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The Postal Service is taking new steps to grow its package business, part of a broader effort to attract new customers and boost revenue.

“Make no mistake: The Postal Service is committed to growth. We’re doing everything in our power to build our business and increase our volumes, and packages are a big part of the equation,” said PMG Pat Donahoe.

The Postal Service plans to adjust Priority Mail prices in the fall, including reducing rates for high-volume mailers, as well as small businesses and others who ship online. On July 1, USPS notified the Postal Regulatory Commission of the changes, which are slated to take effect Sept. 7. Continue reading ‘USPS takes steps to grow package business’ »

National Postal Worker Day is annually celebrated on July 1st. This is a day to appreciate and thank the numerous men and women that work consistently and diligently to help us send and receive all of our mail and packages. These employees suffer some of the harshest working conditions, yet continue to persevere six days a week. Continue reading ‘National Postal Workers Day’ »

The Postal Service is offering buyouts and early retirement options to more than 3,000 postmasters before it proceeds with a reduction-in-force (RIF) in early 2015.

Postmasters will get $10,000 if they choose to resign or if they take an early or optional retirement option, according to documents emailed to employees by the Postal Service over the last few days. Those who take the incentives will leave the Postal Service Sept. 30, 2014.

The incentive payment will be paid out December 5, 2014.

Employees have until August 18 to decide on early retirements. RIF notices will be sent out on October 15 and employees will receive retirement annuity estimates in the next few day

Postal Service offers postmasters early retirements ahead of RIFs

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USPS is offering voluntary early retirement to Postmasters in EAS-16 Post Offices and Below and EPM 51- 55 Post Offices.

Key dates include the official mailing to all impacted Postmasters, the annuity estimates, VER package, POStPlan memo which includes the implementation timeline. These impacted Postmasters only who qualify for Optional or VER retirement have another decision to make as the VER window period is from 6/30/2014 – 8/18/2014 with a VER effective date of 9/30/2014. There is a $10,000 incentive for the early retirement but it is only for those impacted Postmasters who qualify for Optional or VER retirement.


According to Linn’s Stamp News, the stamp will be released this August and will feature the singer smiling and wearing shades surrounded by a psychedelic background and lettering evoking the popular font of the Sixties. Continue reading ‘USPS reveals design of Janis Joplin forever stamp’ »

usps-f69Info on revision of USPS PS Form 991

Prior to the implementation of eCareer in 2007, PS Form 991, Application for Promotion and Assignment, was used primarily for nonbargaining vacancies. Now the PS Form 991 is revised for bargaining employees (only) to use when applying or bidding for a position for which they are required to describe their quali­fications (for example, when the selection method is “best qualified”). Continue reading ‘USPS revises PS Form 991 for use by bargaining employees’ »

apwulogo213June 30, 2014 – The APWU today denounced plans by the Postal Service to resume the closure and consolidation of up to 82 mail processing plants beginning in January 2015.

“This is a direct assault on service to the people of the country, on postal workers and on the Postal Service’s own network,” said union President Mark Dimondstein. The closure of the plants will require the USPS to degrade service standards and delay mail.

“We need a Postmaster General who will champion the Postal Service. Instead, PMG Donahoe is on a rampage to destroy it,” he said. Continue reading ‘PMG Declares War on Service: APWU to Launch Vigorous Campaign Against Plant Closures, Consolidations’ »

Akron, OH, Letter Carrier Lorne Talley

Akron, OH, Letter Carrier Lorne Talley

Akron, OH, Letter Carrier Lorne Talley was on his route when he noticed children crowding around a woman, who was on the ground near a middle school.

Talley ran over and determined the woman was experiencing respiratory distress. After calling 911, he began to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation and stayed with the woman until emergency responders arrived.

If Talley had not given the woman CPR, she wouldn’t have survived, emergency responders said.

After the incident, Talley continued with his route


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NPMHU_logo(June 30, 2014)  The Union was notified this afternoon that the Postal Service plans to reinstitute the “Network Rationalization Plan” starting next year, in January 2015.  You will recall that many of the plant closings and consolidations were put on hold earlier this year, in February 2014, when the Postal Service announced in the Federal Register that it was suspending any further implementation of its changes to service standards.

This news is very disturbing, and continues a pattern of foolhardy actions by the USPS in a misguided “cut to survive” strategy that will ultimately lead to the demise of the Postal Service.  It also represents the Service’s latest attempt to threaten Members of Congress with adverse consequences in their home districts if the Postmaster General does not get the legislation he is supporting. Continue reading ‘USPS announces plans to resume plant closings and consolidations’ »

USPS-PDF-SignThe Postal Service will continue the network rationalization of its mail processing operations next year, PMG Pat Donahoe announced today.

Up to 82 facilities will be consolidated beginning in January 2015 and concluding prior to the fall mailing season. The changes are expected to generate $750 million in annual savings.

“The Postal Service has recorded substantial losses over the last three years and continues to see steep declines in First-Class Mail volume and revenue. As a result, we find ourselves with excess capacity in the network and few alternatives to reduce costs. Our operating costs are continuing to increase, and our debt and other liabilities threaten our financial viability,” Donahoe said in a video message to employees. Continue reading ‘USPS to resume consolidations next year for up to 82 facilities’ »

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 along ideological lines Monday that home-care workers in Illinois do not have to pay dues to public employees unions.

Courtroom-of-the-US-Supreme-CourtThe opinion by Justice Samuel Alito was a narrow loss for organized labor. It did not overrule the court’s “agency shop” precedent applying to all public employee unions.

The challenge to the mandatory union dues, brought by eight home-care workers in Illinois, represented the biggest labor case to come before the court this term — putting at potential risk the future viability of public employee unions.

For decades, the law has allowed unions to collect dues from all private or public employees they are required to represent. Those who object don’t have to contribute to political or lobbying activities, but they must chip in for the unions’ efforts in fighting for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

The home-care workers in Harris v. Quinn served individuals with disabilities through the federal-state Medicaid program. They argued they should not have to pay dues for the state’s contract with the Service Employees International Union, even though the union is required to represent them and they benefit from its services.

The workers, who were represented in court by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, contended that public employee unions are engaged in lobbying the government, often on issues the workers oppose. That implicates their First Amendment rights because the union speaks for them.

Supreme Court issues narrow ruling against labor unions