Arizona Congressman to Re-Introduce Bill Preventing Post Office Closures In High-Growth ZIP Codes

raulpicWashington, D.C.– Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ) is set to introduce legislation to prevent the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from closing any post office or postal facility that serves a high-growth ZIP code – including the facility at Tucson/Cherry Bell – which is slated for closure in 2016, moving all Arizona postal sorting to a single center in Phoenix.

Grijalva’s bill would require USPS officials to work with the Department of Commerce – which conducts the U.S. Census and keeps annual demographic data – to ensure that no closure would negatively impact a “high growth” ZIP code, as defined by Commerce officials at the beginning of each year.

“Closing postal facilities in high-growth localities like Tucson threatens jobs and undermines timely delivery in the exact places where we should be doing the opposite,” Rep. Grijalva said. “Our goal should be to catalyze economic development, not stunt it in the fastest growing population centers in the country. The employees of Cherrybell, residents and businesses of Tucson, and the people of Arizona deserve better than haphazard facility closures that undermine the basic services of our society.”

Rep. Grijalva first introduced this legislation in 2012, and continues to fight for its passage. The bill is co-sponsored by Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ).

6 thoughts on “Arizona Congressman to Re-Introduce Bill Preventing Post Office Closures In High-Growth ZIP Codes

  1. When in doubt blame management…Wake up people the pathetic UNION loving worker is the problem….Sure there are bad managers but there are bad craft workers too. The entitled group of workers are killing us, stop reading the talking points of the unions and open your eyes..The terrible managers that you all say there are, are expanding our products to make money. What has the union done, NOTHING. All they talk about is the pre-funding to stop…Wake up people, Wake UP

  2. you are correct,,corrupt is the word.we have a new maint manager who is getting rid of our supervisor to put his nephew in the position

  3. excuse me? I got news for you tales from the craft……Boeing Corporations Management are not uneducated, low IQ, inbred, friends and family, boy/girl friend, good old boy/girl high school drop out morons trying to play manager. at Boeing you have MBA’s from Harvard and Wharton School, you have real engineers who have Masters degrees and PhD’s. if the clowns who make a joke of running the post office ran Boeing the 747’s would crash right off the assembly line. make no mistake…..not ONE person in po mismanagement could last more than one day in a Fortune 500 company. the rest of the corrupt federal govt is not far behind the po. think VA Hospitals, IRS, Border Patrol etc.

  4. Looks like the Rep has been on the union officer diet, he certainly has been drinking their kool-aid. This organization should kill first class mail now before it kills us. If you’re still worried about sheets of paper enclosed in other sheets of paper you are either old, out of touch or both. That we still put this stuff on planes is an expensive anachronism.

    The future is in parcels and a good deal of the volume that we deliver already bypasses our overpriced network. The circle of liars in management is not fooling anyone outside of the organization that is serious and the increasingly irrelevant unions can only influence those already in their back pockets, such as the esteemed Rep.

    Not that I have any faith in current management at any level to turn things around but consolidation is not only necessary but probably too late.

  5. I might as well begin by pointing out the obvious – why should a member of Congress have to force management’s hand to keep plants open and keep service going smoothly? To any person who has spent any time at all in the USPS, that’s a dumb question, but to outsiders, it’s a common sense question.
    The answer of course is clueless management. If the public only knew how corrupted and inbred postal management is, and I mean inbred professionally, promoting relatives, lackeys and good ol’ boys they worked with in craft, not to mention cheesecake and snitches, they’d have a fit, and justifiably so.
    I understand management as a whole is this way, and the way most management and executives run their businesses, it’s a damn wonder anything ever gets accomplished in this country.
    It’s appalling that anybody has to be forced to be accessible to customers and revenue. It isn’t all stupidity – managers manufacture savings estimates, cook numbers and then reward themselves with bonuses at years’ end, when it’s craft that does all the work that matters. I hope Rep. Grijalva is successful in passing the law, and maybe others in other states will follow suit. If management won’t do the smart thing voluntarily, then they need to be told what to do.

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