CAUGHT ON TAPE: Charlotte NC postal worker tosses package to front door

9/12/2017 CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Action 9 obtained a video of a postal worker in the university area throwing a customer’s package to the front door.

The customer said he’s gotten mail damaged, late, or not at all, and the latest incident was an example. He didn’t want to go on camera, but neighbors did.


After the report aired, other customers complained too. They posted more than 100 comments on Stoogenke’s Facebook page.

Former and current postal employees contacted Action 9, not to dispute the allegations, but to agree with them. They said customers were right and blamed management.

About a week later, Stoogenke met up with postal workers as they held a rally demanding better working conditions and better service.


Charlotte Area Local Research & Education Director Shenita Bost, Charlotte Area Local member Roxanne Graham, APWU Vice President Szeredy and Charlotte Area Local Legislative Director Cindy Foster at a protest against job and service cuts in Charlotte, NC.

“If we don’t have the staffing to process it, we process it late,” Tony Wilson, with the American Postal Workers Union, said at the time. “It gets to your local post office late, your letter carriers get on the street late, so it’s all tied in.”


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2 thoughts on “CAUGHT ON TAPE: Charlotte NC postal worker tosses package to front door

  1. I would like to see any supervisor, postmaster, district manager or anybody else who thinks delivering mail is a simple pie job to complete any regular city route or rural route in 12 hours! Now that’s the video I’m waiting on!

  2. Postal employee’s actions reflects the stress caused by bad, incompetent, stay on your back management. I would like anybody to attempt to deliver a route in one day. Most new hires never complete a route and most quit after a day or two. Starting pay keeps getting lower along with the benefits while the responsibilities, duties and stress get higher and higher. You have no idea until you wear a carriers shoes what’s going on inside the Post office.

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