APWU: Senate Tax Bill Punishes Working People

11/30/17 The Senate is set to vote on a disastrous tax bill this week, after their House counterparts passed a tax reform bill earlier this month. Much like the House plan, this bill would punish working families and reward the wealthy elites with tax breaks.


To pay for tax giveaways to the richest individuals and major corporations, here’s what the bill will do to working people:

  • Permanently raise taxes on everyone making under $75,000 a year by 2027.
  • Entirely eliminate deductions that many working people rely on, like State/Local Property and Income Tax deductions.
  • Immediately cut Medicare funding and repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, causing 13 million people to lose their health insurance while increasing premiums.

Your senators need to hear from you! Call now and urge them to reject this anti-worker tax plan.

Here’s a suggested call script:

Call: 1-855-465-1929

My name is _______. I’m a constituent of the Senator’s and I live in CITY, STATE.

I want Senator [NAME] to OPPOSE the Senate tax plan that would raise taxes on countless working families, cut working people’s healthcare, and give tax breaks to the rich and corporations.

5 thoughts on “APWU: Senate Tax Bill Punishes Working People

  1. another fake news story. reminds me of the postal circus complaining about pre-funding to hide the loss of billions, when the reality is they have not paid into pre-funding since 2009. it is called default of one’s financial obligations, what happens to companies on the long road down to bankruptcy. Trump put PO “On Budget” and order a full GAAP audit. you just know they are cooking the books.

  2. those evil rich people…Pelosi worth 400 million, Clintons worth 200 million, Obammy worth 100 million (recent 70 million book advance) Feinstein/Blum worth 800 million (of postal no bid real estate fame) the list of rich DimoKKKats geos on and on. Dimondstein of a-pee-u with his fat salary puts him in the top 5% of earners……stop falling for this fake news and wake up and learn to think for yourself. fact, communists lie. factoid….richest 1% in this country pay 70% of all taxes……bottom 20% pay no taxes.

  3. While at it, tell your congressmen you’re also opposed to the apwu and other postal unions endorsement of postal retirees being forced into medicaire for an additional $134/month and their endorsement of a usps run health plan.

    Makes ya wonder whose side their own; the postal service’s or the people who pay their large salaries.

  4. Sure the tax deform legislation will hurt working families and everyone that works! However how many working people voted for Donald Dump and his Ratpublican hoarders? I had one carrier tell me he voted for Mr. Personality because he will “get lots of overtime.” And another carrier said that Trump is better than the union. He told me that Trump could do more for him than the awful union. I only hope the people that voted for Mr. terrific have lots of Vaseline!

  5. If corporations get tax cut..The Stock market will increase making TSP balance s sky rocket…This will help Postal workers…dumbass…Trump is making America great again!!!!

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