Protesters storm Staples store, demand an end to postal contract

12.14.14 Dozens of protesters picketed a local Staples office supply store today, marching through the store chanting “the U.S. mail is not for sale” and “postal Staples has got to go” to demonstrate their grievances. The store manager refused to accept a petition signed by 1,500 Portland residents concerned about privatization of their postal services. […]

APWU: Arbitrator awards USPS maintenance employees $8.64 million

APWU: Maintenance Craft Wins $8.64 Million Remedy for Improper Subcontracting According to Steven G. Raymer, National APWU  Director, Maintenance Division and : Short Summary of the 18 year grievance: National Arbitrator Shyam Das ruled that evidence presented in arbitration supports a finding maintenance bargaining unit employees had the skill and capability to install  cabling for […]

USPS Still On GAO's High Risk List

The Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) today released its biennial “High Risk Series” report. The report identifies those agencies most at risk of waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement, or in need of reform. The U.S. Postal Service’s long-term outlook remains on the GAO’s high-risk list. The GAO first placed USPS on the high-risk list in April 2001 […]

Fight Against Subcontracting Takes Center Stage at APWU Motor Vehicle Services Pre-Convention

Motor Vehicle Services Division delegates discussed several urgent topics at their pre-convention conference Aug. 21 and 22. At the top of the agenda was discussion of the pilot program that established flexible work rules and flexible schedules as part of the union’s efforts to ward off subcontracting. “The Motor Vehicle Division is under attack,” said […]

APWU Wins Important Maintenance Subcontracting Grievance

APWU News The union won a major victory against subcontracting Feb. 10, when Arbitrator Shyam Das directed the USPS to assign Maintenance Craft employees to maintain computers at approximately 8,000 of the nation’s largest associate offices. The arbitrator also instructed management and the union to discuss the possibility of assigning additional computer maintenance work at […]

APWU-Backed Bill Would Require Bargaining Over Subcontracting APWU-Backed Bill Introduced in Congress; Legislation Would Require Bargaining Over Subcontracting The APWU won a significant victory on Nov. 15, when Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) introduced legislation that would require the Postal Service to bargain with postal unions before making a commitment to significant subcontracting. H.R. 4236 would require the USPS to submit to […]

Burrus To Senate: USPS on Path to Privatization

APWU News The USPS “has begun to travel resolutely down the road of privatization,” APWU President William Burrus told a Senate subcommittee on July 25, “without authorization from Congress” — or the American people. The subcontracting of postal work, he warned, “is just one aspect of a dangerous trend: the wholesale conversion of a vital public […]