OPM Disability Retirement: Securing a Future

By Federal Disability Attorney Robert R. McGill Change is an inevitable feature of life. It is always difficult to accept the vicissitudes which interrupt the security found in the daily routine of work, family and social events, if only to get together with neighbors or sometime-acquaintances for an evening to forget the daily toils of […]

Former CSAC member endorses Former PMG’s criticism of stamp program

A former member of the United States Postal Service’s Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee has endorsed former postmaster general Benjamin Bailar’s criticism of the current stamp program. Cary Brick, a former congressional staffer who left the committee last year, said in an Aug. 7 statement that he also fears marketing officials are having too much influence […]

Editorial: Postal Workers – Divided and On the Fast Track to Being Conquered

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies By Fredric Jacobs, Oakland Local APWU President Many years ago, in a now-defunct comic strip, one of the characters announced, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” In several significant ways that is true for us as postal workers and Union members, as well as the rest […]

Editorial: Keeping the USPS alive

Rep. Tom Latham, R-Iowa, has stated that he will cosponsor an amendment to maintain six-day delivery One way to stop the decline of the Postal Service would be to raise the price of postage, though that could result in fewer items being mailed — explaining the massive popularity of the forever stamp since its release […]

Editorial: Postal Employees face multiple workplace health hazards not covered by media

This is an old editorial posted on PostalReporter.com several years ago but it is still relevant today as it pertains to Postal Clerks–and postal workers in general. In an article last year from the Federal Times, it stated that Postal work is the most dangerous among federal civilian jobs On June 29, 62-year-old letter carrier […]

Editorial: Why We Need to Support ‘GONE POSTAL -THE DOCUMENTARY’

Through the opportunity to work with Jay Galione, and Sheila Dvorak for a little more than a five-minutes on their project, I must proclaim that they are the lead activists of a very professional production team bringing much needed light to a business culture where working conditions can be rewarding, and at the same time […]

Staples store invaded by postal protesters

Portland Communities and Postal Workers United www.StopStaples.com June 20, 2014 Dozens of protesters, carrying signs and banners, stormed a local Staples this afternoon and attempted to present a petition, signed by 500 Portland residents who have pledged to boycott the office supply stores. When management of the store on NE 122nd off Glisan refused to […]

Editorial: USPS Gearing Up for Contract Talks

Washington DC– With less than nine (9) months before negotiations begin over a new contract, management is signaling probable targets for hard bargaining. On the bargaining table will likely be health benefits, pay, leave, holidays and work flexibility. The current collective bargaining agreement covering hours, wages and working conditions for over 200,000 postal workers expires […]

Working until age 80 due to lack of retirement savings could represent the future

Here is an interesting article on retirement from May 2014: During his 26 years at a packaging company in Charlotte, N.C., Pat Baines climbed the ladder to become plant manager and then a vice-president. When a new company took over and asked Pat to transfer to a job in California, he chose early retirement, at […]