Bill introduced to make federal new hires “at will” employees, limit union official time

7/25/17 Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) finally re-introduced legislation H. R. 3257 that would classify all new federal hires as “at-will” employees. The harshest provisions would target new hires, but other provisions in the PAGE Act would impact current employees and senior executives.

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Immediate suspensions

Agency heads could choose to immediately suspend a current employee for misconduct or poor performance, the legislation said.

The agency must give employees a written notice detailing the specific reasons for the suspension, no later than 10 days after the first day of the suspension itself.

Only after the suspension could employees respond and provide evidence in their support, obtain a lawyer and then review the agency’s final case.

Employees could also appeal the disciplinary action to the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Pay raises

The legislation also bars federal employees from receiving an annual pay raise in some situations.

Official time

Federal employees could only do union work if they’re designated as performing in a non-duty status. The legislation also clarifies that employees who do solicit new membership, collect dues or engage in union election activity must maintain records of that work for up to two years or for the term of the collective bargaining unit.

The legislation discourages employees from using government property, such as offices, space or computers, for union work. Read more

Limitation on official union time
‘‘(a) In carrying out any activities relating to the internal business of a labor organization (including the solicitation of membership, elections of labor organization officials, and collection of dues), an employee may not—
‘‘(1) perform such activities unless such employee is in a non-duty status; or
‘‘(2) use any Government property (including office space or computers).
‘‘(b) Employees engaging in such activities must truthfully and accurately account for their time spent in carrying out such activities, and may not engage in any political activities that may impact such employee’s Agency.
‘‘(c) Documents, communications and things prepared by or in the possession of employees engaged in any activity relating to a labor organization that is engaged in collective bargaining activities with said employee’s Agency shall maintain the records of such activities for a period of at least two years or the term of the collective bargaining agreement, plus six months, and produce copies of such records in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.’’.

 SEC. 2. At-will employment status for new Federal employees.

(a) In general.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any employee in the civil service hired on or after the date that is 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act shall be hired on an at-will basis. Such an employee may be removed or suspended, without notice or right to appeal, from service by the head of the agency at which such employee is employed for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all.

§ 7551. Definitions

“In this subchapter—

“(1) the term ‘employee’ has the meaning given such term in section 7501(1) and includes any employee of the United States Postal Service or the Postal Regulatory Commission, but does not include any at-will employee (as determined under section 2 of the Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency Act); and

“(2) the term ‘suspend’ means the placing of any employee, for misconduct or poor performance, in a temporary status without duties.

§ 7552. Immediate suspension for misconduct or poor performance

“(a) Under regulations prescribed by the Office of Personnel Management, the head of an agency may suspend (with or without pay) an employee of such agency if the head determines that the misconduct or performance of the employee warrants such suspension. The period of any such suspension shall be determined by the head.

“(b) An employee who is suspended under subsection (a) is entitled, after suspension, to—

“(1) a written notice, not later than 10 days after the first day of such suspension, stating the specific reasons for the suspension;

“(2) a reasonable time, but not less than 10 days, to answer orally and in writing and to furnish affidavits and other documentary evidence in support of the answer;

“(3) be represented by an attorney or other representative; and

“(4) a review of the case by the agency head and a written final decision and the specific reasons therefor at the earliest practicable date.

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17 thoughts on “Bill introduced to make federal new hires “at will” employees, limit union official time

  1. There are no locks on the doors. Anybody can leave whenever they want if they are not happy at the USPS

  2. There is sooo much nepotism in the Cleveland District. The DM hired his wife OFF THE STREET, The Postmaster of Cleveland threatened managers who attempted to fire her NON-CAREER daughter for the 3RD TIME. Management rates their friends higher on PFP ratings and when u challenge it, they give NO LOGICAL REASON WHY YOU ARE PAID LESS THAN SOMEONE Performing the exact same job! USPS MUST GO!!!!!!!

  3. The USPS needs to go! The draconian CBAs hinder progress and retains employees that would not last a minute in private sector. Management promotes their cousins, sisters, sons/daughter’s and BYPASS educated employees. The PAY 4 PERFORMANCE B.S. is a systematic way to suppress wages and PAY MORE TO FRIENDS & CRONIES.

  4. Time to drain the swamp of all the Slugs! Odumba and the DemocRATS didn’t have the guts to do it. President Trump will. MAGA! MOLON LABE!

  5. This will apply to new congressmen and their bloated staffs too………………….right ?

  6. Kiss my arse, I’m a vet, I have 32yrs in I’m making $140k/y. Nobody can touch me. Not even PMG or Trump.

  7. we are already getting bottom of the barrel employees, whats next ex-cons, criminals Say good bye to the usps

  8. I live in Indiana – retired from the USPS at the end of 2016. I wonder how many of my fellow Hoosiers in Rokita’s district voted for the sack of shit, and will be ignorant and stupid enough to vote for him again in 2018?

  9. Dear D Eff, You think what the RATPUBLICANS want to do is funny. We will see who laughs. You most likely voted to screw yourself and others. Don’t worry, your pals will “reward You in the end”.

  10. Anyone of these people complaining should start their own Home Business. Stop worrying about RATPUBLICAN AND DEMONCRATS. Start your own business and hire yourself.

  11. And the downward spiral has just gathered momentum. This is a terrible and typically Republican bill that will render representation by unions non-existent for the first year of an employee’s service. It is the CCA program taken one mean step farther, and it also wants to make all union work be done off premises, off the clock. For large branches with full time officers and private offices outside the installation, that’s one thing, but for small offices it’s an attempt to deny any time for union officers to do anything and discourage them from acting on anything.
    Todd Rokita, the slimebag Indiana GOP Representative, obviously hates workers, especially federal workers. He hates unions and his bill is in direct violation of the NALC/USPS National Agreement, although I’m positive management LOVES this bill because they are as draconian and cut throat (with the exception of themselves) as Rokita and other GOP lawmakers who have been chomping at the bit to cripple the middle and working class of the country for years.
    I wouldn’t expect this bill to pass, but until people wise up and admit the Republicans are terrible people, out to screw every last one of us to make their owners, namely banks, Wall Street, industry, the insurance and medical industries, the Koch brothers among others even richer and more powerful.
    What people including this rich bastards don’t understand is that this type of governing will wipe out the working family, and eventually banks and industry will fail miserably too because they refused to acknowledge that if the public can’t spend, they go out of business too. It happened in the Great Depression and it can happen again because these criminals are too short sighted and greedy to pay attention to long term survival, and that means giving the middle class and lower class enough money to buy consumer goods. It’s really pretty simple, but maybe too simple for some people to grasp.
    Some people can never be reached, but it doesn’t mean we’re in a hopeless situation. With full turnouts in 2018 by Democrats, moderates, and independents, and Republicans who do see what is happening, and they’re out there, we can vote out a third of the GOP Senate and a huge chunk of the House, and stop this deliberate crippling of our nation by horrifying evil SOB’s who are out to ruin us all.

  12. This guy is a real moron. They better start by suspending the management that doesn’t have a clue what they are doing.

  13. You federal employees that voted for the RATPUBLICANS can read what your pals want to do to you! Cut back on union rights. You are guilty unless you can prove you are innocent. Not only did you screw other workers, you did it to yourself. If you get screwed over, it’s what you wanted! Don’t complain, enjoy. You will no longer be an employee, you will be a servant, slave without many rights. Have fun.

  14. Hey Todd, I’m outa’ T.P. over here. Could ya’ slide me a roll? Sorry buddy, all out. Here, just wipe on this Collective Bargaining Agreement!

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