APWU: Your Post Office Gets Zero Tax Dollars

04/06/2015APWU: Your Post Office Gets Zero Tax DollarsOn April 15, APWU members will greet last-minute tax filers and reporters at post offices around the country with a message many of them haven’t heard before: The Postal Service gets zero tax dollars.

“Tax day is a good time to inform the public about this little-known fact,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “It also presents a great opportunity to point out that many of our contract demands coincide with our customers’ desire for improved postal services.”

We will let the people know that in bargaining with the Postal Service, the APWU is demanding that management:

  • Reverse the reduction in service standards implemented on Jan. 5, which is causing massive delays in mail delivery;
  • Stop the closure and consolidation of mail processing centers, which would delay mail delivery even further, and
  • Provide customers with expanded hours of service, shorter wait times in line, and new services – such as non-profit postal banking.

On tax day, APWU members will pass out flyers urging customers to call members of Congress with messages of support. It will mark the beginning of a month-long campaign to win support for the union’s objectives: Good Postal Service! Good Jobs! Good Contract!

Contact your local or state president, Contract Action Team (CAT) leader, or retiree chapter president to find out about events in your area.


2 thoughts on “APWU: Your Post Office Gets Zero Tax Dollars

  1. diamonstein is either a liar or just stupid! no tax dollars? how about all those loans the postal service got through the years from the back door of the US Treasury……and never paid them back. UPS & FDX do not get to go to the US Treasury…….they have to go to JP Morgan Chase and pay interest. whose money does the us treasury hold….us taxpayers.

    diamonstein go after Democrat Sen Diane Feinstein and her NO BID US POSTAL CONTRACT TO SELL POSTAL PROPERTY…………….its not staples kiddies……its the steins.

  2. I’m sure the general public will take the time to contact their Congressman about the postal service Diamondstein….. good grief. Why isn’t he focused on getting the APWU a good, solid contract rather than this other crap? The general public DOES NOT CARE about all these political games the unions play.

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