Main St_ Post OfficeDANVILLE, Va. -The Danville Courthouse Postal Station is closed until further notice after the building failed a safety and health inspection.

Effective Monday, customers will have to pick up their mail from the Danville Main Office at 105 Teal Court.

The post office says the building failed the inspection because of suspected lead-based paint that was used. During the inspection, chipping paint was found in back rooms. The rooms hadn’t been painted since the 1970s, so post office officials believe lead-based paint was used.

The post office is bringing in crews to fix the problem, but it’s still not clear yet how long it will take to fix.

Danville Courthouse Postal Station closed after failing safety and health inspection


  1. Free Thinker says:

    I’m imagining the story goes something like this. An employee (or employees) mentioned to Postal management that perhaps there was a problem with this paint that was falling from the walls in the back rooms, especially since it’s been a very long time, perhaps even decades, since the rooms were painted. Management “poo-pood” the idea that anything could possibly be awry. Sometime later, perhaps after a PS Form 1767 or two had been submitted and “swept-under-the-rug” so to speak, an employee with “nads” (we’ll call this employee “Free Thinker”) filed a complaint with OSHA. An OSHA investigator came in, took one look at the paint-chip problem in the back rooms, and did what management should have done some time back. After all, as you’ve probably heard before, safety at the Post Office is #1. Or is it #2? Or #3? How many numbers are there all together? Oh well, if I keep counting I’ll have to get to the appropriate number sooner-or-later, won’t I????

  2. Not Surprised says:

    I would surmise you are wrong Free Thinker. The article states it was closed after failing a safety and health inspection. These are internal inspections. More likely the USPS management wanted to close this post office but could not legally do it so they created their own loop hole. It’s happening more and more.

  3. Captn Jack says:

    If it were the employees, they were just looking for time off

  4. Kaiser Blade Karl says:

    The lead paint problem probably pales by comparison to the other problems with this facility. Look at the picture. This WPA (1930′s) facility is filled with aesbestos. Most of them were. Look at the heating ducts. They will be wrapped with aesbestos. Look in the storage rooms where the aesbestos tile has never been replaced. They are probably cracked and friable. It costs more to clean an old WPA Post Office than it would cost to raze it and build a new one. The problem with tearing it down is that you have to clean it first, and that is a very expensive proposition.

  5. Free Thinker says:

    Sorry “Not Surprised says,” I guess my imagination got confused with the reality of years, and years, and years, and years of actually experiencing management “poo-poo” and “sweep-under-the-rug” many valid employee safety complaints. My mistake!!

  6. pat N says:

    The problem here, besides the building being in such disrepair, is the report itself. The report raises so many more questions than it answers. Another piss pour job of journalism.

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