APWU President Reacts to PMG’s Remarks at National Press Club and his ‘Verbal Attack’ on APWU

photo: APWU

photo: APWU

01/06/2015The nation will benefit from the departure of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. In his short tenure, Donahoe has led an all-out assault on the nation’s Postal Service. He has shuttered hundreds of mail processing facilities, slashed hours at thousands of neighborhood post offices, and sold priceless postal real estate. Just this week, he implemented service cuts that will virtually eliminate overnight delivery of first-class mail and slow all mail throughout the country. Patrick Donahoe has run the service into the ground.

America needs a Postmaster General who will enhance and expand service. There is great potential. The USPS is uniquely positioned to serve the booming market for package delivery created by the ecommerce revolution. And the Postal Service, which already processes more money orders than any other institution, should expand its array of financial services. The USPS Inspector General has reported that this would benefit millions of Americans, especially those who don’t have bank accounts, while generating annual revenues of $9 billion for the Postal Service.

Instead, Donahoe has outsourced work and sent its customers to private companies such as Staples, which uses poorly paid and largely untrained workers. The APWU has opposed the no-bid deal with Staples and cuts in service, and for this Donahoe calls us “narrow-minded.”

We aren’t narrow-minded; we are single-minded in our belief that the Postal Service is a national treasure. It belongs to the people and benefits our entire nation. We call on incoming Postmaster General Megan Brennan to reverse the destructive policies of her predecessor and champion this great American institution.

Postmaster General addresses National Press Club for the last time

6 thoughts on “APWU President Reacts to PMG’s Remarks at National Press Club and his ‘Verbal Attack’ on APWU

  1. And where is the NALC on this? Donahoe is indeed the worst PMG in the history of the written word. He has been nothing but an ass kissing lackey for the likes of Darryl Issa, Tom Coburn and Tom Carper. Only a very mean selfish asshole would assume people don’t want career work and benefits. What kind of delusional creep are you, Donahoe?
    A delusional creep with limo drivers, a salary higher than the President’s, about to get a retirement “package” potentially worth maybe millions, and still doesn’t want his employees to have retirement benefits.
    If the NALC hasn’t issued their own response to his remarks, and I haven’t gotten to their web site yet, they need to. The common perception from most NALC members I know is that our union is going soft and losing its will to fight, wasting our dues and forgetting just who pays their salaries.
    I hope this isn’t the case. I gave my heart to our local union and while an officer I fought like a rabid wildcat for my branch for a long long time. You need to show the same courage.

    • Same reason Rolando has been silent on Donahoe’s proposal to take USPS employees out of FEHB three years ago and put them into a management run USPS only health benefits system and put out a statement after his retirement announcement wishing him well instead of being critical of his tenure as PMG. He is gutless and may be ready to sell the members down the river as that clown,Cliff Goofy did for the APWU members.

  2. He Donuthole, if we’re so broke, why:

    – is the mgmt bonus program still intact ?
    – why haven’t you shut down your staff’s private gym/health club, paid for by the USPS ?
    – why do you still have TWO limousines with two chauffeurs on the payroll ?

    • -Why does the APWU have a Union Officer Only Retirement Program paid for by union dues yet inaccessible to the ordinary dues paying lemming?
      -Why did Diamondstein lead the charge to unionize contract drivers (HCR) while the MVS craft was losing work to those very same contract drivers?
      -Why did APWU HQ try to bust the OPIEU that represents the secretaries that work at 1300 L Street?
      -Why are junior non-vet union stewards protected from excessing while returning senior war veterans are being bumped to other offices?
      -Why do union stewards get prime parking spots at offices while handicapped are assigned spots at a distance from the entrance?

      Should I keep going?

      • Nice try, but as usual, you’re clueless.

        My examples directly affect postal finances, which according to the criminals in charge, are in dire shape…..

        Yours ?

        Not so much, sorry.

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