APWU: Say NO to Moving the Postal Service “On Budget”

Let You Member of Congress Know How You Really Feel About the 2018 Budget

Call your legislator today at 844-402-1001

08/22/2017Members of Congress are home for a couple weeks during their summer recess. We are asking you to reach out to your Representative and urge them to reject the proposed federal budget!

Call your legislator at 844-402-1001 and tell them NO on the House budget.


Say NO to Moving the postal Service “On Budget”

The House bill includes a recommendation to put the Postal Service “on budget,” making it part of the overall federal budget. The Postal Service currently operates “off budget,” relying solely on the sale of postage and other postal services for funding.

Moving the Postal Service “on budget” could potentially:

  • Put caps on Postal Service spending
  • Subject the Postal Service to Federal shutdowns

Moving the Postal Service “on budget” could severely hinder Postal operations and is an obvious attempt to move the Postal Service closer to privatization.

Oppose Cuts to Pay and Retirement Benefits

Additionally, the White House and House Budget Committee proposals include recommendations for cuts to the hard-earned pay and benefits of postal/federal workers.

The House 2018 Federal Budget calls for:

  • Increasing employee pension contri­butions into the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). This could result in a cut to the take home pay of thousands of dollars a year for each FERS postal employee.
  • Ending the Social Security supplement currently covering the gap in FERS benefits for those who retire before they are eligible for social security benefits.
  • Eliminating pensions for new hires.

There is also a concern that Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) on FERS retirement benefits will be eliminated and COLAs on current civil service retirees will be reduced, as previously proposed by the White House.

Tell your legislator to stand up for workers and vote NO on these proposals.

If you are interested in meeting with your Representative and telling them how you REALLY fee, across the country APWU state and local union presidents and legislative directors are arranging visits to Congressional representatives’ district offices.

Contact your local union leaders to join your local’s delegation.


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11 thoughts on “APWU: Say NO to Moving the Postal Service “On Budget”

  1. Yes, and at the same time tell them to throw out HR 756 aka Postal reform bill that all the union clowns endorsed 100%!!! I tell all those that will listen to get out of the union and invest what would have been union dues into something that will give some kind of return in the long run!!! The unions are throwing all postal retirees under the bus and the could care less!!! Tell Congress to leave our FEHB plans alone and to stop the prefunding BS!

  2. You Federal Employees that think changes made under President Dump is such a great idea, think again! The UMWA supported Donald Dump for President. So far ten coal miners have died in accidents. The Mine Safety Administration Dept. of Labor refuses to fine the coal corporations if mine safety laws are violated. Our corporate leader doesn’t want to kill jobs. So fines won’t be issued. Now the UMWU is angry with their great choice. Tough, it’s what they wanted! What did they expect? Great story in the Washington Post. Make America poor again!

  3. enough of the “Quasi-Government Agency” BS. bring the PO under the same rules as other Govt Agencies, have the OMB audit them each and every year. look into the Billions and Billions lost and the scam they are running called PFP. I think all govt departments should be audited by a Big 8 Accounting firm like Ford, IBM, and American Airlines have to-every year and results are public domain.(10K report)
    anything that can smoke these rats out at the PO is a good thing! that includes the company unions too!

  4. After 26 years of paying dues, I finally got out. Tired of all the scare tactics and no representation.

  5. For the present and future, being “on budget” is much better for the Postal Service and it’s employees than the current situation. While the 1970 postal reorganization shift to “off budget” was appropriate at that time, things have changed. Operating conditions and the postal needs of the nation now and in the future dictate that the Postal Service will best be able to provide postal services required by the nation while in an “on budget” status. The APWU wants to maintain the status quo for their own self interests, but by doing so they will be harming their members and the Postal Service. I’m with “feduptwice” (see comment below) and strongly oppose the health care provision in H.R, 756 and believe a “on budget” Postal Service would be much more able to serve this nation than can be provided with the current “off budget” status.

  6. if A-PEE-U says NO…..I say YES! at our PD & C Plant it is chaos. employees with 35 years lost their bids,sections cut to the bone, lite duty people sitting on butt in manual with 2 years……..GO ON BUDGET and all their phony number scams will see the light of day. ever notice how these scummy postal unions run cover for the po mismanaging bureaucrats…..all you get is a 1% raise and no representation…..screw them all. GO ON BUDGET…..SINK THE TITANIC……SINK THEIR PFP BONUS! you have nothing to fear….but fear itself!

  7. Funny how the postal unions fight tooth and nail when someone wants to increase our benefits cost.

    But when they support it, via HR756, suddenly it’s ok.

    Call you legislator, but not about this article. Call them to vote no on HR 756.

    It’s time the unions started representing our interested, who pay them, instead of siding with the usps on everything.

    Throw the bums out !

  8. While your talking with your Representative be sure to tell them to vote against HR 756. This is the legislation that would mandate all Postal retiree’s and their spouses to participate in Medicare parts A, B andD in order to keep their FEHB. Medicare part B would cost you and your spouse $268.00 a month in addition to FEHB payments. The unions are all for passing HR 756. It’s better for the PO to be on budget. They wouldn’t have to file bankruptcy and you won’t lose your retirement benefits.!!!

  9. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Same fight we’ve had for 40 years. Same fight we’ll have 40 years from now. The unions really do a good job of scaring their members.

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