APWU: Unemployment Compensation And The National Reassessment Process

Injured employees who undergo the National Reassessment Process (NRP) and are told by the Postal Service either that there is only partial day work available or that there is no work available, should consider filing for unemployment compensation. This temporary financial assistance can serve as an important monetary bridge during the time that an employee […]

USPS Statement for Response to Media Inquiries Only Regarding the National Reassessment Process

The non-tax supported U.S. Postal Service views the safety and well being of its employees as its top priority. In situations where employees have been injured on the job, we make every attempt to provide necessary work that meets their physical limitations until they are able to return to their regular work assignment. These jobs […]

Update: EEO Class Action For Postal Employees Placed Under National Reassessment Process

A class action complaint for injured on duty postal employees was certified by an EEOC Administrative Judge (AJ) on May 30,2008. In the case of (Read article from February 17, 2009) Sandra McConnell, et al. v. United States Postal Service an AJ decision certified the following class: All permanent rehabilitation employees and limited duty employees […]