USPS to deploy new app to monitor all transportation data

July 12, 2016 – USPS will replace TIMESWeb, the application used to monitor highway contract routes and postal vehicle transportation, later this year. SVWeb, the new application, will incorporate all transportation data into one database and offer full visibility of the transportation network and container movement. The application will be available to all processing operations […]

Alert Postal Worker help authorities uncovered identify theft scam

From USPS News Link: 5/26/16 West Alexandria, OH, Retail Associate Kelly Haynes was approached recently by a new customer at the office. The customer inquired about a Priority Mail Express package due to arrive that day. Since the package had not arrived yet, Haynes asked the man where the parcel was addressed so it could […]

New FEHB option available to employees this year

You’ll have a new option when choosing your health coverage during this year’s open season: Self Plus One. If you’re currently enrolled in a Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) coverage plan, you’ve always had the option of choosing Self Only or Self and Family for your coverage. Self Plus One offers coverage for you and […]

USPS continues use of Lobby Assistants to serve customers faster

The Postal Service is continuing to use lobby assistants to better serve retail customers who require simple transactions. The program is part of the organization’s broader effort to strengthen customer service. Since lobby assistants were introduced a few years ago, they’ve helped reduce wait times and boosted scores on Retail Customer Experience surveys, which measure […]

Alaska Postal Employee trains Special Olympics athletes, set record lifting 716 pounds

Power player Postal Employee’s avocation shifts career, life trajectory Alaska District employee Mark Eppihimer unlocked a wealth of strengths when he got into power lifting a decade ago. “I thought it might be fun to do some strength training,” he said. “After about five years, I decided to do it competitively.” Eppihimer — 6’3”, 300 […]

USPS Arizona District strengthens training for City Carrier Assistants (CCAs)

August 4, 2015 Arizona District has strengthened training for city carrier assistants (CCAs), employees who fill in for regular carriers on their routes and perform other mail delivery and collection tasks. The program offers newly hired CCAs hands-on experience before they’re assigned to a unit to deliver mail. “[The curriculum] has greatly improved the retention […]

Wyoming postal employee honored for prizefighting past

July 17, 2015 Before Cheyenne, WY, Letter Carrier Stephan Martinez became known for his crisp uniforms and friendly service, he had a reputation for fancy footwork and a powerful punch. Martinez, a prizefighter in his youth, was recently inducted into the Midwest Golden Gloves Hall of Fame. The news surprised co-workers and customers alike. “They […]

Hero: Mississippi postal worker’s quick thinking, fast feet saves child

July 7, 2015 – Quick thinking, fast feet save child Florence, MS, Rural Carrier Charles Anderson recently stopped by a store after work and saw a woman running through a nearby field. She looked upset and flustered, and Anderson soon realized why: The woman was trying to catch a small child who was chasing a […]

USPS: Nation’s oldest catalog still going strong

Catalogs are making a comeback — but don’t tell that to Hammacher Schlemmer, whose mailings never went away. The prestigious retailer of high-tech gadgets and unusual products mails about 60 million catalogs each year. The publication debuted in 1881, making it the nation’s longest-running catalog. “There is no [better] mechanism to get your brand in […]

USPS to end support for BlackBerry devices

The Postal Service is ending support for its BlackBerry devices, so employees who still use them must switch to another smartphone. “As the Postal Service continues to make strides to become an increasingly mobile workforce, the BlackBerry just does not provide us with the flexibility we need,” said Enterprise Access Infrastructure Manager Brian Carnell. The […]