Congressman asks PMG for investigation into late and incorrect deliveries in Bethesda MD

PostOffice-a492996aRep. Chris Van Hollen says his office is still receiving complaints about mail service in Bethesda, despite promises from U.S. Postal Service (USPS) officials three months ago that the problems related to late deliveries, deliveries to the wrong address and periods without any deliveries would be fixed.

In a letter sent last week to Postmaster General Megan Brennan, Van Hollen wrote the complaints have been prevalent from residents who receive mail from the Westlake Post Office in Bethesda ZIP code 20817 and the Wheaton Post Office in Silver Spring ZIP code 20902.

“My staff has been in frequent communication with local post office managers to rectify these problems,” Van Hollen wrote. “Although corrective action has been taken in some cases, including placing mail alert cards at addresses and giving service talks to post office employees, the issues persist.”

Letter to Postmaster General by Aaron Kraut

Complaints Persist About Mail Delivery From Post Office in Bethesda

Postal Officials Assure Bethesda and Chevy Chase Residents that Service Problems Will Be Fixed
Frustrated Chevy Chase and Bethesda residents told U.S. Postal Service (USPS) officials Thursday night about a litany of delivery problems.

About 20 residents attended the meeting at the Westlake Post Office on Motor City Drive, where six local United States Postal Service officials sat at a long table at the head of the room and listened as resident after resident complained about receiving their neighbors’ mail, not receiving mail and the post office failing to hold mail.

“This is not just a problem that’s one or two people,” said Mike Perez, an Old Georgetown Road resident. “This is a big problem and it really shows a lack of service mentality and commitment to your customers.”

After the airing of concerns, Michael Vecchitto, who oversees U.S. Post Office operations in Montgomery County, said the problems will be fixed. He said he installed a new management team after taking over operations in the county a year ago.

“I commit to you we will get it straightened out,” Vecchitto said. “It’s embarrassing, you’ve heard enough apologies. It’s simple, basic service that we should provide. I am a resident of Bethesda, I expect the same service.”

John Samuels, the USPS district marketing manager, said residents should see “immediate changes” in the performance. Samuels also said the post office would have a “service talk” with its employees and schedule a follow-up meeting in 90 days to see if service has improved for residents.

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7 thoughts on “Congressman asks PMG for investigation into late and incorrect deliveries in Bethesda MD

  1. WoW!! a Reply page without Godzilla, Burger King, white custodian, manson,..etc.

    the above list with others makes for wasted space on almost every article that has
    a comment section on this website for years. Judging from the ramblings of these
    fine postal employees, one can only imagine the work environment around them.

    As for the above article, just what Time are these people being promised delivery?

  2. while the Post Office maybes like the fable ” The Man, the Boy, and Donkey” where
    everyone’s advice is wrong. I guess they could get a poster like my old boss.
    “It is hard to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys”

  3. I am sad to admit that in Michigan. The story is some what the same. I was told
    by some one on the staff of the union. That if customer problems that are not addressed by Postal Management . The customer should report their concerns
    directly to their Congressman for proper handling. In the work place it is a sad day
    when common sense goes out the window. The current rate of disability is one out of
    five in Michigan. I have a bullet hole a quarter of inch from my heart, through my left
    lung, and liver. Before last year I worked my whole life, and I would compare the
    outcomes of my efforts to anyone. Please U.S.P.S be leaders again!. just try!

  4. USPS Management, could care less about the customer, and it’s sad to see, the biggest concern they have is, no carrier is to go over eight hours on the street, no matter how much mail or parcels you have, every day our floor talk starts with “the mail is light today” as if we the carriers, are blind, this time of year the mail volume is traditionally light, but not for all routes, or offices, if I had two trays of FSS mail on Tuesday, and five on Wednesday, the mail to me, and every other right thinking person, it’s heavier on Wednesday, but not to management, it’s still light. It’s this way of thinking that causes problems, another example, is hiring people, with no guarantee, of a job, a few hours here, a few there, doesn’t do it for those who are looking for work. This is a physically demanding job, that can wear your body out, your not going to get people to work their buts off, and hand them a $400.00 paycheck after two weeks, because you only use them when it’s nessesary. With other means of earning a living, (Uber and Amazon,) come to mind. You can forget people coming to an environment of no respect, and all around mistreatment of employees. That’s why I’m hard pressed to understand why, no Congressman or Woman, or Senator have not come in and gotten to the bottom, of why it’s become rocket science to put mail in a box. You also have a lot of people in management, who have no real job, that they can describe, what it is they do, and we’re talking salaries, in the high five digits, and a lot of six figure salaries. It seems like the best kept secret, but those of us who do this job everyday, and have to face the customer, on the street have to keep making excuses, for the total mismanagement, and disfunction, of the USPS.
    One other thing, being that everything is dictated to management by computer, when the hell are them computers, gonna start delivering the mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I’ll tell you, NEVER !!!!!!!

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