Atlanta USPS mail carrier explains why deliveries are coming later and later

ATLANTA (CBS46) -Soon after we started investigating late mail deliveries in southwest Atlanta, we learned similar issues affect neighborhoods throughout the city.

People who live west of Midtown in Berkeley Park say it’s becoming an every day thing to get deliveries after dark. Several people noted in social media posts their mail came after 8 p.m. One woman described getting mail, not just late in the day, but late period.


Some mail carriers are not finishing their routes until midnight

She wrote, her bills were so late, some of the due dates were just days away.

CBS46 stopped by the nearest 30318 mail sorting facility, and we saw trucks coming in and out as late as 8:30 p.m. They were still delivering to their routes, even though their shifts started at 7:30 a.m.

Most of the mail carriers were too afraid for their jobs to speak with us, but one woman was brave enough to tell us what’s going on, provided we didn’t show her face.

She said post offices are understaffed citywide, which forces carriers to take on extra routes, and it puts them in dangerous situations when they inevitably have to deliver mail at night.

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18 thoughts on “Atlanta USPS mail carrier explains why deliveries are coming later and later

  1. I don’t get half my mail but I get tons of junk and other people’s mail.

    I am waiting on a package that was mailed a week ago and made it to Atlanta. But it has been in transit for 4-5 days. Between the hub and Ralph mcGill. This happens all the time. Is it being stolen?

    My mail got delivered at 9:45 tonight. WTF. Last year same crap. Ralph McGill facility is incompetent Maybe if bulk mail advertising was discontinued, real mail would not get lost in the mix. Postal carriers have been caught in the area throwing mail away instead of delivering it

  2. Delivering after dark has been going on over 10 years and has been getting later especially since the parcels has increased dramatically. It is a joke that Management stresses Safety but here is a headlamp to deliver in the dark. NALC response is call and bring the mail back, but they are sitting in their little warm cushy offices and they don’t ave to worry about the consequences from Management that we would get by bringing the mail back.

  3. The US Post Office runs just like the military, but not the American military, the USPS is Stalin’s Russian army where all of the officers are political appointees and crony suck ups rather than the most qualified candidates for the position.

    And just like Stalin’s Russian Army that sacrificed some 20 million Russians to push some 4 million Germans out of Russia, USPS management will sacrifice the safety, health, well being and even the lives of as many Craft employees as it takes to get the job done in spite of management’s incompetence.

  4. You can thank the delivery standards set forth by that PMG , closing plants and placing unqualified people in positions in the districts who are clueless in delivery operations: common questions that are asked: you have 30 routes and you only have 10 people can you do it? And the resounding answer is yes, knowing fully well that it’s possible with enough hours not necessarily with enough people. While they are home with there families and have eaten dinner and its almost time for bed-these baffoons keep calling up at the stations asking: are they back yet, are they in the geo fence yet? How is that pay for no performance bonus looking now? Their mindset is : they are laying down on us, they are hosing us-blaming the carriers for the way things are when in reality the real problem lies in the toolbags at the districts who let this kind of crap happen. Here is a kicker for you: had a Mpoo or glorified administrator come in the office the other day and brought donuts and then turned around and started dogging the carriers saying:” I know what you doing out there because I was one of you years ago, and that I can see you”, being on social media and all that and then went on to say: yes, it takes longer after dark because of safety issues” REALLY NO SHIT DICK TRACY! Where does the post office get these idiots? If you want to see late- wait till MONDAY the 13th, when the carriers have 3 days of mail to deliver: Mismanagement will be blowing their phones up asking are they back yet when it’s 7,8 and even later in the the night! Have a good-day

  5. ANOTHER mgmt screwup, costing big bucks that no one in eas will be held accountable for.

    And when one of those carriers gets hurt because they’re dead tired zombie stage from being worked to death, mgmt. will discipline them for working in an unsafe manner.


  7. That’s it in a nutshell. Management is irresponsible, incompetent and playing with figures to increase their year end bonuses at the cost of service. They don’t call them “bonuses”, but a skunk by any other name is still a skunk.
    They also dislike hiring people because it’s cheaper to pay overtime. Once USPS Headquarters in D.C. makes a decision, and it’s usually stupid and damaging, once again only focusing on its inner embezzling, all offices nationwide have to comply.
    This of course means Area, the next level down passes the shit down to District, who then lean on individual offices. These levels are insulated from the public. They do not deal with any customers, only very infrequently with craft employees and leave local postmasters and postmistresses and supervisors left holding the proverbial bag. Those managers can be and often are raked over the coals because District and Area demand performances and design “programs” that are simply impossible to do. It’s all about fear, intimidation, and trying as hard as possible to push clerks, mail handlers and carriers to their limits, damn the safety and the contracts.
    Now, there are craft workers out there who are truly piss poor workers. I have heard stories of city and rural carriers who are so slow they literally get away with doing half a days’ work compared to a good worker, and get overtime for it! That too is embezzlement – overtime for sloth is wrong.
    But most city carriers are being forced to work terribly long hours and sometimes two routes a day. Management refuses to hire ample help, doesn’t train anybody, just leaving them to the streets to teach themselves, and worst of all, couldn’t give a rat’s ass less about your mail service. The carriers are correct for being leery about talking to media. We are not supposed to denigrate our employees publicly, but there comes a time people who are negatively affected by terrible service be told the truth, because you will not get it from any level of management for fear of retaliation from higher ups.
    Customers are more important for addressing the USPS’ woes. Don’t waste time talking to the USPS directly – your carrier’s hands are tied, they don’t have the power to “manage”, and are working back breaking hours to try to get the mail out. Write to your Congresspersons and Senate. Talk to local media. You can do what active carriers and clerks can’t. Only because I’m not there anymore do I tell the real story. Please don’t take your frustrations out on your carriers.


  9. No one wants to work for this toxic company the old timers are bitter management sucks and all around a bad place for a new Comer.

  10. Another great job by the progressive NALC. What do we have here carriers doing mandatory overtime, skipping breaks, lunches and working into the night. This union leadership really sucks. This organization calls itself a union for the carriers. LMAO

  11. Yo’all should be grateful that you get mail at all.

    And don’t you believe that the investigation is gonna change anything. Top managements know from day 1 that mail are being delivered late, how you ask? The end tour clock ring when the carriers clock out and go home, it’s being reviewed every day, every time a carrier put in more than 8hrs.

  12. Postal management spends way too much time and energy on disciplining employees. Instead they should work on improving delivery of the mail. Management would rather make lives of the employees miserable, while the service goes down the drain. They would rather push employees around than spend any time working to improve they way working conditions are. CCA’s quit at a very high rate because of the way they are treated. In the 70’s an arbitrator ruled on a grievance by saying” Management has every right to mismanage per the contract”. When the Postal Service goes under where will the stupidvisors go to OD on coffee and donuts?

  13. She’s telling the truth. Usps expects the impossible from carriers. Until we start sharing with the media it will never get easier. Your try delivering 800+ deliveries and add 200 parcels that most you have to walk to the door. And please be back by 5:00pm!

  14. They are short staffed, harrass employees by rushing them to get back on time & every route is over burdened. That’s why! I’m a USPS employee from another state and it’s nation wide…..very hostile work environment! Me stay by post masters and supervisors

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