APWU President: USPS job cuts expected in Albuquerque

11/24/17 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Everyone knows how busy the post office gets around the holidays. However, KRQE News 13 has learned there’s something going on behind closed doors at the U.S. Postal Service that may make things a little worse.

“I have encountered long lines at a lot of post offices actually across Albuquerque,” said Debra Haaland, who lives in Albuquerque. She now takes a book to read with her each trip to the post office.

“Sometimes they can go beyond the normal you know, holiday traffic,” Haaland explained.

It’s part of the reason Ken Fajardo, President of the American Postal Workers Union in Albuquerque, is worried about what’s coming.

“Here in Albuquerque, what they wanna do is cut a total of 63 jobs throughout the city,” Fajardo told KRQE News 13.

He said word of the job cuts came down from Washington, and his office was just notified last month. “We’ve been hearing the rumblings for months now and it’s slowly working its way to the west, and we’re just the next ones in line that they’re trying to do this to,” he says.

Union President: USPS job cuts expected in Albuquerque

18 thoughts on “APWU President: USPS job cuts expected in Albuquerque

  1. hey diamondstein…..do your job and negotiate a monetary buyout for us….President Trump did his part by raising the limit from 25K to 40K………..now you do you job diamondstein………I was correct when I told people that that cumbag Cliff Guffy and fat slob Mike Morris put a bullseye on the back of every senior clerk in that crap contract…….we still suffer for what that Demonrat Guffy/Morris did!

  2. At our station, we have a small army of these mgmnt slugs doing nothing but watching time cards or walking around trying to find something to do. Cut these fools out, and noone woll miss these completely useless revenue suckers.

  3. Yes excessing is happening all over the country, but before they can remove a single regular employee, there cannot be a single PSE working in a facility. They will be forced to lie to get around that one, but that comes easy. I hope you have good union leadership in your plant. We do not as ours is in bed with management and use resources to feather their own nests.

    • Is it possible for the Union Presidents asking for an investigation into malfeasance in the system. Also with PSE status held at bay don’t cut just relocate the pse where needed. The USPS cannot withstand an investigation based on the misconceived notion nobody can tell the USPS how to lose their money. Hogwash and management still spew that ignorant claim. Congress knows what is going on and their hands aren’t clean. What a lawsuit.

  4. There needs to be a criminal investigation or at least a congressional one into the lack of service standards due to the destruction of personnel at the postal service. It is so sad this is happening! There has to be something (conspiracy) going on!

  5. Think any of the Postal top-heavy management will be cut? It’s always been way too many idiot (but in The Club) masters and far too few slaves. The public is the last group self-serving management cares to address. And if these slaves can be disposed of in time – just imagine the icing on their already BS Christmas bonuses for taking the PO down another notch!

  6. The Postal Service doesn’t care if people stand in line forever. The Postal service is doing everything possible to drive away business! Don’t even think of reductions in the ranks of management. Someone must man the coffee and donut supply, someone must cuddle the scanners, and someone must torture the lazy employees.

    • Don’t forget: The Postal Service controls the customers, the customers don’t control the Postal Service. Like that? That’s what an a#$hole manger said one day.

    • Never will be called to account. The fix is in. Does not matter what you know, it matters who you know.

  7. did it on Long Island, NY…..union said they will file a grievance lol. OT is through the roof so who cares. place is hitting rock bottom.

  8. As a Letter Carrier I have seen the failure to hire in Portland. The 10 to 12 hours a day, everyday was causeing mental stress and burn out. With all my sick leave because I took none over the years , l will take 37 weeks and then retire. No regrets.
    I will miss my customers. Only 15 yrs of service but I will be 65.

    • You will miss the 100% income, go down to 40hrs. Get off OT list. Take all holidays off. Use your sick leave throughout the year as needed. Take all your vacation. If you get sick on vacation. Change that day from AL to SL. So you may enjoy another day off as vacation. Work until you die. You can’t stop a old workhorse. It’s either drooling in a nursing home. Or having a quality old age. Don’t fall for this retirement cherry.

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