Care packages mailed 3 months ago for U.S. troops are still sitting in Atlanta, GA post office

photo credit: WSBTV

photo credit: WSBTV

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. —More than 100 care packages meant for troops serving in Afghanistan are just sitting at a postal office in DeKalb County.

 The packages were sent out months ago by the King’s Bridge Retirement Community Center on Briarcliff Drive.  [The]… packages destined for the troops in Afghanistan were packed and sent out by the seniors for Veterans Day more than three months ago, but only made it about a mile to the local post office.

World War II veteran and retired Brig. Gen. Harold Dye says he put a lot of time into his note.  “I’m at a loss for words in a sense. I can’t imagine me being at loss words,” said Dye.

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service sent a statement, saying, “Due to a paperwork error by the Postal Service, Kingsbridge Retirement Center’s mailing destined for U.S. troops overseas was not processed in a timely manner. We sincerely apologize for this delay. These packages will be processed immediately and dispatched on tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.”

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5 thoughts on “Care packages mailed 3 months ago for U.S. troops are still sitting in Atlanta, GA post office

  1. Funny how all of the sudden, when TV crews show up, paperwork errors disappear! At least someone has FINALLY noticed that the USPS can’t effectively serve the country with half as many processing facilities! PRC better “revisit” all the AMP study data! PMG Donuthole should be charged with about 400 counts of falsifying federal documentation. Every excessed employee deserves reparations!

  2. I’ve got a customer, who’s package, along with hundreds of others he was told, via the Inspection Service and his local office, has been stuck in Kansas since 1/27……..priority packages.

    Think that’s bad ?

    The USPS told him this on 2/7…………..and the packages still haven’t moved an inch………………….

    Yeah, wow, package service is going to save the USPS, eh ?

    What a clown show.

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