Crooks hit “hundreds” of mailboxes in Madera County, CA neighborhood

10/23/17 – Families in the Madera County neighborhood known as Indian Lakes say they are fed up.

“You feel so violated,” says Darlene Housely.


A mailbox at the corner of Delaware and Avenue 417, south of Coarsegold, was hit by crooks sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

“I’d say 90 percent of the homes here are affected,” says Housely, who is part of the Indian Lakes Ladies Auxiliary.

She says they’ve had break-ins in the past, and they were promised a new set of mailboxes. But those have not been delivered.

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One thought on “Crooks hit “hundreds” of mailboxes in Madera County, CA neighborhood

  1. My local carrier misdelivers the mail to begin with, across town, across the street, makes no difference where the letter is a actually addressed.

    Since I work for them, I’m not allowed to complain but boy do I hear it from my neighbors. Having been a letter carrier I’m ashamed of where service has gone.

    Point being: Who cares about thieves, you’d have to be insane to have any sensitive financial documents sent through the mail. I even spiked my paper pay stub. If I had a choice, I’d shut it off completely, too vulnerable to outside thievery and inside incompetence.

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