Australia Post managing director quits $4.3 million job after public outcry over salary

2/23/17 Canberra • Australia’s highest-paid public servant announced his resignation Thursday, two weeks after the revelation that he made 5.6 million Australian dollars ($4.3 million) last year sparked a public furor and created a political headache for the government.


Australia Post managing director Ahmed Fahour said he was quitting the national mail service on the same day the government-owned corporation announced a profit of AU$131 million for the six months through December. The figure was a big jump from the AU$16 million profit the corporation made in the same period a year earlier.

The Lebanese-born former banker said he was leaving because Australia Post had transformed from a traditional mail service to a parcel and e-commerce business during his seven years at the helm.

Fahour, 50, said he would leave Australia Post in July following the announcement of his successor.

The government later said an independent tribunal that decides the salaries of lawmakers, judges and government department bosses will rule on how much Fahour’s replacement is worth.

While the Australia Post board of directors will continue to decide the managing director’s salary package, it will now have to persuade the Remuneration Tribunal that the pay is consistent with what other senior public servants are paid.

Earlier this month, a Senate committee revealed Fahour’s pay despite objections from Australia Post that making it public could damage the corporation’s brand.

His AU$4.4 million salary plus an AU$1.2 million bonus in the last fiscal year was more than 10 times the prime minister’s salary of AU$507,000.

By contrast, U.S. Postal Service Chief Executive and Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s salary was $286,137 last year.

Fahour said Australia Post should not be compared to the loss-making U.S. Postal Service.

“They are a letters company and, by the way, they lose $20 billion a year and have done so now for a number of years,” Fahour said.

source: Australian public servant quits $4.3M job

8 thoughts on “Australia Post managing director quits $4.3 million job after public outcry over salary

  1. Trumps children traveling on Govt dime? What about Obammy’s wife moochelle, the kids, grandma who squatted in wh house for 8 years and the 97 assistants that mooched off the mooch-hundreds of millions of dollars of travel and golf on taxpayer dime ……..typical DemonKKKat revisionist history. Trumps kids pay their own way as they all work for a living in the upper corporate world, as opposed to your lower working class job, leeching off the American Tax Payer. (oh yeah we are all funded with stamps lol, 20 Billion loss a year for last 8 years…….you can bet the farm the govt is propping this dump up with loans from taxpayer money from US Treasury)

  2. Well Susie Wong does the Federal dept. include the cost of Trump’s children traveling all over the world, does it include the cost of 3.8 billion a year for Israel’s military, does it include the cost of never ending wars, and does it include the cost of corporate wealthfare? You make fun of the depression and the lack of employment at that time. Maybe you will get your wish. Trump can sell the Postal service and you too can wind up on the junk heap. Be careful of what you wish for! Then you will see what hard times are like.

  3. If Postal Service goes from letter post to parcel delivery like Austraila Post, with UPS, FDX, Amazon as competition, it will end badly. Post Office will become just a works project like the WWP during the depression. the only problem between then and now is the Federal Government is Trillion in debt. buddy can you spare a dime!

  4. and I thought I was the only one who knew these bums are losing $Billions a year…………this guy is half way around the world and he can spot a turd sandwich when he see’s one. President Trump sell off the PO to UPS/FDX……they will make money like the guy from Aussie Post does. you do see he was a banker……and Brennen was an IOD letter carrier for 6 months. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! $116 million profit in 6 months……never will happen at Postal Circus with the current crew running it into the ground. do I hear an Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Huuum, another person that has no idea why the post office is in debt. It’s because of the PREFUNDING mandate that Congress forced on the post office. No other public OR private agency or business is forced to pay into their retirees retirement fund for the next 75 YEARS. How do people still not understand this.

  5. Why didn’t Mr.Fahour place the blame of the “loses” on the political decision of making the Postal service prefund health care costs. Conservatives always blame government services and workers. If the service is a hand out to business, all is good. Businessmen just love their wealthfare. Why should a businessman pay when they can suck off the tax payer? And have legislation passed to control employees! Make sure workers work for as little as possible. Make every employer prefund their health care costs! I hope that Mr.Farour enjoys and hoards his money.

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