California Congressman questions PMG on mail delivery problems in Los Angeles County

tedlieuDuring a recent hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) questioned “Postmaster General Megan Brennan about multiple issues with mail delivery and mail theft experienced by his constituents in California’s 33rd District.”

Leiu stated “We have had a number of difficulties with service in my district. First, when we contacted the post office, they were able to help get about 97% of the cases resolved. The problem is, we continue to get more and more cases and they look like a systemic issue in western Los Angeles County.”

According to the Daily Breeze: Lieu told Brennan his district staff have had to meet local postal officials on “numerous occasions” to discuss inadequate mail delivery and he wanted to see a commitment from the USPS to fix the chronic issues.

Lieu noted that Beverly Hills has suffered particularly severe problems with mail delivery. The local newspaper has experienced the problems first-hand, sometimes going several days without receiving mail at its office, it reported last year.

Brennan promised to follow-up and noted that the USPS has made adjustments to staffing and transportation in Beverly Hills in response to complaints.

The Daily Breeze also periodically receives anecdotal reports of mail delivery problems from local residents.


6 thoughts on “California Congressman questions PMG on mail delivery problems in Los Angeles County

  1. Great idea to bad no one will look into this. I retired early supervisor didn’t know his job and people on is shift just gave up trying to help him. Do you believe he wanted to write people up from two years back for attendance and he had only worked in the dept for 3 months!

  2. The problem is somebody from a prestigious business school with a MBA won’t touch this place ….so you got to keep promoting the same inbred cast of clowns sporting their on line degrees from these worthless diploma mills.

  3. I’m glad something is done on this problem of mail delivery and mail theft . Stringent measure must be implemented to minimize this problems.

  4. Well, well. It appears PMG Brennan, who is the architect behind plant closings and continuing to suck up to bulk mailers and reduce standards isn’t above getting grilled. I’d take her promises about as far as I could throw her in a full swimming pool.
    Representative Lieu is just another in the line of Representatives and U.S. Senators who are fed up with the shitty way the Service is being run. But what does one expect considering who gets these high level appointments? Brennan was nothing but a brown noser for Pat Donahoe, and followed him like an adoring puppy from their first office together right into L’Enfant Plaza. She is no more qualified to run the USPS than any clerk, rural or city carrier.
    In fact, we would be much better, at least if some of us, and I do stipulate there are craft people who need tossed out on their asses, too – were in management and running it like the service it’s supposed to be. But what do I know? I’m just a stupid 31+ year veteran carrier and my opinion means jack shit to managers. Just look at some of these terrible things I’d try to do if I were the PMG:

    1) Form and support an independent agency to oversee management operations and behavior, with the ability to remove those found to be abusive, corrupt or grossly incompetent. That would probably clean out about 90% of them right there. This agency would not answer to, nor be paid by the USPS, and any attempts to bribe or corrupt anybody within that group would be met with charges of corruption and influence peddling.

    2) Restore the original standards, reopen the plants and see to it nothing like what is going on in West LA or anywhere else ever happens again.

    3) Eliminate the CCA, PSE and RCA programs and restore the PTF system, with employees who make it past their 90 day probation career employees, and hire enough to get the damn mail out on time!

    4) No less than 5% pay increases across the crafts, without having to fight it in contract negotiations. Just give craft the raises they deserve for having to do much more work.

    5) In high crime areas, if instances of violence and murders are too high, stop the service to those neighborhoods for good. Force them to rent boxes, the hell with making carriers risk life and limb going into gang infested projects.

    6) Eliminate bonuses for management.

    7) Raise rates on all bulk mail. If they don’t want to pay, then tough shit. It makes no sense to keep their business if it costs more to deliver it. No bribes, either. Eliminate all marriage mail, period. This is far too costly, time consuming, and customers hate it.

    8) Make management at all levels obey the contracts, Handbooks and Manuals at all times and discipline/remove those who knowingly and willingly violate them. If the Service signs a legal and binding agreement, then it should abide by them.

    9) Replace the LLV fleet immediately instead of taking several years to do it before more people get injured or killed driving these death traps.

    10) Recognize superior effort from craft – reinstitute voluntary step increases, give out service awards, plaques, and tell the workers you appreciate their efforts.

    See? I told you I was not qualified to be the PMG.

    • great comment! lets also cut HQ staffing by 90 percent,send them to craft jobs,if they don’t like it,well good bye

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