Could a post office lock box be putting your home at risk?

October 30, 2017 BROOKLYN (WABC) — A Brooklyn woman wants to warn New York City residents about a potential safety concern created by the lock boxes known as “key keepers” commonly used to store spare keys for postal carriers delivering mail to apartment complexes without a doorman and without exterior mailboxes.


Adrianne Johnson said her home surveillance system captured a man picking the lockbox in the middle of the night and using the key inside to burglarize her apartment complex.

“It’s still lingering, believe me,” said Johnson remembering the scary moments she woke up and realized she had received an alert from her home surveillance company “The Ring” that her flood light surveillance camera had detected motion at her front door.

The video captured a man picking the key keeper at the front door to her three-story walk up apartment complex for more than 20 minutes before obtaining the key and using it to access the complex along with a female accomplice.