Video: Fresno thieves using stolen info from card skimming scam to buy postage stamps

5/23/16 FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A card-skimming scam is tricking victims at gas pumps. And now police say the thieves are using stolen information to buy postage stamps. According to Fresno Police, a Kwik Serve at Shaw and West Avenues and a Shell station near Figarden Drive and Bullard Avenue were card skimming targets. With […]

Two Postal Workers, 14 others indicted for stealing over $10 million in treasury checks from Atlanta mail facility

Theft of over $10 million in United States Treasury checks from a United States Postal Facility in Atlanta Eight Individuals Arrested, Five in Custody, Sixteen Indicted April 23, 2015 ATLANTA, GA – Sixteen defendants have been indicted for stealing over $10 million in U.S. Treasury checks from the mail and then cashing them at Walmart, […]

Man’s Identity Stolen When Mail Is Fraudulently Forwarded

1/9/2015 – A resident reported to Wheaton police that someone filled out a fraudulent change of address form and had his mail forwarded to Miami, FL, reports said. Police said the resident received a notice from the U.S. Postal Service security division confirming a recent “change of address” request. The resident was advised that the […]

Alabama Clerk Sentenced to Prison For Role In Tax Refund Fraud using corrupt letter carrier

Alabama Letter Carrier Sentenced to 111 months in Prison For His Role In a Tax Refund Scheme Alabama Medical Clerk Sentenced to Prison for Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud Scheme that Involved Corrupt U.S. Postal Service Employee 12.18.14 – An Alabama woman was sentenced today to serve 70 months in prison for her involvement in […]

Ex-Postal Worker sentenced in $1 million Tax Refund fraud scheme

Former U.S. Postal Worker and Others Sentenced for Fraudulent Income Tax Refund Scheme 12.16.14  ATLANTA, Georgia – Kenneth Campbell, a/k/a “Scrilla,” Corey Thomas, a/k/a “Lil Corey,” Adrian Bridges, Juarez Johnson, Justin Cody, a/k/a “Decatur Slim,” and Aeshia Wilmore have been sentenced for their roles in a $1 million fraudulent income tax refund scheme. “Identity theft […]

NJ Man charged with mailing fraudulent invoices to over 73,000 schools and colleges

Camden, NJ – A Franklinville, New Jersey, man was arrested on October 16, 2014 by federal agents of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service for allegedly mailing fraudulent invoices for non-existent workbooks to more than 70,000 schools throughout the United States, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced. Robert S. Armstrong, 44, was charged by complaint with […]

USPS: Customers should know the facts about COA services

USPS wants customers to know they may be paying too much for change of address (COA) services at non-postal websites. Some sites charge as much as $40 to register new addresses. Others charge nominal fees upfront before tacking on hefty charges later, according to recent news reports. Consumers often find the sites while searching for […]

Postal Employees urged to report suspected contract fraud to USPS OIG

USPS manages approximately $29 billion in postal contracts, including agreements with vendors that provide the Postal Service with information technology services, cleaning supplies and more. Given the sheer volume and value of these deals, fraud can happen. Common schemes include false claims and statements, such as failing to provide goods and services according to the […]

Victim of money-order scam wants refund but USPS delaying payment

JOSEPH HIGHTOWER says U.S. postal investigators agree he got ripped off last year when he bought a $600 money order to pay his rent. But no one in the Postal Service can tell Hightower when he’ll be refunded the cash he paid to a postal worker at the 30th near Chestnut Street branch on Nov. […]

Couple sentenced for stealing more than 50,000 pieces of mail in 80 Texas cities

Temple Couple Sentenced To Federal Prison For Postal Theft Scheme Involving In Excess Of 50,000 Pieces Of United States Mail More than 2,000 individuals victimized as a result of the duos’ scheme (October 8, 2014) In Waco today, 39-year-old Charles Hattenbach and 29–year-old Kathryn Hubbert were sentenced to 81 months and 48 month in federal […]