APWU: USPS has very little interest in bargaining over issues critical to postal workers

Contract Negotiations Begin
Bosses to Union- “NEXT?”

APWU: USPS has very little interest in bargaining over issues critical to postal workers

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Report Of APWU Western Region Coordinator Omar Gonzalez

At the start of contract negotiations covering more than 200,000 postal workers postal bosses revealed they have little interest, if any, in bargaining over issues critical to Union negotiators.

When the Union’s Chief Negotiator submitted the union’s first proposal over “service standards and consolidations” the Postal henchman was quick to say management would listen but negotiations over this and other subject are NOT mandatory.

Management’s Spokesperson declared the Union’s proposal as being “permissive” a legal term indicating the issues could be discussed but not bargained over. Then in a indifferent tone the postal boss asked what’s “next?”

The Union made it clear it wants to deal with consolidations, subcontracting, expansion of products like postal banking, and curtailment of approved Shipper programs.

The Union also asked management to declare a Moratorium on consolidations and service standard changes. The postal spokesperson responded- “I will tell you tomorrow”. He then failed to show up the following day for an-other round of talks. Management is still set to involuntarily reassign thousands of employees in April and July of this year throughout the country.

The Union had issued a demand for information and documentation in November 2014 on employee leave, employee debts, tort claims, retail Non Traditional assignments, hazardous internal reviews and other issues.

In typical fashion , management had attempted to bill the union for the information then waived the alleged costs to produce the information. However, they had failed to produce the requested information three months later in time for the start of contract talks.


16 thoughts on “APWU: USPS has very little interest in bargaining over issues critical to postal workers

  1. These are the same arrogant ….s that Cliff “The Wuss”Guffey allowed to screw over the union the last time,would you expect anything different from these clowns? This will move on to arbitration after the contract expires in May and all the bad stuff Goofy Guffey agreed to will not be in the next contract when the arbitrator decides.

  2. I’m proud of the Union members taking money out of their take home family pay trying to get a fair deal in the work place. Them Union leaders? Sure weren’t there last time. It seems new employees will never have what we older employee did.

    I would hate to be in their shoes knowing what I know about the USPS.

  3. Anybody really think this was going to be any different? Maybe instead of holding all these rallies and forming this “grand alliance” the union brass should have been focusing on these contract negotiations for the last several months. Instead all we have heard about is banding together and be strong and together we are one. Yeah, the PO doesn’t really care, thank you very much Diamondstein and Rolando. This will drag out for several months, and then it will go to Arbitration. The APWU will get screwed over, which will lead to the Nalc contract getting screwed over, and then we will hear from union brass what a victory it was for all of us. Same story, another year.

  4. We must support are representatives at the negotiating table. their insight and acumen can only advance us. If we have an impasse only the arbitrator will effect our contract. If management won’t the arbitrator will decide.

  5. “I’ll get back to you tomorrow.” Typical management tactic. They hate the unions more than a cat hates a bath. I’m sure that Dimondstein wasn’t expecting anything different. Doesn’t matter – if management played along they’d just violate their agreements as easy as wiping their asses with it. You simply cannot trust them for even the slightest item. If those higher ups told me this was 2015 I’d call them liars and look at a calendar for myself.
    It’s sad because this attitude is passed down the ladder, and many in lower level management know along with the rest of us how fucked up the USPS is, but can’t say or do anything about it for fear of getting canned. I can’t emphasize that enough, because I know some good people in various supervisory positions, including my immediate supervisor, who’ll actually back you up when you have a problem, and a postmaster who actually works his butt off and always tries to be fair as the system will allow him to be.
    But there are a lot of very bad people mixed in, and it’s a huge variance from one office to another. We have a very strong union presence as far as the city carriers go, we are a united force for the most part, have been working with each other for decades, and over time become close friends and allies. We simply will not allow ourselves to be abused. There are too many offices out there though where the union is non-existent and management has turned those places into hell holes.
    But getting back to topic, we support the APWU and encourage Dimondstein to be as tough as he appears to be. If they get a decent contract whether it’s through arbitration or agreement, fat chance of that, it will pave the way for the other unions as their contracts come due.

  6. Roses are Red,
    Violets…. They’d be your Blue…….
    If you think these two parties are going to reach an agreement respectful to Postal Employees….
    Then I’ve got some swamp land in Florida to sell you too !!!!

  7. The goal of both the Union and the Postal Service should be to negotiate at “arms length” to arrive at results that are in the respective party’s interest. Neither party owes the other any favors or charity. While the article suggests that the Postal Service is not playing fair because it is not charitably giving away freebies to the Union, the Union certainly knows better. The Union is not willingly give up anything to the Postal Service.
    If the Union relies on favors from the Employer in contract negotiations to better its position, it is going to continue to be disappointed.

  8. Even if the USPS would agree to negotiate over postal banking it could not be implemented until congress changes the laws.

    Dimondstein should focus on worker issues that CAN be negotiated over like wages, COLA, no lay-off, PSE conversions, etc…

  9. Why bother talking as management and the union know this is going nowhere. Skip ahead and let the panel rule as there will be no agreement. This show costs money and both are not going to give in.

  10. Postal management not caring about customers or employees? Postal managemtn agreeing to provide information and then not coming through? Postal management secretive, deceptive and just plain dishonest? Who woulda thought?

  11. Do you need some lube?

    These cannibalalistic eat their young. They ate you alive last contract. Please you all look silly anymore.

    If you could strike and take a page from their play book maybe you would have teeth.
    But you don’t so it’s oh be happy with this an that as stated in So much at stake.

    It’s a two way street on what’s at stake.

    when the rank an file get tired of your gummers contracts an with the cannibalistic managment eatting their young things will change.

    Ho hum 101.

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