Democratic Party Platform: Preserve a Public Postal Service

APWU overtime penalty exclusion periodAPWU President Urged Panel to Adopt Postal Planks

07/05/2016The Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee has endorsed the public Postal Service and approved measures that were advocated by the APWU.

In a draft of the party’s platform, released on July 1, the committee recommended nearly all the postal planks outlined by President Mark Dimondstein in a presentation to the committee on June 9.

“The United States Postal Service is a national treasure. That is why Democrats embrace a vibrant, public Postal Service that offers universal service, and reject any effort to privatize or marginalize it,” the draft says.

In the draft, the party committed to the following:

  • Eliminating the 2006 Congressional mandate to prefund retiree health costs 75 years into the future;
  • Restoring service standards, including overnight delivery of first-class mail;
  • Maintaining six-day and door-to-door delivery;
  • Appointing members to the Board of Governors and the Postal Regulatory Commission who “champion a strong public Postal Service”;
  • Expanding postal services, including offering postal banking services, and
  • Promoting vote-by-mail to increase voter participation and help address voter suppression.

“Adopting this platform is good news for our Postal Service and postal workers,” Dimondstein said. “The Postal Service is vital to jobs and the economy, by providing service to individual and business customers and providing a foundation of decent unionized living-wage jobs, won through collective bargaining that lift-up our communities.”

The APWU submitted a written proposal to the Republican National Committee’s platform committee urging the adoption of a pro-public Postal Service plank.

Click here to watch Dimondstein’s opening statement.
here to read Dimondstein’s prepared remarks.

8 thoughts on “Democratic Party Platform: Preserve a Public Postal Service

  1. Both political parties are killing the Country just a fact. Congress doesn’t care for the working class .

  2. Ms. Jo Jo Starbuck So you think that Hillary Clinton is a criminal? What of your pal ex President Forrest Gump, the imbecile that startedthe war in Iraq because of the weapons of mass deception? I would never vote for a Ratpublican!

    • Who’s payroll are you on? Or can you really be that ignorant?

      H.R. 22 (109th): Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act had 63 co-sponsors including many Democrats and Bernie Sanders.

      We were going to be a cash cow to the greedy wh_res in Congress. Do a little research before making an absolute fool of yourself!

  3. To Jo Jo Starbuck: I take it you are a postal worker. It certainly is not fair that pay has not been raised. The main reason is that the Republican Party passed a law requiring the Postal Service to prefund its retirement system for 75 years in advance, and do it in only 10 years. No entity does that. They did it because the want to destroy the Postal Service and privatise mail service, to give more business to Fed Ex and American Exp[ress, etc. Also, when they are in office, Republicans run up the National Debt and then insist that be used as an excuse to never spend money on anything else, and, in fact, the interest on the National Debt takes up more of the national budget when the debt is larger. Reagan tripled the National Debt by cutting taxes on the rich. In the 12 years of Reagan and GHW Bush, the National Debt quadrupled because tax cuts for the rich were kept in place. Geo. W. Bush doubled it by again cutting taxes for the rich on top of the other cuts. The Republican Party has acted as the arch enemy of the Postal Service, and I can only regard that as demonic and immoral.

    • To Eric Genge: Do you mean we could give the jumk mail and junk catalogues back to the USPS? That would be great, as I am tired of hauling it to the recycling station and unable to stop it. I think rates should be raised on mailers by for-profit groups, except for newspapers. Newspapers are needed to inform citizens so they can cast an informed ballot.

  4. I do have a plan to save the USPS. It involves getting into the recycling business to a degree. the Post Office’s profitability and sustainably would skyrocket. I need help form USPS upper management.

    Message in a Bottle campaign

  5. the biggest raise ever for postal workers came in 1970…….President Richard Milhouse Nixon…….Republican………..Carter, Clinton, Barry from Honolulu……….1% or worse!. why would I even consider voting for this godless, athesist, Demoncrat Party? Hillary Clinton, just a criminal who got off because the fix was in!

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