APWU: Postal Vehicle Service Scanning Duty Settlement Reached

mvs -flyout-29/28/2017On August 31, the APWU Motor Vehicle Service Craft Division and the USPS came to a settlement for case numbers Q10V-4Q-C 16466169/HQTV20160275, Q10V-4Q-C 15300453/HQTV20150846 and Q10V-4Q-C 16466163/A19V20160276.

The issue concerns the deployment of scanners to Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) drivers, as part of the Surface Visibility (SV) program. The issue initially arose in 2006, when the USPS first introduced the SV program that included scanning. Since then, there have been numerous conversations and disputes concerning the assigning of scanning duties between the parties.

Highlights of the settlement are:

  • PVS drivers will receive adequate training in order to operate the scanners.
  • The scans will accurately reflect the data the employees are supposed to scan and the employees will not be instructed to make improper scans.
  • The scanners are not an accountable item and the employee will only be held accountable for the scanners according to the language in Article 28.
  • Scan data will not be the sole basis for adjustments to routes or disciplinary action. Scan data may be used in conjunction with other data to support or refute discipline.

“The issue of scanning has been a much talked about subject in the MVS Craft for several years,” said MVS Director Michael O. Foster. “The intent of this settlement is to provide the PVS operators with rules and protection for scanning.”

This settlement, and accompanying letters, only pertain to Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) drivers in the MVS Craft.


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2 thoughts on “APWU: Postal Vehicle Service Scanning Duty Settlement Reached

  1. This stuff goes on everywhere. The whole system is set up for
    Toolbags/Stupidvisors to manipulate. Scan trucks not yet gone,
    scan mail delivered that hasn’t left PO, change delivery codes.
    The tip of the iceberg. Immoral, unethical, evil toolbags ruining
    the PO. How are those new delivery standards working Meghen?

  2. Come to my facility where all the trucks are scanned out on time, except that they aren’t. Held at the dock for God knows how long because there isn’t a cutoff we can’t miss.

    Don’t want to hit these trucks out on time? You WILL suffer consequences, I don’t care what this phony baloney settlement says. It’s all lies, lies ,lies as the OIG finds out in any facility it visits.

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