Catalog Mailers Back House Oversight Committee’s New Postal Reform Bill

Major Mailing Organization Backs House Oversight Committee’s New Postal Reform Bill; Urges Immediate Passage

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The American Catalog Mailers Association wholeheartedly endorses the just-released Postal Service Reform Act of 2017, a critical milestone toward resolving the health of our nation’s Postal Service, which drives some 7.5 million jobs and $1.4 trillion in commerce. The bill was introduced by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on January 31st.acma


“We are delighted with the progress to resolve an enormous problem that only Congress can solve, and the House seems intent on doing just that,” says Bob Runke, ACMA’s Vice Chairman and CEO of Barco Products. “We commend Chairman Chaffetz, Ranking Member Cummings and the bipartisan co-sponsors for all their hard work in the past session and their leadership in the new Congress.”

The ACMA believes that by gaining bipartisan support from Congress, as well as Postal Service management, its labor unions and the mailing community, this bill can truly make a difference to jobs in America while protecting critical infrastructure that all Americans rely on.

“Passage of this bill is vital for the future survival of our Postal Service,” says the ACMA’s President & Executive Director Hamilton Davison. “Absent Congressional action, users of the mail will face increasing uncertainty that will drive business out of the mail and effectively force unprecedented taxpayer support to keep the USPS afloat – and nobody wants that.” Since 1971, the US Postal Service has been fully funded by postage. It receives no taxpayer funding.

“We sincerely hope the House of Representatives will quickly push this bill forward,” Davison adds. “It has been studied, vetted, positively scored and is clearly good for all interests. Congress must demonstrate this is not business as usual and get this commonsense legislation passed into law.”

5 thoughts on “Catalog Mailers Back House Oversight Committee’s New Postal Reform Bill

  1. I agree with the above post. Catalogs clutter up my mail box everyday. The Postal Service should increase the mailing price on businesses that mail these catalogs. They get off cheap on postal rates. If they want to go to a different company to have their junk delivered then I say go for it. Having catalogs thrown in my driveway fit just fine in my garbage can just like it does from my mailbox.

  2. At the very least current retired postal employee’s should be grandfathered into the existing FEHB. After all the Postal Service has already paid billions into the prefund mandate from 2006. This would be more than enough money to cover existing retirees.Employee’s who have 10 years or more before being eligible to retire would have time enough to plan for Medicare integration. Bottom line HR 756 should be scrapped. It’s not a good piece of legislation!

  3. This bill is not good to retired employees or medicare and taxpayers. Whatever monies Congress and the Postal Service think they are saving will only increase Medicare debt! This is clearly spelled out in the CBO report.

  4. Of course the American Catalog Mailers are endorsing the new reform bill, the bill basically keeps their mailing prices low (sometimes cheaper than it costs the USPS to process their mail!) And it does this on the backs of retired Postal workers that have worked their 30+ year career only to get screwed by this bill!! Chairman Chaffetz and the House Oversight committee have listed the benefits to this bill which states a $2.2 Billion savings… absolute lie! The CBO has given this change a “revenue neutral” rating, meaning it saves USPS $2.2B BUT COSTS MEDICARE $2.2 FOR THE MANDATE! So basically nothing is saved and ends up kicking USPS retirees out of the plans that all other federal retirees enjoy in retirement, a benefit I might ad that all USPS retirees worked 30+ years to earn! The other benefit it lists is that it improves Employee Health Care, if this improves the Health Care system so much why doesn’t all of FEHB plans change over to this??? The plain truth is that this will forever change the USPS healthcare plan choices and will be cost rated using a smaller “pool” instead of all federal workers, so the costs will go up dramatically and of course the extra cost of Medicare!! This is a disaster for USPS retirees and everyone should contact their Senators in opposition to this bad Postal Reform Bill, AKA H.R. 756!!

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