APWU: PSEs Have Rights When Issued Discipline

APWU Web News Article 028-2013, March 13, 2013

The APWU and USPS have reached an agreement that clarifies the rights of Postal Support Employees (PSEs) when discipline is issued, Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris has announced. In accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), management has the right to discipline or remove PSEs for “just cause,” and PSEs have the right to file grievances protesting such discipline.

The Feb. 27 Memorandum of Understanding [PDF] clarifies several important points, Morris said.

Removal is not the only option for correcting deficient behavior.  Prior to agreement, USPS officials contended that removal was the only form of discipline required for PSEs and lesser forms of discipline were not necessary, Morris said.  “The settlement makes it clear that the USPS position was without merit.”

Discipline must be corrective in nature. Although the full range of progressive discipline is not always required for PSEs, the agreement stipulates that an appropriate element of just cause is that discipline be corrective in nature, rather than punitive. “Discipline that is corrective must also be progressive.  This is an important principle that has been reaffirmed for PSEs,” Morris said.

“Progressive discipline is not always required even for career employees,” he pointed out.  “Some misconduct is so egregious that removal can be upheld, even for a first offense.  That is no different for a PSE than it is for a career employee.”

PSEs will not be denied work as a substitute for discipline.   “Management may not refuse to schedule an employee as a means of punishment for perceived shortcomings,” Morris said. “If postal managers believe a PSE is not performing in a satisfactory manner, they have a clear obligation to attempt to correct the problem in an honest and straightforward manner rather than by using the PSEs work schedule as a disciplinary tool.”

The agreement resolves a national-level dispute (Case # Q10C-4Q-C 13016809) that was initiated by the Postal Service after the union won grievances on PSE discipline at the regional level. Grievances concerning PSE discipline that were held pending resolution of the dispute will be discussed and resolved in accordance with the settlement.

13 thoughts on “APWU: PSEs Have Rights When Issued Discipline

  1. When i first started working at USPS I was shocked the way the supervisors talk down to their employees and expected to be treated with respect, I think the Post Office is a big joke,and to think slavery was abolished, hell no, the supervisors attitude is just like a master on a plantation

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  4. In defense of the PSE “because I am a PSE” we did not ask for this position but some of us had to take this position to keep a job. I was a PMR for several years and the office i worked at closed and i had nowhere else to go. As far as i am concerned PSE will not be taking over the PMR”S will. I think i speak for most PSE in saying we feel we are like the plague. Our job is uncertain not knowing when they will terminate us. There was an incident where a PTF retired and that office got posted for a PSE, well the PSE went through the interview and got selected to later find out the office had to hire a PTF. One was told to quit their second job because they were hired for that office “thank goodness that person did not quit” because she then was told she could not work for that office. Someone is not doing research before they post these jobs. So in closing the PSE position in not a good one.

  5. PSEs that survive the onslaught by temporary line supervisors(204B)will be luky as maximum concern is productivity numbers: and turnover is key in driving employees based on the fear factor.

  6. Yeah, right! APWU had a sunami of PSEs run to join their ranks and stewards will file grievances only because it keeps them off the workroom floor. Grievances concerning PSE discipline that were held pending resolution of the dispute will be discussed and resolved in accordance with the settlement and will be taken up with either UPS or FedX when they take over.

  7. When will the PSE’S wake up and realize that they have no rights at all. No benefits, no rights. Geez do they think that they are above it all???? They will all wake up and all walk out the door one day, with the treatment they get, the chump work they get and no rights in the workplace. They are nothing but glorified casuals. They are a nobody. By the time the PO gets so messed up from the good workers leaving (the ones that no operations from back to front), and will be left with the glorified casuals who do not know what they are doing and dont care either, the service will be downhill after that. I am so glad I was eligible to take the VER and leave such a hateful organization and finally live my life the way I want to. No more hateful surpervisors on my back, no more hateful employees too. Glad I am out. I do grace the pages of postal reporter once in a while though…..LOL

  8. Big deal. Glorified casuals can protest discipline. Each 360 days they can be effectively terminated with no right to protest. This catagory of employee is at the mercy of USPS at all times. The management that I have known are not the people I want deciding my future employment.

  9. Mgmt. has wised up and is now waiting until the PSEs break in employment and then not retaining them. In the meantime the ones we have in a P&DC are being relentlessly hammered by supervisors on productivity. The golden fleece of being a regular is held out there, but to date I have no knowledge of any being converted to regular. If you have an on-the-job accident or you use FMLA after one year of service, watch out for non-retention. To paraphrase the group ‘War’, ‘The USPS is a Ghetto!’

  10. This is not news. The language giving PSE jsut cause rights is already in the contract. USPS does not have to sign an agreement saying they will give PSE rights they already have.

  11. Have seen Mgmt bending over backwards to kiss PSE’s butts…they’ve been told to treat the low rung workers well, while going out of their way to force out career employees. And was actually told this by supervisors.

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