Carper Questions Brennan’s Appointment as Postmaster General

sen-tom-carperIn a statement lauding outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe for his service, Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) at the same time questioned the choice of Postal Service COO Megan Brennan as Donahoe’s successor.

”At a time when the future of the Postal Service is unclear, largely because of Congress’s inability to agree on a comprehensive reform bill, it’s important that the Board of Governors has the best person it can find to take the helm,” Carper said in a statement issued last Friday, the day Brennan’s appointment was announced. “I am eager to learn more about the Board’s process to find a new Postmaster General and hope that it conducted a robust and thorough search before appointing Ms. Brennan.”

Carper also expressed concern about a quorum on the Postal Board of Governors, a body designed to include nine members that currently seats only four. He warned that, if five pending nominees to the board are not confirmed by the Senate before December 8, it would not be able to conduct business, leaving postal management to act without its oversight.

“More than ever, the Postal Service needs bold leadership that will enable [it] to emerge from its current difficulties, pursue promising new ideas, foste

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4 thoughts on “Carper Questions Brennan’s Appointment as Postmaster General

  1. Does seem a tad quick in the announcement of Ms. Brennan but with the
    inept congress we are all having to deal with does it make a difference?
    How many years have we been waiting for a reform bill. Unfortunately,
    congress makes the PMG look like their puppett. ” I have to check with
    daddy first to see if it’s okay”. Look, everybody knows that if the greedy
    Congress could let go of this incredibly stupid Bush mandate of 2006
    of the postal service paying 5.5 billion a year for the next 75 years to
    pay for retiree health care that had been healthy from the start we
    would’nt be having this conversation. The boys in Washington have
    illusive tongues when attempting to logically answer why it’s needed
    other then for the cash cow it was intended for. Let’s not forget the
    ousted second leading member of the republican house Eric Cantor
    who famously wanted to put this money into the depleted transportation
    fund! So, they sit up there and want you to believe it’s necessary when it’s
    not. We could have passed a reform bill with the removal of this idiotic
    greedy underlying intentions bill and been well on our way to financial
    independence with no need for facility closings or job losses. Instead
    Mr. Issa and his cronies only get more powerful with the mid term results
    which is very dangerous for middle class workers like postal employee’s
    who are under the thumb of individuals who set the rules in their favor
    in congress such as wealth, free health care, free education for their
    children, and until a law was recently pass it was legal for them to
    participate in insider trading! Let’s not forget the lobbyists and all
    the hand greasing that goes on behind closed doors as well as the
    fortune five hundred companies who donate large sums of money
    to individual needs, party affiliation campaigns, etc! etc! Hold onto
    your wallets and pocketbooks people because the repukes will be
    coming for it!

  2. This senator is making way to much sense. He must not understand the brain trust of the USPS, for if it makes sense they (USPS) must go the opposite direction. Besides Issa has applied for the General job.

  3. just shows you how clueless congress really is…………..brennen followed donehoe up the greased pole like she had her head stuck up his a**. forget this Carper clown…..I would like to see Darrell Issa investigate this bimbo. we need a Donald Trump type, not bozo the clown.

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