Benton Harbor MI teen, 16, charged in letter carrier’s sexual assault

BENTON HARBOR, MICH. – A 16-year-old southwestern Michigan boy has been charged in the sexual assault of a U.S. Postal Service worker.

The teen was arrested later at his home and charged in juvenile court with kidnapping and second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Sepic says he is seeking a waiver to charge the teen in adult court. A waiver hearing is scheduled for April 18.The teen was being held on bond in the county juvenile detention center.Benton Harbor is just north of the state line with Indiana.

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7 thoughts on “Benton Harbor MI teen, 16, charged in letter carrier’s sexual assault

  1. Shame on that person, he ought to be forced to carry this young ladies route with a shame sign on his back, one day, in the dead of winter, with no training, and no winter weather gear…

  2. Another Sad Michigan story, I pray those words shared by you are forever in the past. With full disclosure open can prevent shady outcome and consequences in this case. I hope she is a Union member, if not, OH GLORY, it most likely won’t play out w/o public exposure?

    • You always come at life like the great mailman i’m sure you once were.
      I agree wholeheartedly that with the truth, also comes the light. I also
      agree with you it does take numbers like the union if their heart was in
      the right place. No employee of any employer should fear for their
      job, or their safety. The unjust actions in this world should be sent where
      they belong.” in the past”.

    • It is nice that your knowledge of Carriers support just falls to the Unions.. She would be FULLY SUPPORTED even if she was not a member of the Union.. That is the LAW!!!

      • I once was a union member, but that made no difference for me.
        There is no place that I have condoned any unlawful conduct on the
        part USPS, the Union, or any Law Professionals . They all have a legal
        responsibility, but “THE LAW ” isn’t worth the paper that is written on
        without enforcement. This poor lady is very much like the ” HUMAN
        TRAFFICKED” . I don’t

  3. I am sorry for this Lady. Just another Postal employee trying to serve the public on her own. I am from
    Michigan, and when things are done to you here. Sad to say, more times than not, you are on your own.
    I spent 22.5 years at USPS, and when things are the worst. Please don’t look to hard around you, because
    if their isn’t a camera crew, or something else . You are just the latest mess to cover up. Some of the
    heartless people say as long as she is made whole, everything is going to be all right. I pray for this lady
    that God helps her, While her life will forever be changed.

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