Candidate asks court to hold 20-year lawsuit against NALC officers until results of election

The election for a number of hotly contested NALC national officer positions is underway. Ballots were mailed out to members last week and must be received by 9 AM on Monday, October 20, 2014 in order to be counted. In previous years the NALC election of National officers has been held without any fanfare. But this […]

USPS stops curbside mail delivery and wants cluster mailboxes installed

Lehigh Valley residents moving into new housing developments soon could find themselves trekking much farther than the curb to retrieve mail. After receiving mail for a week upon moving into the Maple Shade Estates development in July, his mail delivery suddenly stopped. The U.S. Postal Service, under a cost savings plan, told residents it would […]

He’s the whole package – mailman and friend

He’s the whole package – mailman and friend A good mailman is like a crackerjack barber: You hope you die or leave town before they do. Alex Dang is a good mailman, except that, in retiring after 47 years with the Postal Service, he’s breaking hearts along the avenues, courts and ways of Stockdale Estates: […]

Video: Postal worker ‘laughs hysterically’ trying to run over person

BELLEVUE, Wash. — A postal service worker has been arrested for trying to run over someone who was documenting the worker’s offensive behavior toward another person, Bellevue police said. It all began just after 11 a.m. out front of Phantom Lake Elementary School. The victim was waiting in his car to pick up his child […]

Army mailrooms cutting down on ‘junk mail’

Around 1.5 billion pieces of official and personal mail are processed through military mail rooms annually, serving nearly 3 million service members and civilians Defense Department wide. An estimated 75 percent of commercial mail going to these installations is undeliverable, mainly because the address of the recipient has changed. Much of it ends up in […]

American Stamp Dealers Association Celebrates 100th Anniversary

American Stamp Dealers Association 100th Anniversary National Postage Stamp Show scheduled for October 23-26, 2014 at the Hilton New York Ushering in its 65th Annual National Postage Stamp Show, the American Stamp Dealers Association will unveil a new era in its fall New York event with an array of “firsts”. The show is scheduled for […]

Video: From Your House To Grandma’s-How Mail Gets Sorted & Delivered

GREENSBORO, NC — How many miles do USPS mail carriers and truck drivers cover in a year? 3.2 Billion! Over 212,000 vehicles are used to make deliveries! But before the mail can be shipped – it’s gotta be organized and that’s where this week’s Kids Want To Know question comes into play.