APWU: Post Offices Close Early, Send Customers to Staples

The Sign on the Door Says It All
Post Offices Close Early, Send Customers to Staples

May 15, 2014Hours have been cut at 16 post offices within a five-mile radius of the San Francisco Staples store that has a postal counter, according to information obtained by the APWU.

A sign on the post office door directs customers who arrive after the new 5 p.m. closing time to other post offices – and to the Staples store.

“This is more evidence of the true purpose of the Postal Service’s dirty deal with Staples,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “USPS management is telling customers to get postal services at Staples, while making it more difficult to get services at traditional post offices.

“The message is clear: Postal bosses are trying to privatize major portions of the United States Postal Service, our great national treasure,” he said.

An app on www.usps.com shows 37 post offices within a five-mile radius of the Staples store at 1700 Van Ness Avenue. Hours were cut back at 16 of the stations beginning on May 4. Two other nearby offices are scheduled for curtailed hours beginning on June 8.Hours were also cut at several post offices near Staples stores with postal counters in and Santa Clara and Marin County, CA.

“We believe in expanded service and longer hours,” Dimondstein said. “Closing the door at 5 p.m. means customers can’t stop at the post office after work – a prime time for conducting postal business.

“Cutting post office hours while encouraging customers to visit Staples – or other retail outlets – is sabotaging the future of the Postal Service, as well as postal jobs,” he added.

In a Jan. 19 Associated Press article, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe denied that Staples stores would replace any of the 33,000 traditional post offices. And in a video message to employees, he said the Staples deal “gives customers more choices on where and when they can purchase postal products and services.”

But reducing the hours of operation at post offices inconveniences customers, limits their choices, and pushes them into Staples stores instead of post offices, Dimondstein said.

The union says the Staples deal will replace good, living-wage jobs with low-wage, high-turnover jobs at the office-supply chain, a charge the Postmaster General denies.

“The Postmaster General isn’t being truthful,” Dimondstein said. “After driving customers away, postal management will conduct a study of traffic in post offices and find that it’s gone down. Then, they’ll claim to have the evidence they need to justify closing post offices,” he said.

“Postal customers have a right to post offices that are open when they need them, staffed by workers who are accountable to the American people,” Dimondstein added. “We intend to make sure they can.”

Postal management didn’t notify the APWU of the change in hours and the resulting change in union members’ assignments, San Francisco Local President Geoffray Dumaguit wrote in a May 7 letter to the San Francisco Postmaster.


8 thoughts on “APWU: Post Offices Close Early, Send Customers to Staples

  1. When I initially heard about the staples service thing replacing USPS service I was thoroughly disgusted and not surprised. The monsters are trying to do anything they can to destroy a (not so long ago) incredible institution.

  2. Archie Bunker speaking from experience on the matter. I use to work for northwest airlines then we merged with delta airlines and union got voted out. What happens after that is management becomes goliath and makes up rules as time goes on. Within a year we were short staffed and overworked and benefits were slashed as we had our pensions frozen and if you had a day under five years you lost out completely as you were not vested. Morale was in the tank and alot of employees retired or quit like myself as the company was not a good place to work anymore. You must not have a union job as you only see what’s wrong with a union and not what’s right with it. You are entitled to your view but your view is shallow indeed.

  3. They lie, they cheat, they steal–they’re the United States government.

  4. Dimondstein-

    Ya better target ALL the other CPU’s because you and the rest of the whiners are really sounding prejudice’d against Staples. How come you and the rest of “The Great Alliance” arent railing against every mom and pop place that gets a CPU? Not willing to take the heat if there’s a UPS store offering the same service’s?- Oh, I forgot- they UPS folks are “union brothers” so its ok if they have a CPU in their stores right?
    If you want to be the hero on the big horse Marky Mark- you need to be an equal opportunity mud slinger. Go after them all- big and small- union or non union. You want it fair and equal you have to be fair and equal as well.
    ’nuff said….

  5. Hey enufisenuf, why don’t you have your local Wal-Mart close from 5pm-7:30am? Maybe all local gas stations too! The world doesn’t revolve around the ignorant like they think it does!

  6. 7:30 to 5pm and you’re complaining? Take note that Staples is just another CPU just like the other ones your union did nothing about! Stop trying to create photo opps for Diamondstein and GET BACK TO WORK!

  7. This is not going to be good. In your face is the way of the person that means no good too many.

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