Are Postal Worker whistleblowers being targeted at a Manassas VA Post Office?

1/22/2018 MANASSAS, Va. (ABC7) — ABC 7 News is talking to the U.S. Postal Service driver whose delivery truck caught fire in Manassas, Virginia.It sparked a 7 On Your Side I-Team investigation that exposed several workers complaining about major issues at the post office on Euclid Avenue.

Postal Worker Tariq Delong says “I started seeing flames. At that point I panicked. I tried to exit the vehicle. The door was jammed.”


Delong, who works at the Manassas Post Office on Euclid Avenue, was trapped inside.

Delong adds “I thought I was going to die.” Quick thinking saved his life.

Last month, multiple post office workers including Shante Whitmore told 7 On Your Side about equipment malfunctioning, working long hours and non-payment of over time.

Galina Page is one of the whistleblowers and says after talking to the I-Team she was placed on new routes with more than 300 packages to deliver compared to a normal route of less than 200 packages.

Source: Postal workers claim they’re targets after reporting issues at Va. post office | WJLA

8 thoughts on “Are Postal Worker whistleblowers being targeted at a Manassas VA Post Office?

  1. Retaliation is an ugly pose…when proven, those in Mgmt who engage in this “wet their baby pants” practice should be held accountable through the basic firing process, to put it simply and succinctly…

  2. Of course they’re being targeted. Do a google of the top retaliatory companies on whistleblowers.
    Guess who’s #1. By a large margin.

  3. golly gee wiz…the corrupt Postal Circus OIG will get right on it! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Another great job of shafting the works by the mighty NALC. Remember Letter Carriers you see these lousy working conditions everyday you come to work and this sorry union that turns a blind eye to the abuses the time has come to vote Rolando/Renfroe and the rest of the bums in the postal record out vote for David Noble and the clean sweep in 2018.
    Fred Roland I have question what is point of being a union president when you and the NALC have taken us carriers backwards in terms of working conditions. We deserve way better than you

  5. The immoral, unethical, lying, cheating toolbags running
    these Post Offices will do anything to anybody at any time
    to harass employees. I have seen it myself a thousand times
    over the years. These stupidvisors and mismanagers are
    the cause of employees going over the deep end. ” Make the
    employees miserable” should be the new motto of the PO.

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