Co-Workers defend Postal Worker indicted on assaulting USPS supervisor

Co-Workers defend Postal Worker indicted on assaulting USPS supervisor

USPS supervisor with injuries to her face after the attack. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

USPS worker indicted; coworkers defend suspect

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) -A United States Postal Service worker has been indicted on assault charges. Police said Richard Martin attacked a USPS supervisor while at work Saturday.

Some postal workers spent Tuesday defending Martin and decrying what they call bad management at the United States Postal Service Office in Downtown Memphis. “It’s like their way or no way,” Memphis bulk mail center worker Bonita Tate said. “Belittle the employees, act like they own the company,” USPS employee Wanda Jackson said.

Supervisor Regina Todd said Martin came into her office and started screaming racial slurs at her before he punched her and hit her with a chair.

“It was really scary. I thought he was going to kill me,” Todd said. “I feel horrible because all I do is try to do my job.”

However, some workers at the post office said there is more to the story. Workers are frustrated and said they have issues with postal management.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

source: WMC-TV

U.S. Postal Service Employee Indicted for Assaulting Supervisor

rm3Memphis, TN – A United States Postal Service employee has been indicted for assaulting a colleague while at work. Edward L. Stanton III, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, announced the indictment today.

According to the indictment, on January 23, 2016, Richard Martin, 59, of Memphis, knowingly and forcibly assaulted a U.S. Postal Service employee. The assault reportedly occurred while the defendant and the victim were at work.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, Martin was indicted on one count of assault on a federal officer or employee. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000.

This case is being investigated by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Hall is prosecuting this case on the government’s behalf.

The charges and allegations contained in the indictment are merely accusations, and the defendant is considered innocent unless and until proven guilty.

96 thoughts on “Co-Workers defend Postal Worker indicted on assaulting USPS supervisor

  1. I delivered mail for28 years. I was a shop steward in 3 stations. Most people who go into management do it as soon as they can to get out of the grueling work. They don’t carry mail long enough to master it, at all. In management, all they want to do is kiss their bosses asses and give orders and boss us around until we leave for the street, after which they focus on fudging the numbers and gossiping. One boss told me once ” would like to beat the shit out of you”. Another time, a boss told me “If I catch you off duty on the street I will kick your teeth down your throat, you silly, white-ass, redneck motherfucking cracker.” (exact quote) As a steward, I wore them out. Physically, the only thing I ever did to one of those assholes was to spill just a bit of water on his shirt, accidently, on purpose, when no one was around.

  2. US Postal Circus is a joke. sell the place off to UPS/FDX, with 20 Trillion in debt it is just not if but only when. why do you never hear about this happening with those private companies? nepotism/affirmative action is not the fuel that runs UPS, maximizing profit is.

    • Jo Jo, you just trying to skate (yes, that is a pun) by with no knowledge about anything? That stuff happens in private companies just as much as public companies. Are you stupid? The Post Office is not 20 Trillion in debt.

  3. From what I see at the PO, some of the Supervisors need more help than the workers…unqualified in their fields with little or no training just plain idiotic ways of doing things…and I can just about tell you it is the wrong thing that they do…But then again there are the supervisors who know how to manage their people, few but there are some…….

    • I agree with you 100%, except for a few additional things. Postal Management (at least most of them) could not do their jobs in their craft. Secondly the front line supervisors and managers are instructed by higher ups what to do and how to do it. Thirdly postal management does not care about the customers at all, all they care about is the money and bonuses they receive. All of the Unions should stand together to protect heir unions brothers and sisters. Our new Postmaster General probably forgot what it was like working on yhe front lines. All that being said though the worker who assaulted the supervisor deserves what he gets. No one deserves to be assaulted in any way. We are all adults and should act like adults, not little kids. There had to be other avenues this worker could have used.

      • I, for one, as a female Mechanic in a Postal plant completely understand the frustration of having to report to a supervisor who doesn’t qualify for his own job, let alone understand mine. It’s like trying to teach calculus to a common house plant ! I truly have sympathy for anyone who loses their patience with Postal supervision!

  4. I remember writing many letters to the District about their Toxic Managers and Supervisors, I’ve lived through some very untrying days at the hands of no other than the people whom I thought could correct the way some of the Management chose to treat me. I am still waiting to go to court, but I know for myself, no one gives a damn, mainly because it didn’t happen to someone they care for. I often wondered, why not plant people in the different bad Post Offices the see for themselves, the employees are not trying to entertain anyone when they file certain complaints to get help with the bad behavior by some of their Managers/Supervisors. The ones I mostly reported are now fired for doing things they’d probably been doing from the beginning of time, they just got too comfortable, knowing the people in charge of them were not on their jobs. There’s so much more, but it appears, so one might be trying to pay attention now, whcih is always too late. I pray someday, the person in charge would sit on his Butt and read each complaint to it’s fuliest, before automatically blaming the craft employees and when they find Toxic Management, get their Butts out of those positions and place them in the same situation they place the craft employees in. Enough said, this really makes my stomach hurt, to remember the days when Management made me so angry until all I could do was go into the restroom and try to hold my stomach which hurt me so bad until I found myself sitting on that nasty floor trying to throw up something that wasn’t there, I still have these pains and I still have nightmares at times when I think of moving to Georgia to succome this Modern Day Slavery treatment. I pray this Employee don’t lose his job, because I know from the management position, theres a bunch of exaggeration going on.

    • I’ve wrote several letters about the wrong doing of the postal service with no response period. They treat you wrong and then. Retaliate against you for opening your mouth and complaining. I was a victim on my assignment where I was hit in the face just like a supervisor by another coworker they fired both of us I didn’t get one lick and never once 6 witness statement stipulated that she beat me to the ground and stop me in my stomach and my face to bone fractures and a concussion to my head and I was immediately put on emergency placement where they’re retaliating against me because a favor her over me.

  5. Violence against any employee is one of the few ways for a Postal employee to lose their job. Don’t fall into that trap. There are many other options that should be employed.

  6. They dig deep and twist the knife tearing your soul to pieces. Years of abuse and being degraded. It’s something we all go through no matter gender, color, preference, etc. I worked at the Memphis P&DC for 11 yrs. They tore my heart and soul to pieces! The hatred is REAL! I payed for what every white Man did to those in past and present. I wish it on none. I pray for all that hold that kind of hatred in their being. God chose for me to witness what so many have. I have forgiven them and it has made me a better person. I pray that all the hatred that God knows are in their hearts be healed. I chose to leave that God forsaken place! I am a SURVIVOR and I may have been broken but now I am healed! Hatred be gone! Good riddance and maybe this will open many an eye! People hate how they have been treated but to do the same to others is exactly what shouldn’t be done. I’ve seen from the inside. Many will judge this situation without knowing. It’s surely not as innocent as it may seem. He snapped and it was wrong! He didn’t do it simply because he is a crazed mad man. So instead of judging, please pray for solidarity and to end the cycle of HATRED!

  7. All of your comments are interesting and for those of you that have or do work for the USPS you would probably have some first hand knowledge of the abuses doled out by supervisors but I have not seen one comment regarding the fact that this obviously large 59 year old “man” assaulted a tiny women who looks to be in her late 60s. Does not matter what color either of them are. He is scum for assaulting a woman no matter what the circumstances.

    • In everything you read within the Postal System, you see the employee referred to as a resource . That tells you how a lot (not all) of management feels . The problem is incurred when emotion is allowed to take control and assaults occur . When your friend or workplace associate talks to you about a complaint, someone that can resolve the issue (first the union) should be brought into it . If that doesn’t work, law suits are always an option, but when we allow ourselves to react like wild animals and take the situation into our own hands , no good can come of the situation . I had opportunities to fight during my employment, but I knew it wouldn’t resolve anything , so I allowed someone to berate me verbally .I can’t promise you that it wouldn’t have gone very wrong if I’d been hit,, but thanks be to God that didn’t happen .

  8. I, for one, can understand how that employee became so angry. Just look at the Postal clerk that was injured at the Oakland mail building in 2014. How long did it take for the Postal Police to call 911. From what I’ve seen 20 minutes ! The clerk died later. Twice the Department of Labor turned down the widow’s claim. It wasn’t until a television station in Oakland, CA. ran a story that the Department of Labor approved the claim. The employee isn’t thought of as a human being, only as a source of cheap labor. Just a disposable employee, something to be thrown away when not needed!

  9. Reading all the comments from those around the United States concerning the issue with the employee who attacked his supervisor. 1st and foremost, NO ONE should ever be attacked physically, verbally, emotionally by any one, if so they should be held accountable for their actions. There are rules and regulations when it comes to hostility in the workplace. The issue that I have is, not any of the comments pertain to why do supervisors act the way they do? Is it because they may think they are better than everyone, know the job better than their employees, getting the employee to do a fair days work for a fair days pay? I am on my 31st year as an employee of the postal service, 13 years of the 31 years I spent as a supervisor. I believe every employee should hold a job for 18-24 months as a supervisor in the postal service. They would have a better idea of what a supervisor deals with daily. Curious to know how many employee’s have been asked to be a 204B? What are reasons that employee’s wouldn’t do a management job? The reason I got out of management is because of both upper management (a lot of what was said in the above comments is true), and craft employee’s. I have seen supervisors put each others time in for 10-12 hours a day, that was when supervisors were paid hourly, but only were physically on the job maybe 8 hours a day. Upper-management was notified but nothing was ever done. There were 4 times in my 13 years as a supervisor where the employee was not held responsible for their actions, , upper management felt the supervisor (me) didn’t do his job correctly. Not one individual in upper management backed me. They feel that they can blame the supervisor, so the employee’s can feel like they control the office. Had an 24 year employee, never had an accident, never late, all mail was delivered daily, no matter what the mail volume was, rarely did he use overtime. He had an accident, his fault, upper management, station and district as well as the safety office wanted the carrier fired! I refused to fire him, no discipline was issued to him in his 24 years of service, I agreed and settled on a letter of warning for 2 years with the letter to be reviewed at in 6 months, 12 months and again at 18 months. After the first 6 months the letter of warning was taken out of the file. From that point on, I was classified as craft supervisor. BUT in the 13 year as I supervisor I was given 2 cash awards, numerous letters of appreciation, had only 5 grievances filed against any of my actions . Of those 5, one employee received what he asked for. The only reason he got that is because the Postmaster at the time was on detail and the temporary Postmaster agreed with the union, Postmaster did not ask for any information from me or others concerning the grievance. To this day, that employee thinks he can do what he wants when he wants because of the award give to him. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my job as a supervisor, I would say 90-95 % of the employee’s enjoyed working for me. So many stories I could tell about what was wrong with management, the good things out weighted the bad, but now you put the employees work ethic into the issue of being a supervisor. I asked earlier, “Do you as an employee of the Postal Service do a fair days work for a fair days pay? There are many stories I could tell you about how employee’s respond to doing their daily jobs. Being on time, coming to work, coming to work intoxicated or high on drugs, not reporting accidents, extending their lunch and breaks daily, playing the race card, clocking in and out other employees, not doing want is instructed of them. I had mentioned earlier the 90-95 % of the employee’s enjoyed working with me. That leaves you with 5-10% of the employee’s that didn’t care to work with me, believe or not, the situations about the craft employee’s mention above, 99.999% of those 5-10% of the employee’s caused most if not all problems. We could write a book / movie about the daily lives of postal employee’s, would be a top seller. Again, NO ONE has the right to attack anyone, physically. emotionally, verbally period! I don’t believe there in one employee who can’t say that overall, the Postal Services is and will be a good place to work. Granted, there are issues, every day, right or wrong, but we have been paid well, good benefits, could be better. All we can do is one day at a time. There are people in management and craft that will not change, they will continue to think at they are the best of the best, doing their job correctly. Those people fall into the 5-10% employee category. Have a GREAT POSTAL DAY and GOD BLESS AMERICA! I am not the greatest writer around, but I do believe you understand what I am saying, right or wrong!

    • as union president i agree 5-10% cause most of the problems, i resigned because i couldn’t stand up for people that weren’t doing their jobs!!!

    • I carried the mail for 32 years. Most of the managers I worked for were decent people. The biggest problem the PO has is continuing to let folks who have never done the job make the rules. Local managers have very little ability to manage their own people. They are expected to comply with unrealistic expectations and force their employees to follow rules that are contradictory to the very goals they are expected to achieve. It causes a toxic work environment.

    • you are so right. my carriers backed me up. i worked for 32 years. mostly upper level. but some of supervisors were more interested in ladies as usual.
      in my 32 years i fired 3 people one nte for sleeping on the for drug addiction to whom i gave 4 chances. one for stealing stamps. the rest of the crews i dealed with beautiful people.

    • I would love to work for you No matter where you work there will be issues I work where we have weekly and monthly meetings and have an outsider sitting in this has worked very well for us I wish you the best. We try not to let things fester

    • I understand that so well . I gave up being a steward because all I had to do was hear the pay location and I knew who needed representation . That 5-10% make it rough for everyone, but at some point, their fellow employees need to step up and say something to them , obviously managers are overwhelmed by the task that the majority of them are ill equipped to perform .

  10. Maybe the Postmaster General should do an “undercover boss” segment and find out just how brutal and demeaning USPS supervisors can be. They hire managers who have never performed the job their subjects are performing. My supervisor bullied me claiming I didn’t know how to do my job. I asked him when he was born. He replied, and I told him, “You were three years old when I started carrying mail. How can you say I don’t know how to do my job??” I encourage anyone who is being abused on the basis of race, gender, age or disability to fight, utilizing the EEO process. I did, and won a large settlement and a chance to get the hell away from the USPS.

    • Exactly why I retired before I got fired. I was an exemplary carrier with numerous awards over the years. I told the most horrible boss ever, in all my 35 years, that she was in kindergarten when I started carrying mail & that the only thing she knew about carrying mail was that she was too f—ing lazy to do it!
      I loved my route, my customers & my coworkers, but I could no longer deal with the daily, endless harassment & idiocy.

      I say give this carrier a medal & a statue outside this facility!

      • USPS EEO MEM has many threat against EEO manager the UNIT was placed behind closed doors in 1998. Way before 9/11. Those that practice world’s oldest profession always end up in top position. October every year, there is 3 day Postmaster convention Hot Springs AR. If one, male or female willing 2 play = new promotions. A 2 hr Saturday, from a 7 acres sand hill watermelon farm, Postmaster Relief retired 42 yrs on the job,after 14 postmaster positions. She,allegedly, began in a Hot Springs PM convention 5 ways.

        • Christmas 1983 walking across PNS loading dock, newly promoted manager, hands in pockets, head hanging low, he was troubled – “What Ur problem?” New job not going well ? His reply had just come from bank – That 2 borrow 7 thousand dollars on his house to cover whiskey for front office Christmas Party. Promotion comes @ a price.

  11. Felt like Mr. Martin a few times in my 26 years of employment believe me, and all the stories about EEO complaints have merit but the bottom line is not to get physical. Just glad I retired before I reached that stage!!

    • Supervisor was not attack victim. She has never worn proper workroom floor shoes. She has worm stiletto pencil thin high heels. In her abusive, get in your face management skills, jumped up made aggressive move, tripped on shoes, hit her eye on desk’s corner. She did not turn to PO inspection service, but ‘ran’ 2 WMCTV. She got old, can’t work any longer, can not live on retirement . She’s trying and will go out on medical retirement.

  12. I’ve been a USPS clerk for the past 18 years and I completely agree, there is extreme mismanagement as well lack of knowledge and professionalism within the postal service. However there are avenues that can be taken such as EEO. Often times when management has an EEO case put on them they tend to straighten up. But I have to say in this case that Mr. Martin is 59 and old enough to know better to assault a person In management. And I am especially disappointed that as an older man he assaulted a woman. I know at his age he has be taught about hitting, touching, etc a woman. Oh I’ve gone toe to toe with supervision, I’ve refused to follow a direct order, I’ve even been feed up enough to curse one out but I know better than to put my hands on anyone, anyone. Because in any situation the moment you pass the first lick you become the one at fault no matter what was said. I empathize with Mr. Martin because I’m sure he was fed up but unfortunately I can’t get behind him assaulting a woman!

  13. Many postal supervisors and managers bully their employees knowing they will never be disciplined. File an EEO? What a joke. Management’s standard response is “I don’t recall”. And they get away with that response! I went to my VP about a huge project I ran from Headquarters, but got no credit for and he did NOTHING. Told me my name never came up on the project. WHAT??? I ran the ENTIRE project for my manager. My mid-year review congratulated me on the great job I did running the project and saving millions of dollars but they still gave credit (big raise & promotion) to Pam G who did absolutely nothing. And she accepted credit for work she DID NOT DO! Didn’t even come to meetings. I updated my manager several times a week. Then Pam G got updates from my manager to give to the VP. Then my managers tried to force me to travel for 12 – 16 weeks to get me out of the office so I wouldn’t pursue this. Went to the PMG who promised to look into it. 3 months later I took early retirement because it was affecting my health (very high blood pressure which is now back to normal). I received a letter to be at a meeting regarding the project/bullying a week after it was to occur. After calling to say I was not informed in time, I received a letter in the mail that there was no wrongdoing. No other meeting was set up and management got away with covering up that they awarded the wrong person. This stuff happens all the time and management gets away with it. I am not saying the supervisori in the story deserved what she got but I have seen many managers get away with all kinds of crap.

    • EJ Myself and another coworker had a bad experience with our PM and 204B did the EEO The best thing we did was transfer out of that office. The EEO was a farce. Funny thing in this case the other coworker involved who put me and my coworker friend in trouble has gone from a RCA to a PSE clerk and with in one year made PTF. Also supposedly teaching him to be a 204B. Man has no experience, treat customers horrible makes comments on FaceBook about customers and how stupid they are. My point is just depends who you are. I could never get them to let me 204B or the super job when it was open. Both me and the other coworker who left have worked for the post office since 1995 or so. This other guy/coworker has 1 year RCA one PSE and now 1/2 or 1 year PTF. Again just who you are and if they like you. Now in this case Martin is in the wrong no matter what. Whether he was the clerk or the super would not give him the right to be physically or verbally abusive.

  14. I remember after the Cleveland Postal drug sting, the two Postal Inspectors were fired that were involved. However the Inspector in charge of the Cleveland office, the Postmaster of Cleveland, and the area manager of Cleveland were never disciplined! During the House hearings, under Congressman Clay, the three men admitted that the operation was never supervised. The two Inspectors were allowed to run the sting on their own. As time goes by, nothing ever changes! People in management can do whatever they desire.

  15. I would love to have Richard Martin’s address to send him a few words of encouragement and a few bucks. Can anyone help me? If I sent it to the Memohis post office, do you think they would forward it to him? I think of Richard Martin as a hero and role model for all of us postal employees who deal with Regina Todd’s every day. Even something like this will not open the eyes of postal management. It’s a shame.

    I do like Richard Martin’s mug shot. He probably hasn ‘t been this happy in a long time.

  16. In 37 years of postal service, I met less than 5 managers I respected. I never let them get to me. I just did something that looked a lot like my job, but actually wasn’t, to spite them.

  17. As a former USPS employee I can vouch for the level of unprofessional behavior shown by far too many supervisors . People being promoted with absolutely no idea what actually happens in any given area. Bosses given employees that know what has to be done to get the job finished and then belittle them because they think they know better than employees that have worked the job for decades. It should be a rule that nothing changes when a new supervisor comes in until they know everything about the job. Employees at the USPS have been abused and humiliated for quite some time, but it did seem to get worse daily. God bless the craft workers!

  18. 5 years ago had a male supervisor comment on my breast size and how great I look in my clothes after weight loss and I was told that even though it bothered me “thats how he jokes around”. It just kept getting worse until the point that I was depressed. They never once dsciplined him. Then I had a supervisor throw a package at the back of my head this last year when I was having a rough day. But I was disciplined for my attendance after a miscarriage… Its great pay and great benefits but I almost feel dirty that we take that much abuse for those benefits.

  19. Supervisors are not trained properly. To become a supervisor all you have to is know how to input numbers in a computer. There is no training on how to manage motivate / or communicate with employees. Supervisors should be leading…… one is leading………

  20. Par for the course. Harassed and intimidated to their limits. This is not a isolated situation. Incompetent and unqualified supervisors that don’t have a clue how to work with people and just love to abuse their power and more often than not, racism is involved in some way. These supervisors are protected and most often empowered to abuse their employees by their boss who is also incompetent and unqualified. The USPS has all these great ways to prevent and stop this abuse such as zero tolerance, however, it doesn’t apply to supervisors down. An employee can report abuse from supervisors and it just falls on deaf ears or is just chalked up as not wanting to follow instructions. Action is rarely, if ever, taken against a supervisor. It takes something like this to happen and then it will all be blamed on the employee. How sad that is. The supervisor in this case will most likely get a promotion down the line. I have seen people needlessly pushed to their mental limits, including myself, just for reporting a problem (even a report of first class mail being thrown in the trash). The supervisor in this assault case, as indicted by the accused employee’s peers, was lucky that he didn’t bring in a gun and shoot everyone in sight. I believe he showed quite a bit of restraint. EEO’s can help a little, but those are not even a bandaid, to stop supervisor abuse, harassment and intimidation. EEO’s are basically a joke. What a waste of time and money when they only have to get rid of a worthless supervisor. EAP? Another joke when your supervisor is harassing you. Contacting your Congressman can help, but the USPS will just lie. What I find interesting in this case is that the majority of the complaints against this chair battered supervisor come from black employees. She must really be a USPS liability for that to happen. You have to ask yourself what abuse Richard Martin was subjected to before he broke down. This guy took her crap as long as he could. I’ve been there and it can only be fixed from the top. That will never happen, no matter what it costs the USPS. Makes me sick!

    • Michael your statement that you find it interesting that basically, Black employees speaking against a Black supervisor is surprising. Why? As if Blacks can not be impartial when it comes to others of our own race. That was a bit offensive I’d say. Right is right, wrong is wrong and fair is fair regardless of race. When another “human being” is being mistreated and we witness it we should all speak up regardless of race or ethnicity and that’s what they did! Blessings

  21. there is always more to the story when it comes to supervisors, they do talk down to people, they do think they are gift from God, they are never wrong. Supervisors do cause tension, I have seen it, heard it and I have had to defend myself several times. Postal supervisors can never work at IBM At&T no big corporation would tolerate it. when this supervisor said she doesn’t no way he attacked her is full of Bullsh$t.

    • That’s the truth, I have a boss who belittles me, is mean to me and has embarrassed me in front of customers repeatedly, the union is still working on it

  22. Anyone who works for the USPS has that one or two supervisors/ managers who pushes employees to their limit. They use their management status to threaten, bully, harass & belittle employees. There needs to be some type of extensive training for management on how to handle their employees through communication. I also believe supervisors/managers should be rotated every 2 years to break up the monotony.

    • True, it happened to me. Did over 18 yrs. Had two supervisors did exactly that! Carla Larue and Felicia Howard

  23. To much BULL happens at the management level and when things are no longer TOLERABLE for the employee, and they snap and react, then they want to prosecute. Too many times this happens for the lack of respect on the part of management, when they continiously push, abuse, discriminate, willfully put themeselves and the employees in a situation where tensions is consistenly building up and postal enployess will look for help but MOST OF THE TIME, no help will be forthcoming and will have to defend yourself like if you are in a jungle type of situation. This is a sad story, however, because of my own experieces, I would bet my bottom dollar that she earned what she got!

  24. typical affirmative action promotion with no university education and an IQ of around 80. power goes to their head and post office circles the wagons around these thugs when they go a bridge to far in harassing people for numbers. reminds me of NYPD SGT Tizzi Adoni who was given immunity by loretta lynch, she was supervisor standing over eric garner and said “if you can talk you can breath”……..immunity got her off the hook with the feds, but NYPD has brought her up on charges of “failure to supervise”. should have left her in traffic court. same type of bs goes on in The United States Postal Circus! now you know why the PO has lost over 90 Billion since 2009!

    • Affirmative Action has nothing to do with this, and why does the word “thug” always come up when black people are being referred to?

      • Hmm who is the original “thug” in the history of this good US of A? Need I point the finger?
        If the shoe fits…SF

    • Affirmative Action promotion, really Susie? Wow! Would you have said that if the WOMAN who was assaulted was a white woman? You probably would have been disgraced that he hit a WOMAN as you should be. But no because it was a Black woman you instead play the oh she must not have been qualified to supervise because she’s Black and of course she’s probably uneducated. Sad!
      Because as an employee of the postal service for the last 18 yrs I can easily say there are as many if not more “no university education ” white supervisors who are just as rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. And far as your statement about IQ being 80 what does IQ as a message of intelligence have to do with college education? College education or lack there of has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence! I’m not sure if you work for USPS or not and if so in what state but where I work “affirmative action” has nothing to do with who becomes a member of management. So please try not to bring your racist remarks into the topic, they’re not welcomed! !

      • Cleveland stamp destruction team walked away with $16 million dollar stamp haul. 4 members 2 the ‘street’, reest got promtions.

  25. I,here in Cleveland, have witnessed it first hand how nasty,and dirty management treats employees! I don’t condone violence ,but i understand a person can only take so much abuse by these sorry postal management people who do a very poor job anyway!

      • June ! 1988 PMG Anthony Frank gave Ross Perot USPS. Perot said he could run PO with 250,000 employees. That day 1.5 million on payroll – 11,500 worked @ 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Wash DC. Perot kept PO just long enough make Time mag front page.

  26. The entire agency is corrupt, incompetent, and unprofessional. Nothing they say can ever be believed and its systematic nationwide.

  27. Management really abuse their power. They need to be trained to treat people like people not animals. Management is all about numbers to make themselves look good and maintain bonuses. I have no respect for them especially for managers who either never done the job or have very little experience. I know of a few supervisors who have less time on earth than I have time in service

    • Today’s service leaves a lot to be considered. No matter what, the Post Office will still exist. However, management is one thing that should be privatized. Nepotism, racism, favoritism and the like, are just part of the problem. The workload is so off balance. They work the workers to death and reward the slackers for being regular in attendance! Of course you can come everyday if you don’t do shit when you are there. Our problem is that management can’t seem to make everybody do their fair share. They work you in an environment that is unsafe and when you get injured, you are disciplined. Fair supervisors are moved off the floor. The normal ones like SDO Todd are just moved around. The blank persona seen in Todd’s face in the interview was real, They are totally oblivious to their own madness. I wonder where they get them from. I have worked in five different locations over my 30 years of employment. Two were dreams. I loved my job so much I would work off the clock and look forward to returning the next day. I can’t say what makes a location good or bad but I know that the hostility is a mix of insecurity on the part of managers that have every reason to be insecure along with the disdain of being governed by the spineless, mindless idiots that only function by means of dysfunction. They put all of our lives at risk as they push people to a point of destruction. I had a supervisor that took money from my check to be funny. He hid my time card in his briefcase so that my time had to be manually put in the system. He failed to put my Friday in and when called on it, told me to come in on overtime the next day to remind him to put it in. So when he didn’t show up, I was missing 8 regular hours and 8 hours of OT. I filed a grievance and the chief steward agreed to settle that I be paid for the 8 hours of OT. She didn’t get the fact that I could be disciplined for the regular 8 I missed. Anyway, as we left the step 1 meeting and he was ordered to pay me the 8 hours OT, he leaned into me and said “You’ll whistle for that money!” It will be 20 years in November and I have yet to be paid. I asked him after, why he did me the way he did and he said “Well you know, you are like a doorknob. Everybody gets a turn! I filed an EEO and he admitted in writing that he actually made the inappropriate statement. The agency’s EEOC specialist searched and finally found an idiot to say he heard him say something different and the written admission was out of the door! I just exhale and know that Karma is a b**ch in a coal black dress. I may not be there to see her dance but I know she will. I work for the customer. Through the misuse, abuse, unsafe work environment and especially the hostility. I continue to come under attack. In July I was suspended because a lady had a breakdown behind a manager who said she could not run to the bathroom to avoid working. The lady translated this in her complaint to say the manager told her she couldn’t use the bathroom. She ran to the union and told them she was so fearful that she holds her urine. BS. However, when she was instructed to return to the floor, she was sent to complete what I had been doing for 2 hours prior to her arrival back to the floor. She got upset and threw a fit and while standing in front of me with fists clenched swinging downward toward me. Although she was not acting in violence toward me but in frustration her fists came toward me and as I caught her wrist to keep her from hitting me and she fell into my chest crying, with witnesses present, management turned it around and suspended me for catching her wrists. The Plant Manager said I should have let her hit me but since I touched her I was to be disciplined. I lost 14 days of pay and she was never taken into the office regarding her conduct but was instructed by the manager that she claims to fear, to give a statement stating that I grabbed her and she felt threatened. The union never produced the statement given about the actions that caused her to go off in the first place regarding management bullying her and telling her if she couldn’t take it she needed to get another job. My union settled to hold the 14 day suspension in my file for one year. To hell with the statements that explained what actually happened. They were ignored and I was told that there was not enough room on the Investigative Interview form to state why I grabbed her wrists. Wow! Every time I see this lady or the supervisors that turned it on me, I would throw up. This went on for 3 months and I never lost one pound. The supervisors were not present when the lady had the breakdown but walked up to see a Filipino screaming and a Black on the scene and the rest is their own contrived story! That combined with union reps that have perks to protect left me hanging out to dry. I fear for my life because the stress alone feels like it is killing me. It’s a living even though it is killing! Still…I love my customers! Pray for me and the shred of sanity I fight to hang on to.

      • POSTAL BULLETIN 21811, 3-19-912 Page 3

        We all grieve for the Royal Oak victims, and we sympathize with their families, as we have grieved and sympathized all too often before in
        similar horrifying circumstances.

        Our intention is to make the workplace floor a safer, more harmonious, as well as a more productive workplace. WE pledge our efforts to these objectives.

        /s/ D.C. Nurses Association
        National Association of Postal Supervisors
        Federation of Postal Police Officers
        National Association of Postmasters of the United States
        National association of Letters Carriers
        National League of Postmasters of the United States
        National Postal Mail Handlers Union
        National Rural Letter Carriers Association
        United States Postal Service

        Dated: February 14, 1992

  28. I’m not surprised. Post office condones violence, harassment, and hostile work environments. When craft employees reach out to upper management they get retaliated against

  29. Supervisor always bullying and humiliating the employees .They say they are doing their job but when you have a supervisor pointing their finger in your face and demanding that their computerize number say that five minutes to do something and you know you need more time to do it and when you can not do it in their time ,they give you discipline. So you do it in a hurry you get hurt or have an accident its your fault and get discipline. If you get sick they want you to go to work, if you call in , you are called in the office the next day and get a fact finding and if they do not think you are sick they will give you a letter of warning. If you take too long in the bathroom management wants to know why it took you so long. Someone that has never worked for the Postal Service should go undercover and see how the employees are been treated.

  30. In St Louis,MO management is horrific and treats workers like a dog and constantly threatens good worker’s job with the intent of inconveniencing and jeopardizing their lively hood. Our congress continues to ignore the outcries but wants to prosecute the escalation afterwards. Do better by your workers USPS!!!

  31. I believe the employees because the same problem exsists at our facility LANDC this new style of management has created a very hostile environment its their way or no way some of these so called supervisors(204bs) are just mhas and pses but because the mdo has systematically gotten rid of many regular 204bs who has greater knowledge and experience were stuck with non-career leaders who just got out of high school or the unemployment line even the new certified supervisors who have less than 10years believe in bullying tactics fear intimidation tries to force the seniors to retire through harassments and yet one individual in particular has bad attendance numerous eeos and sexual harrasments and yet because he gets good numbers when he is there what he does is overlooked I believe the usps is self destructing into privatization because of what is occurring among management and emmployees nobody is concerned enough to address these issues instead its always the employees fault

  32. Pushed to the breaking point. Psychological abuse should be held the same as physical. That is the case in the USPS. The mental beatings are constant from the supervisors at the post office. I have worked at the PO for over 3 decades and in the past six or so years I’ve noticed the abuse getting worse. We are pushed to our limits with the relentless attacks on our performance. We are told we are sub par, belittled and harassed beyond belief. If we show any sign that the abuse is getting to us it only gets worse. This is on top of our frustration of doing our jobs well even with the reduction of employees, the ridiculous time standards in which to achieve our goal of delivery and the lack of listening to our input on how we might improve our objective. I fear more of these type incidents will happen before anything is done to correct our situation. Hold on and stay strong. The word is out, so now its a matter of time.

  33. This is going on all over they dont want to do the job but will curse you out in front of other employees

  34. Over my 37 years with the post office I have had some good managers and supervisors and some that I can not stand the sight of. There is no reason to attack someone just because you don’t like them! You have a choice, you can transfer anywhere in the country or find an other job. As far as the comment that “It’s there way or no way”, they are a supervisor. You follow their directions unless it is illegal, unsafe or can damage postal property or the mail. I have had several shop stewards tell me, “It is managements right to miss manage”.

  35. I’m sure they’re everywhere, but we’ve also got a pathetic excuse for a supervisor here in Scranton, Pa, that not only belittles, disrespects, and harasses the employees, but also steals from their paychecks! Of course despite countless complaints to the Union that doesn’t exist here & upper management about the supervisors unprofessional, asinine behavior, nothing has been done! Go figure..

  36. .
    Had the employee been black and the supervisor white…… Hmmmm, let’s make sure we stay politically correct and all that. After all, who’s going to believe a white person.

  37. Unfortunately this happens in Richmond Virginia too. Management treats people like dogs, less than human. Harassment is second nature. I’ve been harassed and continue to be harassed.

  38. The Postal Service is run by many corrupt people. The inspection service is a lapdog agency that picks and chooses what cases to prosecute ever mindful of not embarrassing the Postal Service. I know of cases where people were assaulted at the workplace and it was swept under the rug with the Help of the Inspection service and I have a paper trail to prove it .

  39. We all know what happened was wrong. However we also know if the management person involved had attacked the clerk, nothing would have happened. That is just the way it is.

  40. Looks like an epidemic, I am surprised that this is the only black eye I have seen, postal management use intimidation,threats, and bullying so much so that some of the co workers pattern themselves with the same sad behavior. It is time for a class action lawsuit for violation of civil rights!#jax,flpo

  41. As,I recently retired after 3l-years working in a mail-processing facility,there were ever fewer USPS workers who know how to,lead or manage. Whether clerks,mail-handlers, the local unions,immediate supervisors,MDO’s;the levels of competence continually declined. And,especially so,my last couple of years. Those who actually wanted to use their brains,fled the facility,as if it was the Titanic.

  42. What ever happened to the violence hot line ? It continues to amaze me how postal stupidvisors can treat another human being how they do . Does someone need to kill someone on the workroom floor again ?

    • Carry the mail ? She started BMC 1921 Elvis Presley MEM TN. She never made the scheme numbers. 2nd floor manager took her under the ‘wing’. Hardest day’s work she ever did/done was getting to work on time. She has no clue as mail’s movement. She is disparate All those that help her career have retired or been removed. She is 2 old @2 work the young employees. She has reached career’s end. Double dipping retirement will cost her money to retire. What’s one 2 do ?

    • Well there must be reverse affirmative action going on where I work because there certainly are several whites in supervision who have carried mail and are still rude, unprofessional an lack knowledge! Imagine that “so what”!

  43. There is more abuse( verbal & intimidation) my management than ever comes to light. Lots of employees just take it & it never is reported due to retaliation. They need the job to support the family so afraid to report it & some times even if they do they are not believed.

    • Supervisor, allegedly, attack on or about 20 JAN 16 began postal career BMC-MEM. There was a ‘dashing’ blade on 2nd floor took a serious liking to supervisor in question. She ‘marched’ her way right up the stairs. She has, allegedly, served over and under lot good postal workers. She, allegedly, has taste for all favors. She is a cruel and unusual supervisor. An EEO hearing judge, allegedly, ask “Why U do the things U do”? Her answer – “Because I can”! USPS-MEM is just days from serious ‘going postal’ situation.

  44. AS a retired postal employee ,with 38 years of service I am positive that this employee was provoked beyond endurance. I have witnessed on many occasions the disrespect and verbal abuse directed towards employees of the PO .Even now all i see is the management side and not a word from the employee accused of the assault.No question that this female, poor excuse for a supervisor,said one abusive word too much to this employee. . He was a LONER, a DISGRUNTLED employee, etc etc repeating, here, management defense ,as if they are innocent for the employees going postal .Management is the CAUSE of employees losing it with the sick, abusive treatment the employees receive ,as if they were prisoners of war . Let’s hear the other side , the truthful side.Most of these so called supervisors don’t belong in their positions .Incompetence is rampant due to FAVORITISM and the employees have to pay for it .

  45. If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that every street has two sides. Granted, a beating like this or any kind of violence is uncalled for but I can understand there are situations where management can and does, and I know this from personal experience with a particularly bad supervisor many moons ago, push people to their emotional and stress limits.
    Postal managerial abuse is a nationwide problem. It, like all postal problems is a downhill course, with Headquarters issuing impossible or idiotic goals on Areas, who then pass it on to Districts, who then give it to POOMs and from there to the individual office. Shit runs downhill at avalanche speeds in the USPS.
    When unqualified people are promoted to supervisor, or other management positions through nepotism, ass kissing or other methods as often as not they will not respond well to pressure from their superiors. Some may be able to contain their tempers but many crack under the strain and that’s where the real trouble starts.
    I can’t say what exactly caused the attack in Memphis – employees are forbidden to talk about internal issues to the press other than give brief statements, and some of those people who did talk may face discipline for doing so. The manager, Ms. Todd, obliquely said she was just trying to do her job, but was that involving screaming, threatening with discipline or issuing it freely and unfairly, name calling or placing expectations on craft that simply were not possible? We don’t know at this time.
    At any rate, the person who did attack her, Richard Martin, is in deep shit committing assault in a federal facility against another federal employee. No doubt there were witnesses, and even if there are aggravating conditions there, he did not handle this right.
    He could and should have notified his local union, and if they failed to respond, take it to the next level. I would not have hesitated in a situation to call a threat assessment team, which I had to do a couple of times, write to my U.S. Senator or Representative, complain to postal headquarters so they couldn’t play ignorant, or my national union headquarters.
    I encourage television journalists nationwide to look into this problem and expose it to the general public. It is one way the USPS can’t control and ignore.

    • USPS – MEM corner 3rd @ Calhoun former train station. Elvis left for Ft. Chafee Ar from this location before USPS torn down building. MEM clerk started casing mail @ 3rd/Calhoun. He moved into 2 union. Sold out members moved into management. Had two illegitimate children with workroom supervisor. His wife found out about woman + children. Stuck hand gun in her mouth. Manager now free 2 move on. Big time Parkway Church gave manager their citizenship annual award. USPS -MEM holds this manager out as an outstanding citizen.

      • Where R BMC 1921 Elvis Presley former co-workers? Joe McClinton, John Brown (some people say U don’r have to, but, U better hold) Fred Clay, Greene Walls, Melvin Parsons, Bernard Bates, Jewel Reed, Charles Reynolds, Whitt get some 1 up that known where bodies R. Know U ain’t going to kiss me, but, bite me, scratch me, hurt me, do something !!!

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