Editorial: I Believe In America

“Keep your friends close…but your enemies closer.”Michael Corleone, in The Godfather.

Michael knew that his friends would protect him but he also knew to keep an eye on his enemies and try to anticipate their moves ahead of time. Only then could he defend himself from attack. (It didn’t work so well for his brother Sonny at that toll booth on the Jersey Turnpike.)

“I believe in America…” That’s the opening words to The Godfather.

The America that once rewarded its workers by creating a vast middle class is changing. We are under attack from our enemies; big business and the politicians that they fund. This includes unionized factory workers, government employees, municipal workers including police and firefighters, retail and restaurant employees, or even migrant workers who toil in the fields to pick the vegetables and fruit we eat. We are each being pummeled from all sides by those bent on destroying us by reducing our pay and taking away workplace benefits.

Their goal? Simple. Drive down wages, increase profits, and create masses of people willing to work for almost anything. This is what it’s like in much of the rest of the world, and we are in reverse and heading in that direction.

The middle class is under assault and in danger of disappearing. You’ve heard all the banter about “redistribution of wealth” as a great fear of the wealthy. Many are afraid the government will transfer their money, via taxes and social programs, to the poor. In its most extreme case, this is socialism. In reality, it usually raises everyone’s standard of living, but there can be abuses and it’s a complicated issue.

The new strategy is the reverse of Robin Hood. It’s” take from the middle class and give to the rich.” This is redistribution of wealth in reverse. It goes UP to the rich and business owners and the only thing that trickles DOWN to us is, well, you know!
This isn’t anything done behind closed doors or in secret. It’s right in the open for us to see. Somehow, until recently, many people didn’t believe it was happening. Now look. The trends are disturbing.

As we know, traditional full time jobs with benefits are disappearing faster than doughnuts at the throwback case. Sick leave, vacation time, a fixed-benefit pension, and employer-sponsored health care are like rotary phones or typewriters: quaint relics of the past.

The impetus behind much of this is the plan to take down government and allow corporations and the rich and powerful moguls that run them to control our economy and the country. To them, government is standing in their way. They accuse the government of making its citizens dependent on it. Instead, they want to make US dependent on THEM.

All this talk of Medicare and Social Security reform is part of their plan to dismantle the social programs that government has put in place and served people well for years. They want to repeal Obama Care. They want to defund Planned Parenthood. They want to close down public television. They want to take away things we already have and replace them with NOTHING.

Remember the first presidential debate? Mitt Romney told host Jim Lehrer, who is from public television, that he was going to end funding for it. He said, “I like you, Jim. I like Big Bird. But I’m gonna have to let you go.” He smiled the whole time. This is what these people do. They cut and slash and destroy others for their own profit. How many workers got that “I like you but I’m gonna have to let you go” speech from Romney or one of his minions?

“It’s strictly business…nothing personal.” Sonny to Michael when a crooked cop beat him up.

Listen to the politicians and the talking points that come out of their mouth. We have a spending problem (except when it comes to their pet projects), we are stealing from our children and grandchildren (except when they send soldiers to die in fake wars for pretend reasons so they can get the oil), we are giving our citizens too much in entitlements (except for the tax loopholes for oil companies and other corporations). It goes on and on. Take from US, and THEY benefit.

Watch the Fox news propaganda channel and listen to them berate everything the president says or does. Listen to Rush Limbaugh say he hopes the president fails and that we are all takers from the government. Hear Glen Beck say that cities should default on their pension obligations. Instead of tuning these people out, be aware of what they say and how they want to change society, and us.

Talk show hosts and news commentators can’t hurt you. Politicians can, and will. When governors (Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan) choose to ban unions for state and city employees, when those in Congress try to force postal and other government workers to retire, when people like Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) and John McCain (R-AZ) propose legislation to destroy the Postal Service as we know it, LISTEN TO THEM! Be aware of who they are and what they can do TO us.

Thankfully, these people have been prevented from implementing many of these plans because the American people made other choices in the recent elections, which is frustrating these rich and powerful people. They contributed MILLIONS to the campaigns of those bent on carrying out their plans, but failed.

“Five shots. They hit him with five shots and he’s still alive!”Sollozzo on the failed attempt to kill the Godfather.

And we are not going down without a fight, despite the damage they have already done. Every time we frustrate them, they think of other ways to get us. Now, they want to end Saturday delivery. New employees have a lower starting wage. They want us to pay more for our health care. The battle isn’t over. I don’t trust any of them to do what’s right. Some even want to change the Electoral College system for elections so it will easier for them to be elected.

Listen to our enemies. Be aware of their devious plots. You don’t want to be the one to wake up with a horse’s head in your bed!

By Paul Gereffi
NALC Branch #2550
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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  2. Governor Walkers budget didn’t raise general taxes but cut more than a billion dollars from education and local government It also cuts 500 million from Medicaid ie. the poor. It limits property tax increases to facilitate significant tax cuts for manufacturers, multi state corporations and investors ie the wealthy. Public sector employees were forced to contribute more to their pensions and healthcare otherwise there would have been significant layoffs. 2,300 school positions were eliminated for refusing to vote for the same increases faced by the public sector unions. Unions are forced to re-certify yearly. Almost all collective bargaining rights were eliminated. They can only collectively bargain on salary, and can’t negotiate raises above the CPI.
    Wisconsin voters collected 900,000 signatures to recall Walker. The Government Accountability Board voted unanimously for the recall election. Although ultimately Walker kept his job, not all in Wisconsin approve. By the way it’s Motley not Motely

  3. Wow!! You guys go on and on and on! No one cares about any of you (us) or our stupid jobs. Things are changing at the PO and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. How many years did u take 2 hr lunch breaks and abuse your sick leave? EXACTLY! Be honest and stop whining. Major cuts will continue and the work force will eventually be mostly part timers. As Dandy Don Meredith used to sing … Turn out the lights…. The party’s OVER!

  4. I think Motley Carrier and others in this page are right. Those in the houses of power do not give a rat’s behind about servicing the public or dealing with any of the unions. Again politicians are only concern with their bottom line. If you really thought Obama and his like minded cohorts are here to help you are wrong Paul Gereffi. Right now both side of the isle are working to undermine our freedoms whether your are Republican or a Democrat.

    At the end of the day it is all about control and power over the population via more unemployment created by over taxation and useless regulations which are restricting economic growth. Socialism does not work capitalism although not perfect is far better than becoming a starving artist for socialists causes.

  5. Motely carrier… “me thinks you protest-est to much” for someone who is content on all that Wisconsin has to offer, your a little high strung there buddy, enjoy it and baste in it.

  6. the usps will always have 6-day delivery and will be around for another 100 years. the union is fantastic pay your dues contribute to colcep stay involved. it is a constant fight and we will continue to win. the usps is a neccessary part of the economy and is still the only way to connect everyone in the usa and most of the world. The usps issues are like gun control and woe vs wade they will be around forever and never ever ever go away.

  7. Bp,
    Are you blind or can you not read? Seriously! I don’t get people like you?
    JOBS ARE IN THE TOILET EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S. THERE ARE () MILLION PEOPLE OUT OF WORK. Off unemployment compensation and they are really angry my friend.
    Then you said:
    ‘THE DEMS take power and demand something will be done with the deficit’ Are you talking about Federal deficit because the DEMs are printing trillions?
    You must be ignorant which is not a sin but let ME SAY IT AGAIN! The deficit in Wisconsin is ZERO. WE HAVE A SURPLUS! A SURPLUS IS MONEY COMING IN sorta like business is trying to do. Where do you think we pick all those letters up from?
    Then you said:
    ‘A surplus is smoke and mirrors”. I can’t believe my eyes.
    You see why the system is in meltdown and cannot be fixed…it’s because no one wants to fix it! When they do they get hammered.
    I am even called a scab and I pay my dues! Why? I speak the truth and get bombed by relics who think the system will save them like you. Change is tough buddy and you are the example and Mad Jack too!!
    What a trip!
    I would NOT move out of Wisconsin if you paid me to.
    I’ll enjoy my taxes NOT GOING UP pal. You do whatever you wish which includes saying a whole lotta B.S. I guess?
    …I am not sure what to think when the collective minds have gone mad.

  8. Motley, you are aware that Wisconsin’s job numbers are the worst in the Midwest despite your man walker claiming he was going to lead the nation. In fact, your state is in the mid 40’s in job creation ranking (right there with the likes of Missouri ). You THINK your state balanced its budget and lowered your taxes at the same time. You will find out soon enough that its all smoke and mirrors. It’s the classic republican way, borrow and spend, deficits don’t matter. Then when the dems take power they’ll demand that something be done with the deficit. But you go ahead and enjoy your tax cuts for now.

  9. Well done Paul…but Sonny was done shot and killed at the Long Beach toll road in Long Island…..remember that’s where I came from before Vegas…

  10. Mad Jack,
    Another Union brother who thinks when his TSP is stolen from him to fund the debt, is Fox News fault!
    Mad Jack will say: “but…but…but…that’s against the law”! Duh! Then he will look to OUR Union and there will be no response.
    No scab here FOOL! I pay my dues! Just rational thinking and logic.
    Oh (by the way fool) my property taxes in Wisconsin did not go up.

  11. The America that fought it’s way out due to the tyrant that was taxing us relentlessly. Paul are you saying we should shed our blood and fight?
    Michael Corleone? WTF?

  12. Motley Carrier you redefine the word clueless, and no one cares what some thieving scab thinks.

  13. Paul is right. The rich and their ass-kissing politicians who always have their hands out for money, don’t care about us. Whether you are a Dem or a Repub. or even a teapartier. They hope the middle class disappears into the night. Businesses are riding out another four years on the sidelines. Some much for the idea that if you work hard and contribute to the greater good you can do anything in this country even be a black president. It’s all a lie. Propaganda for everyone else to believe about us so they can be like us. So we can take advantage of those who are gullible enough to think we are the good and righteous. Issues such as gun control, healthcare for all, women’s rights and veterans care are for the greater good of the middle class but don’t resonate with big business or ideological politicians. They would rather let these important issues die in committees and be forgotten. Maybe I’m being naive. I always thought as Americans we strived to take care of our own and help those in need. What some politicians and corporations are doing is truly un-American. The Postal Service is a great example of this. A service for the people and provided by the people of this country. But what we think is a valuable resource in our eyes seems to be a opportunity for profiteers or misguided individuals who feel no need for equal rights or secure employment of middle class citizens. Dismantling the service will lead to higher rates and lesser service standards at eventually tax payer cost. Whether you are a union worker, a small business owner or a laborer we must keep the middle class working and thriving for the greater good of all Americans. We can do this by participating in our Democracy and voting for those who stand with us the middle class in 2014. Vote! Vote! Vote!

  14. The Democrats and Obama don’t care about you either. They take your COLPCE money over and over again. The last 3 budgets of Obamas included the elimination of Saturday delivery. The unions continue to give him money. The Democrats controlled the Congress for many years till 2010 and did not pass card check. They take your money and stab you in the back. Don’t give to COLPCE!!
    Don’t get me going on Obamacare. Higher premiums and less services.

  15. Dear God,
    Another fool wasting everybody’s time with a song and dance about the Union! This one uses Michael Corleone as his gift. People should not drink and e-mail brother Union dude especially during the day during a mafia video series.
    Our government is taxing everything that moves you fool. In Wisconsin we gave the OPTION to belong to a UNION you FOOL and BALANCED OUR BUDGET–FOOL! We were almost 4 billion in the hole and now we run a surplus.
    THERE ARE NO JOBS BEING ELIMINATED HERE IN WISCONSIN BECAUSE OF THIS–YOU FOOL!! Get the story straight this Administration is demolishing our Country because they are Socialist Marxist’s WHO WILL TAX THE MIDDLE CLASS INTO SERFDOM…Obama said he wanted 5 day delivery just the other day you FOOL!!!
    It’s not BUSINESS it’s the POLITICIANS. Businesses ARE NOT SPENDING BECAUSE OF THE ADMINISTRATION and not knowing what they will do next FOOL! When was the last time you saw this Administration PROSECUTE a BANKER as they go around raping the entire planet!
    Please go away. Fools like you are just like the media trying to keep some social order. Only when the retirements of journalists and media morons are in jeopardy like ours are will you see them report the news.
    I guess until then we will have to suffer thru the idiotic ramblings of drinking mafia movie watching Union folks who don’t realize yet that it’s the Politicians they voted in that will steal them into poverty.
    Fools unite on this one–the more you talk the dumber you will feel when it happens to you and you realize you never took action to help yourself.
    Tax the rich into extinction and who will create the jobs? Obama!!
    Wake up!!

  16. Paul,You took the words right out of my mouth.I see how the business is run….for failure, because they want to privatize the postal service and profit into their pockets, instead of providing a service to the public as it was intended. They make it as hard as possible to succeed. I see the working right in my very own station. Bad decisions are made from the top to create a difficult working environment for the employees. We can make the postal service work, they just want us to fail so they can say “See, we need to change something, like eliminate Saturday delivery.” Some of us are not blind.Something gotta give. Americans have to get together and open their eyes and see whats going on. Sad to say I don’t trust our government and believe they only are out for themselves. A united America for the average working person would have power…..There are more of us, everywhere!!

  17. obama wants us to close altogether on saturday…as we should…get a grip this should have been done years ago..get these boxes off the house ..that is very expensive and 80% dont have that service as they shouldnt…

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