APWU: USPS provided no advanced notice or negotiations on Voluntary Early Out Retirement

USPS Announces Voluntary Early Out Retirement (VERA)

01/04/2018Today, January 4, 2018, the APWU was notified by letter that the USPS is offering voluntary early out retirement (VERA) for eligible clerk craft employees.

This letter was received with no advance notification to the union or negotiations with the APWU over who the VERA applied to and under what conditions.

APWU overtime penalty exclusion period

The APWU immediately initiated information requests to USPS management regarding this VERA and demands for bargaining over its scope and impact.

”It is concerning that employees who are now faced with such a serious consideration regarding their work and retirement future, have not been given sufficient advance notification and needed information,” said President Mark Dimondstein “Such a life changing and irrevocable decision should not be forced to be made in a rush due to management’s lack of consideration.”

The APWU will provide further information and education material as it becomes available.

(2009) USPS Fails To Notify APWU About VERA –“I am extremely disappointed that the Postal Service neglected to give official notice of this information to the APWU,” said President William Burrus. “This is a violation of management’s obligation under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

12 thoughts on “APWU: USPS provided no advanced notice or negotiations on Voluntary Early Out Retirement

  1. The USPS offers nothing because that is what they think of its craft employees who have endured the long haul. Shift changes, reassignments, excessing, hostility. This is a forced retirement for many who understand consolidations are on the horizon. Downsizing inevitable, uncertainties a given. The national lost the last arbitrated grievance on even severance pay with this issue on the last round. Lets hope this can be negotiated with an incentive and USPS acknowledge their employees contribution to the service.

  2. You would think that if the USPS was really serious about reducing the workforce by letting employees volunteer to retire early,you would think that they would offer a substantial amount of incentive or monetary funds for employee to really bite on, they could really get a lot of employees to go, and employees would make a move toward retirement , they could really get to the numbers they want, but they “The Service” are so damn cheap and tight with giving employees incentives something to really go for, but they want even offer nothing how stupid , and still making profits at the end of the fiscal year every year, that’s why no one wants to taken that offer, do they think postal employees are stupid, no we are not, employees value their years of service, the Service don’t value employees years of service employees worked, this is the worst government agency among all of them other agency offer a substantial amount of monetary funds for employees to retire early, this is the worst employer i ever worked for and the service echo’s this “Going Postal” thing toward employees and really it management that creates the hostile work environment for employees, then point the finger at the employee, so wrong, to me the Postal Service have destroyed the integrity of the federal government and federal employees. “Employees value their years of service” the service should be ashamed of their self to even off some mess like this. and I’m a disable veteran speaking with 39 years of service, and in good shape to work a lot of more years.

  3. The Teamsters union isn’t so great. The union allowed UPS to leave the South East South West Central states pension Plan, now the plan is trying to cut benefits because , they say, not enough funds available. Last election The current President Hoffa only won his re election because of votes from Canada. Try to imagine what the Postal service would be like without that “terrible union”. The employees would have to put up with their daily Junior High school piddle shit alone. Many people in management take one a day prick pills.

  4. I have not seen this level of appeasement since Neville Chamberland went back to England waving a document that said they would have lasting peace with Germany. good God is this apwu worthless. my suggestion would be for the apwu to go directly to President Trump, bypass IOD Muffin Meagan, and ask on behalf of the union workers, a 40K buyout. you have lawyers, use them.

  5. Put the brakes on this Mark and make them negotiate a VER that includes at least a $20,000 incentive or Megan Brennan halts the excessing or no deal!

  6. well if the A-PEE-U had not been a pussy union the last 45 years and had represented the membership like the TEAMSTERS represent their membership……….maybe the Postal Service would respect you. anyone who would accept a 1% yearly raise for the last 45 years commands no respect. asking them to negotiate a buyout with you is way above your pay grade……..how about retaining a law firm to do your dirty work you seem unable to do. in case you have trouble understanding, it is a get out-not a buyout. because of your malfeasance, they do not respect us.

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