cup and begging makes you a loser right out of the gate. just ask bill burrASS! why do you think Teamsters do so well across the table from UPS Management? during this whole contract, not one word of “work to rule” or a “blue flu” from this crap union………..as the new postal pluse survey showed, po mismanagement is scum and I would bring them to heel with a lead pipe in one hand and a 2 X 4 in the other………….30-60 days till you get dog crap from loser diamonstein!

  8. It will be more of the same. Lower paid,less educated,and less healthy than average USPS employees. While surveys recently showed that employee satisfaction at USPS is pathetically in bottom ONE-PERCENTILE,upper USPS management prides themselves;that they have a rather ethnically diverse work-force. Anyone,ever inform these bureaucrats,that such diversity also exists,in unskilled manual-labor,domestic-workers,and also;”sex-workers”?

  9. I wouldn’t expect the same results for the APWU or NALC as the NLRCA contract because their contract didn’t even go to arbitration. They sucked up to the management like always, selling out their employees contract after contract. I think their union leaders are on the take.
    The APWU has the best fighter out there in Mark Dimondstein, and maybe his efforts will pay off for the clerks. As for the NALC, I expect lukewarm results at best because we haven’t had a leader with balls after Bill Young retired. Rolando is a nice enough guy and intelligent, but nice doesn’t win contract negotiations, especially when you’re dealing with the most corrupt, idiotic and impossible people possible, postal management. I would not settle for anything less than at least a 5% raise immediately and a couple 3% raises afterward, giving how much more we have to do, get spied on with GPS scanners and continue to put up with abuse and harassment. And while I’m at it, reinstating the PTF program, converting all CCA’s to career PTF’s if regular positions aren’t open, force management to train them completely with emphasis on real service, not just running, and not reducing service.
    Think I’ll get what I want? There’s probably managers out there laughing themselves sick at the very suggestions I made.

  10. Thank you to the APWU leaders and all your hard work. It’s not an easy battle in the trenches with those USPS thugs. Keep fighting!

    • Locality pay immediately raises everyones salary, this is the type of” out of the box” thinking rolando isn’t capable of. After the last round of contracts in each craft and each getting a new class (tier) of lower paid and no benefits workers, what does the usps have to show for all this saved money, NOTHING They just lowered the rates. If our union can lose at arbitration to a second class workforce, why can’t we gain the same with locality pay

    • Every new worker hired at 1/2 price and no benefits has saved the usps almost 50k each. But we will all get the big 1%. An increase of 1% in cost to our portion of the FEHBP cost and 2, 1% raises over a 3 year contract that will be delayed. UNBELIEVABLE. CAN WE ALL AGREE THAT THE TEAMSTERS WOULD REPRESENT US BETTER.

  11. I just hope they went deep on the mismanagement thugs PFP bonus scam and increase in their salary the last 15 years. we always get screwed in the end. locality pay would have lifted all boats………..but the short sighted fanooks voted it down at the burrASS conventions. why is it the Teamsters can get great settlements at UPS? get ready for the…………drum roll………..1% raise lol!

    • The fact that postal management is overpaid and gets bonuses actually plays into the hands of the APWU. USPS is the only organization in America where you come off the street without a college degree and enter management making six figures while running a place into the ground, and don’t have to turn a profit or answer to shareholders. Plus you can sexually harass as many women as possible without fear of retribution. The arbitrators know this and realize that the bargaining unit employees who actually do the work should be justly compensated.

  12. and now the contract for the letter carriers expires on may 20 I believe. It won’t be decided for two years some estimate

    • Add the Mail Handlers,whose contract also expires on May 20th. Since it looks like 3 year contracts this time,it won’t be long before the unions (minus the sellout NRLCA) are back in fruitless negotiations and arbitration.

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