Arkansas postal carrier tells court he kept, burned mail

A former Camden postal carrier is awaiting sentencing in U.S. district court after pleading guilty to failing to deliver large amounts of mail, some of it medication and some of it burned, according to his plea agreement with the government.

Charles Wetherbee entered his plea last week in federal court in El Dorado to a one-count indictment filed in October of “unlawfully secreting, delaying and detaining mail entrusted to him.” Nine parcels of undelivered medication were found in his mail vehicle.

Wetherbee was a rural carrier associate at the Camden post office.

Office of Inspector General agents on June 8 went to the mobile home Wetherbee was vacating and saw burn piles in the front and back of the home where bulk business mailings had been burned, the plea agreement said.

Kept, burned mail, former Arkansas postal carrier tells court

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  1. The thugs and tools keep hiring these people who have no
    reason to be honest or have respect for the service. Low
    wages, constant harassment, overworked, bullied and
    threatened on a daily basis. Why would they care about
    the mail?. Fire them all and hire full timers. Fire all the thugs
    and tools while you are at it. They are the cause of all
    the problems that plague the service!!!!!!!

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