Atlanta postmaster replaced amid late mail delivery complaints

12/12/17 ATLANTA (CBS46) – We’re learning some things have changed at the post office, while others remain the same.

You may remember, when CBS46 first started investigating why mail delivery seems to always be behind schedule in Metro Atlanta, we tried tracking down Atlanta postmaster, Omar Coleman, at his office.


Instead of answering our questions, he hid behind his staff and avoided our cameras. Now he’s being replaced.

Effective immediately, Ashlea Meyer is the new person in charge here.

She’s supposed to be fixing the problems that people in Atlanta say are just as bad now as ever before.

Clifton Bell represents the US postal inspectors, the department that a USPS spokesperson says is supposed to be looking into the problem.

“One thing we’ve heard,” explained Bell, “is that it’s a staffing issue, where a lot of our carriers are having to work overtime.”

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41 thoughts on “Atlanta postmaster replaced amid late mail delivery complaints

  1. according to all GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) rules of accounting…..this place is bankrupt and should be in Chapter 13. Federal Government Office of Management and Budget came to the same conclusion several years ago. only reason it is still alive is that it brings in 69 Billion a year, yet spends 73 Billion to operate. no profit or breakeven in 11 years……..the gap is growing even wider. put a fork in it….its done!

  2. postal 1062 this is not going on just in Atlanta, but all over the USA…….the US Postal Circus is at stage 4 cancer! no turning back, it is to far gone.

  3. He will probably end up in Raleigh, NC where another affirmative action queen has also done about as well as he has.

  4. I know the general public doesn’t understand the behind-the-scenes mechanics that goes with the postal service, but, it is inexcusable for this type of action to continue going on within an organization I have dedicated a great deal of my adult life to. It’s disheartening and I too, am ashamed. Although Omar Coleman was replaced, his direct reports are equally to blame and should have been replaced as well. Just as any organization, when it’s under-performing – the head of the organization is not a scapegoat – but – a necessary action due to the entirety of all issues falls back on the person in charge; in this case, Omar Coleman. He was depending on his Direct Managers to ensure things in the field were going according to the expectations of the postal service – they (Wanda Wilson, Kim Willis, Derrick Merrill) failed him – which caused him to fail the city and the customers depending on quality service. Again, to all who read this posting – I apologize on behalf of all the management personnel that gives a damn and their voices aren’t been heard by those aforementioned; which produces the outcomes you’re experiencing…

    • Correction with the direct report managers: Derrick Merrill is not a direct report – that position was filled by (Craig Eberhart)…

  5. aw sheet..i jus bees on ma phone drankin ma orange crush soda. ya’al doesnt speck me to aktuillt werk dos you?

    • He wasn’t fired idiot, just moved to another office and up for a promotion like all incompetents in USPS management.

  6. Where is our Toothless NALC in this matter. Isn’t the job of the job of this garbage supposed to improve working conditions for letter carriers. Under Fred Rolando and Bil Young this union has gone backwards.

  7. Melville Plant, LI, NY transferred to Florida from that dump. I hear it has become an annex of India Post, if you get my drift. have to be careful of the postal pc police lol.

  8. this one may be a little different than the ones in the past……could have the feds crawling up somebodys a$s with a microscope…..

    this has become part of the Atlanta Mayors race…

    apparently more than enough absentee ballots to swing the race never got to their intended recipient.
    Never heard of somebody suppressing votes but it seems most of the ones not delivered went to the north side.
    Is this even possible?

  9. Mid-Island PD&C 117/119 NY…the Senior MDO brags she is in charge…..of the last place Plant in the country.(that does shut her pie hole) (officially Puerto Rico is, but can you blame them now) yet PMG Muffin IOD Mehgan Brennen lets this dump fester like a red boil. the Plant Manager sits in his office all year and lets this dope run wild….IQ of flea! she is typical of the Postal Circus Corporate Culture….got kicked out of 3-4 other places, but like a rolling stone just keeps on screwing things up. is Omar her Brother? does the Postal Circus clone these dopes in the basement of Elephant Plaza, DC. swamp creatures for sure.

  10. poor, poor, Omar, he was a terrible carrier in Columbus Ohio and a terrible supervisor in Columbus, and he thought he and his wife could go to Atlanta, Ga. to hide down in the south, he has always lacked the life skills and people skills to be a postmaster, but wait I am so sorry he was a minion of Dr. Josh Collins when Collins was here in Columbus, the good old boy system put a no skills person like Omar in Atlanta. Omar should go back to carrying mail for a long time, maybe fore ever. Sorry Atlanta from Columbus, Ohio for allowing this fool to come there. Where can he go and hide now?

  11. That’s the USPS management way, the problem goes all the way to Megan’s office in Elephant Plaza,move the local PM to another office for appearances sake and the problems continue because of her destructive policies.

  12. Nothing new.. In the Postal Service. For years in Puerto Rico same things happens stuck In CATAN~O ., and late up time frist class mail.witch they scan on most post office. Like ccu Loiza Station. Had to retire due to that. I told the truth. And was back up by District Post Master At that time Lilliam Rodriguez. Now a big Shot in New York.

  13. Instead of moving the ex Postmaster higher level, he should be demoted to a CCA. That would make management aware of what happens when they don’t care about service!

  14. he was not fired…..just like a dandelion he will pop back up some place else to screw that place up too! Federal Government had the nerve to call out the Catholic Church for moving around bad priests……when they do the same or worse. Function 1 Scheduler gets its first scalp lol! wish the first one had been Muffin Meghan IOD Brennen. her number will be up soon!

    • As long as there’s no BOG and Congress ignores us I am untouchable and will do whatever I can to destroy the Postal Service and get my payoff after I get my golden parachute like my mentor,Mr.Donawhore did.

    • The Postal Service management mantra is screw up to move up,he’ll be promoted to District Manager you can be sure.

    • you are correct, Mid-Island PD&C NY 117/119 is screwing up all the post offices on Long Island, NY-117/119. funny, screw up plant mismanager wanted promotion to district manager but all the postmasters said they would quit if they gave it to him, current district manager can not stand the plant mismanagement “tribe” that has taken over the place. total mess….what does Brennen and VP of Northeast Region do….renew his contract for another 2 years……Omar was just one of many scapegoats they use to protect and coddle the higher EAS thugs. all over Long Island is a lot of big money people who are really starting to understand how screwed up the service has become. Rep Peter King, Rep Tom Souzzi, Rep Lee Selden, Sen Schumer, Sen Gillibrand…….are also getting pissed off.they will tell you they have never taken the amount of calls as they have the last year at how bad the “service” has become. our local paper NEWSDAY letters to the editor are filled with complaints about them. I called all of them and told them “ON BUDGET” is the way to go. sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  15. So, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the first sacrificial lamb to be replaced, Omar Coleman. And pay close attention to the phrasing of this post: he was REPLACED as Postmaster. That does not mean he was fired, and I hope he wasn’t, as I will explain in a second. He would probably have been reassigned to a different office, perhaps one that does nothing but run the District or Area for greater Atlanta.
    Why I hope Mr. Coleman wasn’t fired is because Postmasters do not control the mail volume anywhere in the country for their offices. All mail is processed through plants that sort parcels, flats and letters into smaller areas, first states, large cities, and then smaller cities where they are further distributed to individual surrounding towns and routes and box sections. I do not know who regulates this mail volume. I do not know who schedules the preferred delivery dates of junk mail on top of first class, which is supposed to be delivered within three days anywhere in the nation. But whomever does this work has been notorious for scheduling circulars, samples, and other time wasting worthless crap at the times of the month when the direct mailers think people have more spending money.
    While rates have been raised for this mailers who flood our mailboxes with bullshit pizza coupons, funeral cost flyers, furniture store ads, you get the picture, any additional revenue is lost because of the overtime required to handle junk mail along with everything else, and management all too often tries to bully carriers and refuse to give them the time credit they need to handle the extra load.
    Then, the understaffing completes this vicious circle. No postmaster has the authority to hire anybody. All hiring is done through district offices, the PM’s role being an interviewer and then submitting his recommendations. He or she can scream until they pass out about the understaffing to district offices, but since the people in said offices are removed from the public, they are more concerned with playing with revenue figures and awarding themselves unwarranted and undeserved bonus pay. More expenses mean less money distributed to these people who believe they are such brilliant and indispensable cogs in the USPS machinery. Hiring help in their view is more costly than overtime. The customer’s needs and concerns come dead last.
    Mr. Coleman has been replaced as a way to try to convince people he is the one responsible for the very late service, when he had no control or authority over the situation to begin with. That is a sad example of the hypocrisy, scheming tactics and dishonesty of the highest level of USPS management.

    • well said and those in the know know the situation in Atlanta is typical of many other locations and not likely to improve substantially no matter who is at the helm.

    • still has him in Atlanta as PM; it will be awhile before the site gets updated but I can tell u he started in 2000 and makes 135k

  16. Probably the best thing that could have happened to his career. I’ve never seen any non-performing manager not given a promotion into some do nothing job. Usually it involves a clipboard, I’ve yet to see an iPad or other modern device.

    • and the Federal Government had the nerve to pile on the Catholic Church……move around low IQ postal mismanagement vs move around bad priests….Hasbro should make a board game!


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