Bremerton WA letter carrier refuses to enter ‘legal’ marijuana shops to deliver mail

Bremerton WA letter carrier refuses to enter 'legal' marijuana shops to deliver mail

Bremerton, WA’s first recreational marijuana shop Pacific Cannabis Co. and The Reef

Some pot shops not getting mail delivered to stores

Jun 6, 2016

Operators of two recreational marijuana stores on Callow Avenue — Pacific Cannabis Co. and The Reef — say they’ve had trouble getting mail delivered to their shops in the past month, since a new U.S. Postal Service worker took over the route. They say the carrier frequently refuses to enter their stores and won’t drop off mail unless an employee comes outside to collect it. They noted the same carrier routinely walks inside surrounding businesses to deliver and pick up mail.

Pacific Cannabis owner Kathy Hartwell provided security footage to the Kitsap Sun that shows the carrier handing a package to a bewildered customer on the sidewalk in front of the store instead of carrying it inside. Hartwell said mail addressed to Pacific Cannabis is often left at the arcade next door, which she also owns. The erratic deliveries have caused Hartwell to miss packages that require the recipient’s signature.

While legal for adults in Washington, recreational marijuana remains federally illegal. The disconnect between state and federal law has created some conflicts between legalized marijuana businesses and federal agencies. However, Swanson confirmed the Postal Service’s policy is to deliver mail to recreational marijuana businesses in the same way it would for any other customer.

Source: Some pot shops not getting mail delivered to stores – Kitsap Sun

10 thoughts on “Bremerton WA letter carrier refuses to enter ‘legal’ marijuana shops to deliver mail

  1. Easy excuse for when he pisses hot on his urinalysis test. “I deliver to a marijuana shop every day!”

  2. I wonder if he will refuse to accept his pay check to show the sincerity of his protest.

  3. I would have given my eye teeth to had this shop on my route. I would’ve partied like it PCB 1991, baby. WHOOOO!!

  4. Oh my, and if there is a liquor store on the route? How about a sex toy shop? This person is a letter carrier, not the morality police. The job is to deliver the mail, if there is a safety hazard, identify it.

  5. We are not getting the full story here. It is all Hartwell, and who the heck is Swanson? Letter Carriers are not expected or required to walk into an establishment where people are routinely violating Federal Law by consuming and selling illegal drugs and also carrying concealed weapons because of the requirement that all business be done in cash (because banks and credit card companies will not be complicit in violating Federal Law). This could also be perceived as a threatening or unsafe environment. I am 100% in favor of the legalization of cannabis nationwide, but the situation as it exists now (especially with the money-laundering aspect of “medical” marijuana) is pretty rocky. There are some problematic cannabis vendors out there. I deliver to some. I am not convinced in this case that Hartwell is the “victim.” Let’s hear the other side of the story!

  6. wtf?! you cant pick and choose who you deliver too. quit being an a-hole and just deliver the mail!

  7. Hey, : you are paid to deliver all mail. Nobody asked you to suck on a bong when you deliver their packages, and you won’t get a contact high through cardboard. Keep your “morals” to yourself and do your damn job. I know of a person who is a severe homophobic in a city not far from where I work who refuses to deliver mail to a store he “knows” is run by a lesbian.
    That person should have been fired. Delivering drugs like that very smart bunch in Cleveland is one thing. It is not up to you to pick and choose whom you deliver mail to.
    I hope the jerk in Bremerton at least gets severe discipline and if that doesn’t work, can his ass. I know lots of people who would love to take their breaks or lunch there. Especially if they sell Cheetos with their other products.

  8. If there is any smoking going on in the store I think the carrier is within their rights.

    • his job is to deliver the mail, they pay for mail service like everyone else, deliver the fracking mail and shut the frack up, he is going to get a PDI for this. john wayne read the handbook M-41 it’s his job to deliver the mail.

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