California Congresswoman Re-Introduces Bipartisan Resolution to Protect Door Delivery of Mail

Jan 6, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – With the United States Postal Service already beginning to phase out of door delivery of mail, Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-CA) re-introduced her bipartisan H. Res. 28 stressing that door delivery must not end.  Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) joined Davis as lead cosponsors of the resolution.

Reps. Davis, King, and Joyce Re-Introduce Resolution to Ensure Door Delivery of Mail

Rep. Susan Joyce (D-CA), Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) and Rep. Peter King (R-NY) photo collage created by PostalReporter

“Ending door delivery of mail is not good for postal customers, businesses, or the Postal Service,” said Davis. “I’ve heard from constituents who are forced to use cluster mailboxes and they report all kinds of problems with them.  My constituents with door delivery are very vocal about wanting to keep this critical service.”

If door delivery of mail is ended, residents would be forced to pick up their mail at shared cluster mailboxes, many of which are in unsecure locations, poorly maintained and far from people’s homes.

Seniors and people with disabilities would be most be hurt by the forced adoption of cluster boxes especially for getting their prescriptions. Studies show that in the digital age it is these groups that rely more than ever on getting mail right to their door.

Besides inaccessibility, there are issues of maintaining clusters boxes. Numerous reports have been detailed of neighborhood cluster boxes being stolen, damaged or vandalized.  Residents are ultimately responsible for maintenance and repair of the cluster boxes.

Neighbors have to all pitch in which can create community tensions.  In some cases it has taken months for residents to raise enough money to replace them. They then have to pick up mail at the post office while they wait.

Eliminating door delivery would drive mail and revenue from the Postal Service, devaluing postal mail in the long run as individuals and businesses advertisers would likely send less mail.

Davis’s resolution is the same as the one she introduced in the 114th Congress, which had 228 bipartisan cosponsors.

Reps. Davis, King, and Joyce Re-Introduce Resolution to Ensure Door Delivery of Mail

6 thoughts on “California Congresswoman Re-Introduces Bipartisan Resolution to Protect Door Delivery of Mail

  1. Require everyone to have a curbside box where possible and save millions of $ from the delivery side of things, as well as, save on a carrier’s body thus eliminating lots of accidents from weather and dogs. But the nalc will never allow it. They would rather put their members at risk from weather and dog bites than combine some routes and lose membership from less bodies. You’ll never hear Fred admit it, but step back and read between the lines. He has been well schooled on how to spin things.

    • Carrier Chuck, go fill out your 991. We don’t just deliver mail, by carriers being at the right place at the right time and actually caring about the patrons in our neighborhoods, we save people’s lives and can make a difference. It is not a job’s grab, it is marketing brand value you would destroy by eliminating your friendly door delivery mail carrier. So again, fill out your 991, start telling all your carriers to hurry up and run their a$$e$ off, and please be sure to place cluster boxes in areas where all businesses exist so we can ensure we also never interact with the business community so we can make sure customer connect is a failure and everyone decides to switch their shipping to fedex, ups, or anyone but us. And enjoy your horrible decisions which will most likely earn you huge bonuses so while you flush the usps down the drain with your buffoonery, at least you will get paid lots of dough for yourself and your family.

    • i prefer a walking route. I dont mind the weather. I love dogs. Carrier Chuck the job isn’t about us the letter carriers as much as its about providing a service to the public.

  2. “Protecting” door delivery is like keeping a caboose on a train, outdated and pointless except for protecting jobs that do not contribute anything the company other than institutional welfare.
    Homes built after 1970 do not or should not receive door delivery by law, The Postal Reform Act which created the Postal Service in 1970.
    for addresses after the act, those delivery points mail are delivered at the curb, usually in an unsecured container.
    Delivery points prior to the act, are at the doorstep. Mostly in unsecured mailboxes.
    Forced adoption of Cluster Box Units are secured containers. Your excuses are without merit. The Postal Service already provides the CBU containers at many locations and Should provide them for delivery conversions.
    This bill is just perpetuating wasteful actions.

  3. The postal service won’t listen. They’ll do whatever their pencil pushing ninkumpoops think will save carrier hours. Meantime postal service will have reduced critical support from their customers and the American public and could eventually lose some business from these silly cluster boxes. Fact is they’re probably not practical for a latrge percentage of our customers

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