Edmond Walker Class Action EEO Against USPS Settled for $17.25 million

The parties have reached an agreement to settle this class action .

Edmond Walker, et. al. v. Patrick Donahoe, Postmaster
On May 17, 2013, EEOC Administrative Judge Mulligan issued an Order Granting Preliminary Approval of the Settlement Agreement.
Notice of Resolution and Preliminary Approval will be mailed to all potential class members on June 17, 2013.

This is a class action, styled as Walker et al. v. Donahoe, Postmaster General, United States Postal Service , brought by Edmond Walker (Complainant) against the Postmaster General of the U.S. Postal Service , alleging that the USPS violated the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. §§ 791 et seq., as amended (Rehabilitation Act), by restricting the duty hours of current and former employees in permanent rehabilitation assignments during the period March 24, 2000 to December 31, 2012.

More  Edmond Walker, a Temporary Rural Carrier Relief and the class agent in the Walker class action, filed a complaint on August 19, 2002. Walker alleged that, since April 2000, the Postal Service discriminated against individuals with disabilities by:

1. Placing disabled individuals in permanent rehabilitation positions without engaging in the interactive process as required by law;

2. Restricting disabled individuals who are placed in permanent rehabilitation [sic] to limited work hours without any medical justification and without consulting the individual with a disability;

3. Fail[ing] to allow individuals with a disability, who have been placed in permanent rehabilitation positions, to work the number of hours determined appropriate by the individual and his/her physician and which are available; and

4. Fail[ing] to allow individuals with a disability, who have been placed in permanent rehabilitation positions, to use assistive devices in the workplace to accommodate their disabilities, including but not limited to, electric scooters, notwithstanding that said assistive devices pose no threat to safety or inconvenient [sic] in the workplace.

This claim has been analyzed to include denial of overtime.
“Potential Class Members” are any of the 40,876 current or former USPS employees whose names are contained on the class list provided by the Postal Service as of June 2, 2011.

Total Settlement Amount: In full settlement of all Potential Class Members’ Claims, the Parties agree to a total settlement of $17.25 million ($17,250,000.00). The sum includes all funds for the Qualified Settlement Fund, including all Settlement Awards, Service Awards, and the Class Agent Award, the costs for the Class Administrator, and all attorneys’ fees and costs awarded to Class Counsel

Denial of Liability: The USPS expressly denies any wrongdoing or liability with regard to the allegations contained in the Case. This Settlement Agreement and the payment of the Total Settlement Amount under the Settlement Agreement do not constitute an admission by either Party, as to the merits, validity, or accuracy, or lack thereof, of any of the allegations or Claims in the Case. This Settlement Agreement represents a compromise of disputed claims. It reflects the Parties’ recognition that further litigation of the Case would severely burden all concerned and would require an extraordinary commitment of time and resources. Furthermore, continued litigation of the Case would subject both the USPS and the Class to the risk of unfavorable determinations.

Class Agent Award: In recognition of the added responsibilities borne by Complainant, Edmond Walker, as Class Agent over the course of the last twelve (12) years, and a full release of his claims against USPS, the sum of $30,000 shall be deducted from the Class Fund by the Class Administrator, and used to purchase an annuity for Mr. Walker. The Class Administrator shall purchase the annuity for Mr. Walker three hundred (300) calendar days after the date of the Notice of Final Agency Action, unless the Settlement Agreement is voided or stayed pursuant to Section 3(G) above or for any other reason set forth herein

Service Awards for Active Participation of Potential Class Members: In recognition of the service of Potential Class Members who actively participated in discovery and/or testified at the hearing in this litigation on behalf of the Class, the Parties recommend that subject to the approval of the EEOC Administrative Judge, each Potential Class Member who actively participated in discovery and/or testified at hearing in this litigation shall receive a Service Award of $2,500, in addition to any Settlement Award he or she receives pursuant to the Distribution Plan in Section 5 above, and shall be mailed such Service Award within three hundred (300) days of the Notice of Final Agency Action, if they file timely, fully executed Claim Form and Releases. Exhibit C is a list of individuals who actively participated in this litigation and should receive a $2,500 Service Award. These Service Awards are to be paid from the Class Fund.

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  1. What a joke the USPS can destroy material evidence, manufacture evidence, buy off plaintiffs attorneys,willfully cover up material evidence so investigators will never find the incriminating evidence,manipulate the record and never get brought to justice. While applicants and employees never get true justice what a joke.

  2. So after reading several articles about this settlement, we might receive $300!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What’s $300 going to do for us? The only one making a ton of money off of this is the damn attorneys!!!!!!
    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! So insulting!!!!!

  3. Hey proudpostalguy, I’ve been with the po for over 25yrs and was placed on permanent and stationary. I’ve busted my ass delivering mail and working over time for over two decades!!! We are NOT lazy, we were injured on the job. Not only does this affect our job but it affects our personal lives greatly!!!!! I cannot do the things I use to do in my personal life!!!! How dare you call us lazy!!!!! I’ve been harrassed, discriminated against and lost overtime money due to my permanent injury!!!!! Not to mentio that they sent me home right before Xmas stating that there is not work available for me. I lost 5 months of pay and almost lost everything before workers comp decided to pay me, and NO, I never got the 5 months of pay I rightfully deserved!!!!

  4. I have just read all these posts. I am totally unsure now of what to do in my situation. I’m a rural carrier that was rear-ended in 2010 while delivering the mail. My back was broken; I rehabbed and went back to work after 1 year with rods and screws holding me together for 7 vertebrae. My back and hardware broke again in 11/2012. I’m currently on the OWCP rolls and have had 2 serious spine surgeries; it will be 2 years on LWOP in Nov.2014. I was thinking of trying to go back on limited duty. After reading all the terrible things happening to everyone here maybe I should just take my disability retirement (I’ve applied but haven’t heard anything yet). I am approved for SS disability. I think I might be able to work 4 hours a day. Do they treat you so bad that they try to run you off? I’m from a small town in TN. I loved my job but I will not be allowed to deliver the mail anymore. Does anyone have anything good that happened when they went back? Can anyone tell me what to expect if I do try to go back on limited duty? Thanks for any replies.

  5. So the payout to those 40,800 employees is a maybe what $200.00. Lawyers made over 4million, administration cost and whatever else n the employees get the short end again!

  6. That is why I continue to say screw NALC, APWU and the other Postal Unions. They clearly are bed mates of management. I was a shop steward for NALC for over 7 years and when I was attack by a large Doberman/German Shepherd and laying in and out of a hospital with a spinal injury that almost left me paralyzed, all they did was bad mouth me, so I resigned as a Union Official, especially when I learned the dues I was paying was being sent to numskulls in Washington to support politicians I had no intentions of supporting. I was even threatened when I started telling non-members and even some disgruntled members they didn’t have to belong to any of these money grubbing unions who did little to nothing to help in anything, but agree with Postal Management. On several occasions I had legitimate grievances against management, and was told by union officials I couldn’t be represented because I wasn’t on the clock, which is crap. Then of all people, former (now retired) President of NALC began name calling his favorite was PHONY Simpson. I just took it in staid and considered the source, but never-the-less that is the ball game of ignorant people in high office. APWU Officials are even worst. And when it comes to helping people with their EEO claims you won’t see high or hair of them. They instigate you to file a claim, but won’t lift a finger to help you when you need help. The reason is they are afraid of a possible lawsuit for giving you legal advise and it is the wrong advice. Most attorney’s in the country are afraid to handle Federal cases, because they are afraid they won’t get paid. The problem is most are just too stupid to know what to do in Federal Court. The ones who do take the cases are too expensive to even higher, unless you can find one who will work on a contingency basis which is rare. The bottom line is dropped out of the Union, save your money, because under law, all Postal Unions must represent you, that was a law passed under the 1971 Reorganization Act. It is an open shop. Of course what keeps the unions going are members paying highway robbery union dues, which more than half of it going to liberal politicians who do what the unions want them to do.

  7. What executive order on rehabilitation did president Obama recently sign? Curious, I’d like to know.

    NOV 3,2013

  9. I am shocked at what some fellow carriers have to say about injured carriers. Me personally, I have carpal tunnel in both hands, a sprained neck, tendinitis in both shoulders and I worked 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week for 10yrs ….I gave 100%+, I just had surgery on left hand and I loved carrying mail…..my customers are the best…..and what’s sad is, your brothers and sisters at work should be more supportive ….Some claims are real….

  10. I am an ex postal worker. Because of the Fed shutdown some of us could certainly appreciate any amount due to them.

  11. I have read all of the post on here and I am overwhelmed with emotions. TJ I live in the NY area and Deep is very correct about NY being sorry. They are also corrupted and they all(union & management) conspire together against injured employees. TJ it sounds like you should charge all of them. My case 11 civ 9113 and 13 civ 04027 is currently in district court. Management had me on personal leave while I was out on on the job injury. Later I was told that they had no work for me and a year later (after president obama’s executive order for reasonable accommodation) they took me back for four hours and refuse to sign the form for the other four so I could get paid by Owcp. Management was demoted for stealing employees time under postmasters watch. My case is a big secret over here and post office being responsible for Byrnes death is also a big secret. It is n the docket information Byrnes v USPS postmaster general potter

  12. VCora Jacksonhe Notice of Resolution and Preliminary Approval dated June 17,2013 but don’t remember if I received the Claim Form and Release Form. Is this case final and is I’m still apart of this case. Please reply. Thank you

  13. I was a rehab. employee (clerk) for over 15 years had 3 surgery In 2009 I had the final surgery, tried to return to work to be told that there was nothing for me to do. Let me mentioned they had a carrier doing my job. The manager do everything in her power refusing to let me come back to work, so I retired, but god do not ugly, she paying for all her wrong doing and the USPS WILL PAY TO!!!!! Just hold on a change is coming.

  14. Taw Jackson says:These are two different cases and should be treated as such. The NRP class that sent employee home was a way to lay off the people that were injured they will be made to pay for discrimination of the disable employees.. No judge will let this injustice pass.

  15. Thank you Injury Comp…But where are you going to state this new info at ? Not here I hope. I do have this article “bookmarked” for now, and will keep this for new messages, but others will not, so where will you let us know of the latest news ? Thank you so much…Taw Jackson..
    I was reduced from 8 to 1 hours, and no notice.

  16. Lets just set the record straight, this is not for everyone with a injury, only the people that have restricted work hours. @injured employee, just are more closely to the truth with this, we had a telecon last week with headquarters, and yes not everyone will be paid, we have already sent records to the attorneys, they reviewed them all, I will have better news in the upcoming 2 to 3 months once they send for pay histories, wage earnings or whatever additional information, BUT NOT EVERYONE THAT RECEIVED THAT FIRST PACKAGE WILL GET PAID, IT STATE YOU ARE A POTENTIAL PARTICIPANT WHICH MEAN MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT. IF THEY NEVER REDUCED YOUR HOURS, THEN MOST LIKELY YOU WON’T GET ANY MONEY. Stay posted.

  17. to deep in the heart of Texas, the first notice was sent to all rehabbed employees, which is what LDC 69 (permanent restrictions) is, but that does not make you eligable for the award, at some point while in LDC 69 you had to have had your work hours restricted, management worked you less than your normal eight (8) hour shift. Me personally, I work four (4) hours and day and get a periodic roll payment for OWCP for the other four (4) hours because they only accomadate my restriction for four (4) hours, so basically, they are saying anything less than your normal work (reduced hours)may qualify you for this settlement. If you have not received the package then you don’t qualify. It not for light duty (non job related)or limited duty (job related) employee’s.

  18. The fact is that some of you complain about the workers who become disabled while on the job. My disability changed my life completely from not being able to perform my duties, to not being able to play with my children or take them to games etc. we, on disability, had to endure comments from both the carrier craft and clerks, to management we were the black sheep of the office. It is a very lonely place for us who try to do our assignment and even beyond. I know God sees this and I feel sad when one of those who belittle us end up acquiring a disability of their own. Don’t criticize, praise god that you are a whole person and not disabled.
    Taw Jackson, I feel for you and will remember you in my Prayers.

  19. DEAR DEPP, again, you really understand my situation. I am not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. But you are of a few in this world to know not everything is black or white, their are some shades of grey.

    @PATSY GEORGE, what are you asking of us here ? Please explain what you need a bit better, please, this would help, ok..thanks..

    @JOSE…The Sandra McConnell case has to do with at least 4 issues. Bit this case that they are now sending our paperwork, and you all have until July 22nd to have it postmarked. So please do not wait until the last minute. I am going to fill mine out this weekend, and then send it certified.
    The Sandra McConnell case will take another 2 years (at least), so make sure you fill out the questionnaire on this and type in the most twisted things that have been done to you, This is very important, as I ran out of room, but you only get so many characters to tell your bad things that have been done to you.
    Go to or google, “NRP class action lawsuit”…Do not expect anything=money for years, but if this judge isn’t hand picked, and they all are, we should get six-figues, or about (wishful thinking).
    This case that you are asking about, fill it out to the best you are able to, the administrators, and the assistants reading it will get a pretty good idea if you should rec. more settlement money than others. But please list dates, be exact as you can, explain how not getting regular deposits, affected you and your family financially, as it did most, but not blatantly lying about it. Type in how it affected your mental state, how your depression made everyone around you a bad place to live, etc. IE., be honest, because this has to come from the heart, and they will be able to weed out the folks that stretch the truth. Tell them in the letter the time you were affected, what shift you worked, the stress of not knowing your future, your loyalty to this job,etc. For me, I had no money for about 3 months, all from going from 8 hours down to 1. I had to cash in long term small CD’s, and pay penalties for those CD’s. The humiliation i suffered going through this, facing my fellow workers, the whispers that I heard behind my back etc. My emotional well being from all of this, and it did make me so uptight that this caused me addititonal pain, and sleeplessness. etc. I do not have to exaggerate my situation at all. So tell the truth, but also add a bit to your circumstances. This money is a one time chance, so make the most of it. BUT,ABOVE ALL ELSE, STATE IN WRITING, that you do not want this case approved, for this case to be reopened, or to have a new hearing or trial,(we really need is an honest judge that has not been promised a promotion for approving this suit), however this case works. You have to tell them this judgement is wrong for us, and this decision is not in the best interest of the injured that are involved. Good luck bro..

  20. I still confuse this have nothing to do with NRP Class EEO and sandra McConnell. I have no idea what this Walker case means and how they affect the NRP EEO which still under evidence discovery. Does anyone can share more info.

  21. TJ it is terrible all the things you have suffered just trying to make a living for your familyand then not being compensated, you say you pray then continue I know it is hard I have run into some a-holes in my 27 years as a mail carrier, and it never seem to get better. I think when someone get hurt all of the negative talk from your co-workers, to supervisiors, is what get the ball rolling against you. your co- workers want to summerize how you feel. then it always come down to you just don’t want to work. I have never understood how people can say , when a worker has been hurt that they don’t want to work thats what we signed on for. I’ve come to the conclusion that co-workers and supervisors alike don’t like the fact that you will get compensation and they won’t, good luck TJ

  22. I received the first notice yesterday, people please read it carefully, it states that its for REHAB injured employees working part tour due to management not accomadating their restrictions. You must have at some point be in LDC 69,ask you union rep, for those that don’t know what LDC 69 is. That 44,000 will probably be cut down in half, but all rehab employee’s received the letter, you will be compensated according to how long you worked part tour from March 2000 until December 2012, and if your where just limited duty or rehabbed. I have been LDC 69 part tour since 1995, and they still refuse to let OSHA in this building to test the air quality, they know the will shut the whole building down, really.

  23. @ DEEP, thanks, and I have no choice but to hang on, nothing else to do anyway. But in my case, no amount of therapy worked. Even went the route of one place called Marion Joy, and what a joke they turned out be. All that bragging from the management that runs this country renowned physical therapy is the best this country has to offer. And boy did they constantly blow their horn. While I was in their 21 day, 8 hour a day intense treatment plan, they shared medical info with other patients that were doing the same program, made fun of others behind their back, told dome of the members how they could cut your owcp payments off if they didn’t like you. The blatantly dishonest non-existing attitude of this supposedly, “we get everyone back to work” motto was the most shocking thing i have ever went through, or have ever seen, from a group of 6 or so people acting like God’s, and letting you know, that we will even follow you into the washroom to see how go about sitting on the closed bathroom door. And I am not kidding. I was literally fighting with the program director, and the psychologist, who (a short blond woman who herself was probably a “D-” graduate student, and with a piss poor attitude, who obviously needed much help herself) was constantly getting my case, and what I had told her in confidence-(we all had to submit to being forcibly having 30 minute talks with her) with one of the other male patients. During my 21 days, their was anywhere between 4 and 6 folks that were in for various reasons, and not all were a back to work situation, but the ones that were retired, and in for fibermailgia(? spelling?) they were all treated with kid gloves, because their cases were being paid by top notch insurance companies, and not the never paying OWCP. Just talk about being verbally abused, and I went back to my doctors staff, and told them this was literally hell that i was going through, like a Jewish person in a Nazi camp, and I am not kidding. Because I told them I would use the word “Pain” as much as I wanted, they said they do not like that word, and told me personally that i was not to use this in my conversation to any of the others, etc. Yes, I know how this sounds, but this did happen, and to others too. When one of the OWCP patients that was almost finishing up, he told a few of us that were knew to the program about these things that got the staff mad, and i was once again threatened that they could, and would tell owcp that I was being uncooperative, all because I used the word pain. Some of us started taking notes about what was going on, and them openly talking about some of the others, whether how they got hurt, or talking out loud about them in a negative manner when they would leave the room, such as going to the washroom,etc. The four of us just could not believe what was going on. My doc, the one that I told you about, he told me I was basically lying about what was going on there, can you believe that ? I mean I had pages and pages of notes, they were even listening to our lunch room private conversations, with a recording device hidden inside one of the food cabinets. I said no way, but the guy broke the lock, and their it was, running. The four of us talked about after our 21 day thing was over, and the go see a lawyer, but everyone backed out, with the thinking that this is a multi-million dollar company with deep pockets, and no way of us winning, with all of them going to lie in court anyways. I had one therapist telling me that I was outside in the parking lot talking with another patient and agreeing to say we have the same pain issues, and then would try and get Marion Joy to sign off on us being totally disabled and no amount of therapy will work. I think I peed in my drawers when he told me this, and then about an hour later, he told the other patient the same thing. I was like, “REALLY, all this to get out of work, which I actually liked my job at the time”.. So after everything, and all that stress, we just all wanted to get it over, and have no more memories of that place. The doc that did my initial nerve test told me that he had another one of his patients tell him a similar story, about 2 years earlier, but this doctor said he just chalked it up to that patient being a fake, and a person that was hard to get along with, and didn’t want to be in any type of therapy. So after my talk with him, he told me that he would never send anyone else to Marion Joy, which was in Oak Brook, IL… This is a true story. One time I collapsed from the pain being to intense for me to handle, and they told me I was not cooperating, all this after 3 fusions, 9 rods, and a plate. You could not tell me I could make up a story like this. This was one of my worst times as being apart of the human race. Marion Joy is just about the money and saving their reputation, and that I am referring to is, the Physical Therapy dept, or building just off of Butterfield Road, just west of Midwest Rd. Not the other dept’s. Those other dept, and other type’s of areas where they help all folks, yes, that is suppose to be very well run, and liked. But not the physical dept. But now remember, that was 7 years ago. They may have gotten their act together. Yes, and ignorant people such as ProudPostalGuy, they have no clue as to the hell we injured have gone through, JUST NO CLUE.. You could not pay me enough to stay on OWCP.. But as I said, I only have 4 good disc left. I am told a minimum of 2 more surgeries, and when I have the next back one, the doctor said he will pull my drivers license. How’s that to looking to the future. Another reason I am trying not wear my back out any faster than I have to, but another fusion is on the way. Oh, did I tell you that I have lost the use of my genitals, because of my last surgery ? Yeah, and I am faking, right ?… It’s documented, bit nothing a urologist can do for this, so cannot drive this, and the PO will not pay on that either. I am talking about achieving an orgasm, not getting an erection. Just no way to prove this, as I already talked with a federal lawyer. It is NERVE DAMAGE, and it can happen to about 2% of the men that have a fusion. Doesn’t really matter, I cannot fool around anyway, because of all the pain when I move. Her on top, does not work, too much pain and pressure. So DEEP, yes, i have been to hell and back. Bitter, but at the same time, I keep things in perspective, and always pray for our wounded soldiers. God Bless everyone, and I do mean this, even this ProudPostalGuy, because folks like him are just very cold on the inside, and they need people praying for him, instead of me. Good nigh, I have been up for almost 2 days again, but I know I will get some sleep now, body and temples hurting, I will sleep, …Taw Jackson….sorry for getting off topic..

  24. TJ I see that you are very knowledgeable to. I guess I can’t comprehend the magnitude of your suffering because I am looking at it differently, I have recieved 3 schedule awards and right now finishing up on a 4th. that’s how bad I was injured. while they were not gigantic awards they did suffice. I have always sat,listened and asked questions I’ve always learned from my mistakes in dealing with the PO. I to have children, thank God they are all grown, 2 are still in college I’ve raised 7 children 3 are college grads.so you see I couldn’t afford not to get paid. If I told you some of the things the PO put me thru, you wouldn’t believe it,but I’m patient. and it has paid off. when I first got injured I had a ruptured disc in my back, I understand when you say you can’t sit, stand, you can’t lie down it is no relief anywhere I suffered greatly, believe it are not union brothers and sisters came to my rescue not the ones from my station, but ones I got to know in therapy. I am still in therapy down to twice weekly now. I was injured in 1997 after that it has been an on going roller coaster ride of surgeries and therapy. I’m still working a modified assignment hoping to retire by the end of the year. by then hopefully there will be something finalized on the Walker an Mcconell cases. It is really sad how the clerks have been done I talked to several clerks I talk with while at therapy. some were put off on the NRP or sent miles from their homes to work this broke up families, then when the NRP was over those that were sent to other places came back under their re-trive rights did I mention some had been excessed to the carrier craft. When they got back they had to come in at a lower seniority level they did not have a right to the so called “make me whole” money that carriers got. They screw all of us craft workers, just in different ways, city carriers are being disciplend more severly now. no margin for error. 1 city carrier was fired for making a mistake on a travel voucher they took the charges to a whole different level to get him fired he fought for over a year to get his job back by the time he won his case he had another job he just took his restitution and didn’t come back. it is terrible how we are treated, but you just cannot give up. a victory for you is a victory for someone else. I don’t mine sharing my victories with others because I want us to be encouraged. we’ve been injured, we hurt, your body will never be the same, I don’t care how much therapy you get.I don’t have any cartillige between the L4 an 5 in my back. so yes I am going to hang on until I have been made “whole” and I would advise you do the same. good luck

  25. Dear DEEP,, you express yourself very well, and many can learn from you. I only cuss when I haven’t had any sleep in a couple of days, and it is usually out of being tired, listening to trash (you know who), and trying not to move to much. What you say is true. But I want to be clear on a couple of points here. I am in the new York area. Second, anything I do, even getting up off the bed/couch, increases my nerve pain, and this would also include going to the washroom, anything from a sedentary position, to a simple move to another room, increases my pain for an additional 3/4 hours, before settling back to my normal amount of pain. How many inured go through this type of normalcy.(?) So, I simply would have to take more Norco and Ultram, Valuim’s, just to get through some maybe pain relief, and write one small letter achieved, and/or, even thinking about going down the another local Congressman’s office to initially be seen/heard. Which by all accounts, you really must do, that is, initially. You have to face them one on one, so the lady or man, knows you are for real, and they know who the honest folks are, they know. So for me, this (i have done this twice, for diff issues) is like having a miracle happen to get all of these areas covered, and all my lines crosses, and i’s dotted. You are 100% correct, it takes more time than most folks think, and unless it is some decent award, i would not recommend this asking for money, unless you have a willing and humane doctor, who hasn’t held it against you, for your body not healing as you hope it would. Many doc’s have an ego issue with their patients who do not respond to any and all types of treatment. This is the human body, and honest doctors will tell you, we just do not know about how 90% of the human back works. But again, for me, I do not look forward to doing anything, even thought about wishing my Lord to take me in my sleep, because I have always been very active in life, and not being able to work, even part time, go to a ball game, go running, weightlifting, etc, is killing me. This is torture. But what helps me is putting my back, leg, upper back,waist, and now the nerve pain has gotten to my feet, is all those maimed soldiers coming back from those two countries, missing feet, hands, eyes, etc, and what they and their loved ones are going through. How can I then compare my injuries, to theirs ? This helps me emotionally more than anyone can ever think. But on the award. I would say that 95% of the injured employees that work in the Federal sector, do not know that you cannot get an award, while you are still on OWCP. Actually, if you get some money, and you are on OWCP, you can get it, but your workers comp monthly check will STOP. They have it worked out that you cannot get both (which is insane to do this to us), If you elect for a maybe big payout, then they will do the math, and divide what you get from your monthly pay, by how many months that it would take for you to go through your owcp pay, then your workers comp will restart, being that you have not gone back to work. Which is why our present GOP (issa) has put new wording into the new and waiting proposed worker compensation bill that will now state that you cannot go from owcp to postal disability, collect your scheduled award, then apply to go back on owcp. This part of this bill is going to pass. So, for me, I was at the time, back to work, filed, went through the 3 appeals, that after my first one was denied (4 chances in all). So I could refile, get a neutral nerve doctor to test me again, and then ask to have that part of my case reopened, but the fact is, I am on owcp, and they would probably say, if I were to get some monies, do you want one or the other, and if you take the award, BOY !, you better make it last, because you may have to go years before that formula works out, or go on postal disability, and get only 40% of your pay. As I said, for me, it means the trailer court, the scum, the bikers, the ignorant, the neighbors that will rob you when you leave to go buy some food, etc. So, all those folks who are trying to get an award while your on OWCP, you cannot get both, it is one or the other. And this policy if so racist, if i may use this word for describing how humanly wrong and contempt it shows for a an injured employee, who has a loss of man, and tries his hardest to get back to work. You should be able to get money for your loss to your body, PLUS, get your bi weekly or your monthly check. One is not the other, your not getting double pay, as it was told to me my an owcp manager. That is so horses ass thinking. You see, the managers, who in most types of govt (senators/representatives too) are the ones who drafted this policy, and are the ones who are never in position to get injured. So they have their lawyers write up polices on the injured, so as to tell us not get hurt, that if you do, we will make you want to commit suicide. You get my thoughts, right !!!

    Today I recd my paperwork for this lawsuit.I will not approve this, and I will state in detail, to this nutty judge that signed off on this, and to the EEOC, how the PO made me suffer financially from going from 8 hours down to ONE, and how it took many months for our Injury Comp people to get the paperwork done ans sent to the local federal owcp facility. Then add the emotional strain this took on me, my family and kids, the increased pain I went though because of the worrying that I was not going to make my mortgage, etc, and also having to keep breaking my long term saving, which required me to take penalties from breaking my CD’s early. Yeah ProudPostalGuy, we are all faking, and do not want to work. Does anyone here know where I can visit this guys home, I would like to have a long talk with him, and that would be outside his home, not inside. Most folks are very cold when they hear of someone that is in pain, etc. They are, they do not give that person a thought, let alone a break. And no praying for these injured folks, that would be asking for for to much. Nice world we live in, eh ?

    Again, before I got side tracked, this Sandra McConnell case, if they bring in another bought judge, which I see is now very possible, we again will only receive a measly hundred dollars or so. AGAIN, when our PO puts 400 million smacker’s in an untouchable bank account, and then go and email everyone they are doing away with the NRP policy, and tell others, that we may have handled this in a wrong fashion, and we put a stop to this practice, and then add the inside word that they are being advised by their top notch lawyers, that this may cost ONE BILLION dollars in pay-outs, then my gut tells me we are going to, or some will get six-figure settlements in a couple of years, not months, but years. And most likely will be paid out on a one on one way. Too many folks are involved in this that have had no harm to them, maybe a strained leg, or arm etc, but the folks that have really suffered, they should be taken care, because of the hostile work atmosphere, the sharing of your medical files (this would be the people that had surgeries, but not limited to just them or that, etc), and causing no consideration to helping them get into a job that they can do, etc. Their are 4 diff. areas that the McConnell case involves or covers. I think, no judge will be allowed in this case to just hand over 17.9 million to us, and call it a day. This is way to big, a statement has to be made, Obama should being making some kind of thoughts on this, and remember, the HIPPA Act has been duly violated, and that is one humdinger some lawyers have been waiting to have a chance to take this to court, on a national scale.. I hope everyone is keeping up with all of what I have said. If I have left anything out, or if I went onto another topic, w/o finishing my thoughts on others, I am sincerely sorry. I also do not proof read my thoughts, so some mistakes will show up here, as I say, in my spelling, my unfinished thoughts, etc. But most will get what I am trying to convey.. Thanks everyone, and the DEEP tooooo….Taw was here !!

  26. For all of you postal workers that have been injured on the job, I will tell you, you can not just roll over and die. Getting your schedule award takes time its a tedious process. don’t get tired or fustraded. I found out that the reason it takes so long to get a claim excepted is. dol and owcp has cut their work force,they just don’t have the man power to get the claims processed so if you are one who sit around waiting to hear from them you are the one’s who are put on the back burner.the people like me who are constantly calling for an update on my claim for treatment or check for your schedule award. they will go ahead and push it thru. when I needed carpel tunnel surgery I was in a lot of pain an in a waiting mode, I sent forms to owcp’s headquarters I found out by asking questions that headquarters was right in the downtown area in the federal building I took a trip down there and asked to see my case manager he came out to see me and started to talk about the process to get the claim approved for surgery, I started to talk about the pain I was in as I talked my pain got worst it brought me to tears he gave me my approval letter right then and there. come to find out he had just had the same surgery weeks earlier.(true story) I took the approval letter straight to my doctor an was set for surgery with in a matter of 2 weeks. when I filed for my schedule award for that claim they put me on the back burner for months, but I had been told that to get your pay, the turn around time was 90 days. that is when I learned the process. Now I don’t wait when I ask how long does it take to get this or that thru I will wait 30 days then I am calling every 3 or 4 days. trust me it works. I was injured very badly on the job and have had numerous surgeries. and I had to get paid or I would have been homeless and hungry.

  27. hey folks,i’m one of the iod people that i feel like the po and dol dosn’t care about, this is what they are doing too me, instead of getting me the proper treatment that i need, the po rather have me followed around on the clock and off the clock too see if im working against their doctors restrictions, but in the mean time i’m still hurting even more knowing that i’m being followed everywhere i go. It’s obvious that the PO have either a tracking device on my car or if any cameras set trying too see if I’m stay within my restrictions. It’s always the same people, with the same vehicle with the license plate. These people can really save the PO a lot of money,by just asking me can they just ride with me.I would’t mind.Now for what the ProudPostguy have too say about the limited duty folks some of them like myself care about what they do such as get your unprocessed first class letter’s such as your bills, your checks, just to mention a few other first mail out of the Lim chutes to get it to get it too the right place. Therefor some of the limited duty people is during what’s right but still getting screwed, why? We don’t deserve this kind of practing from this Highly Profiled Organization.I deserve fair treatment and Demand much more respect from this organization. As you can tell, I’m not one of these people that’s looking for a hand out nor one of these people that’s faking a claim.

  28. TJ, you did not say you were city carrier, rural carrier, or clerk,it doesn’t matter an injured worker is an injured worker. I do understand all you have gone thru, I’ve been there, you must be up north somewhere, we here, down here that the union and there reps up north are sorry, I still say you can have your case re-opened on your legs and feet and other body parts that’s damaged. and if all else fails you can appeal thru the president of the USA, I wrote this president and the last, trust me they do answer your letters and try to help. don’t expect an answer in a week or so.it will take time to get an answer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white or other, if you are injured on the job you should receive treatment and restitution. don’t give up. The glover/albreht, I think thats how its spelled.you can look in these postings and find it. they were 2 carriers that had work related injuries, they filed a claim because they had been harrassed, denied overtime work, and denied the opportunity to bid out on any other jobs which is against the disability act of 1973. this case was paid out in 2008 or 2009 in Nov if I remember correctly. It settled for 64 million. Just like the Walker case they sent out notices for you to sign. I hope you don’t give up its sad that all of this has happened to you and there has been no resolve. Hang in there and continue to fight.

  29. TO Deep in the Heart/Texas… Thank you, really, thank you. In my case, the union stewards would never call e back, after promising to help. Even told me they never heard of the L.McConnell case, and never heard of the NRP that has been going on. How do you fight this with pillows under your legs, and moving too much causing addtl pain that takes on average, 3/4 hours to just have that pain go back to the pain I am usually in. But I have gone the route of the Congressman, when in 2010, they cut my full time hours to 1, and overnight. Then the local PO injury comp employee told me and others, that they just cannot get around to doing our paperwork, and getting it to owcp so we can collect the other 7. Yeah, 3 months of just lying. In that case, the Congressman was told that I never submitted any paperwork, and when I showed him the signed certified recpt., and along with copies of my packet I sent to the po injury comp office, well, lets just say, after the Congressman saw all of this, or his aide that was handling my case, told me this will take about two weeks, and you will start getting your 2 week check, or pay from owcp. Yes, the aide said that the post office was messing with the wrong senator’s beliefs when it comes to protecting honestly injured employees, and she almost choked up in tears after listening to my ordeal, and how I only have 4 decent discs left in my back. Showed her the dozens of X-rays to prove what I am going through, and she was just amazed with sadness when she saw my plates, my rods, and the 5 more herniated disc, one, being bone on bone. But, on the Glover case, please tell me what that covered. Maybe that one had nothing to with my type of case, or injury. Being on owcp, it doesn’t matter now about opening the past cases, because, I am off of work, and will never file for postal disability, why, to then only get 40% of my high 3 years. I have no hi 3, unless you count $39K, x 3, and then figure out 40% of that, then deduct my health, then that leaves me about $1100 or so. I could be off a bit, but you get the idea, I would be living in a broken down trailer, with that ProudPostalGoof, who hates anyone who has been hurt. But back to the Glover case, please tell me, or explain about how and what that one was about. If I never recd. any info on this, then I have to think I wasn’t or that suit did not have anything to do with me. Owcp or the PO would have contacted me, just like the Sandra McConnell case, which they could not provide me with enough room for my sworn testimony. I had the postmaster of my building tell me, she was going to have a talk with my surgeon, and have my restrictions changed, so I could go back to full duty. Can you frikking believe that comment ? ! And that was just one. They even moved me out outside for a week, in the 90 degree heat, while the other 2 injured employees (both were black), got to stay inside in the AC. Totally illegal, and those two faking people, didn’t have one injury. One was photographed out drinking and dancing, and still nothing happened . You get the picture. Where I worked, if you were white, you were just given all the work to do, and the others would go into the locker room and allowed to sleep, while I got yelled at because the damaged mail was piling up. But you get the picture of what i went through. Then, employees were reading my medical files, and coming up to me, and harassing me with their comments about what was written in them. Can you believe that, well, you better, I could never make this up. Regular clerk employees, yes, coming into the damaged area, and giving me a hard time. Only the post office doctor is suppose to have your medical info, and not even the building postmaster is suppose to have access to this, but as you know, they do what they want. Sorry, I just cannot go on. I want my day in court. Hell !, I even took video tape of what was going on in my area, and how the people in charge were delaying the mail. I took and still have day to day notes, and on the other faking inured employees that clocked in, and went to the locker, or union room, or the QWL room, and hid all night (the managers knew this), and they just let me do all the work……I am going to reject this latest lawsuit, when I get this paperwork in the mail, and if enough of us do so, it just may get some new life. That judge was paid off, and the justest system in this country, whether it is crimes such as this, or physical crimes, when you go to court, always seems that someone has a hand in getting the guilty off. This judge has no ethics, no honesty, no integrity, no nothing. We are all have been hurt even more with this verdict. They will not pay us on the Sandra McConnell case. Are you aware that the Post Office has already put $400 million into an bank account that they cannot touch ? Hell !, they have already have admitted some guilt in this case, or else, why is the NRP done now, and why put all that money aside to pay claims. That one will likely have a similar judge, and we will get maybe a grand, or less. So blatantly in your face emotional and financial harm that has been done to all of us. I do not care for, or care what happens to all those that have faked their injuries. Look at some, not all, but some of the injured that have not had any surgeries, that tell owcp who to spy on. I have never heard of anyone having a hidden camera on their house, or a person with one of those $2000 cameras, where the watchers can be half mile away, and see the color of your eyes, ever watch any person that has had 3 or more surgeries, etc.. Only, what I am told, those that have had basically 1 or less, and they say, ” I can’t work, I am in too much pain” , and you get the picture here. Hope to hear from you. My email is baddbee@att.net. Please keep in touch. from Taw Jackson.. That is my junk email, ok. my personal email, I can give you later. That idiot trailer trash non human being, ProudPostal guy, or whatever that goof calls himself, probably will start sending me all kinds of threats and scary emails, I mean it, he or she will. It is in their primal mentality.. Ok, thanks, email me whenever you wish.. Many thanks again… Taw Jackson.

  30. Taw Jackson,you can go to another doctor and get another oppinion. Get all of your records from you previous doc. the congressman will investigate if given more information. Where was your shop steward when all of this happen to you, any union steward worth anything should have advised you of your rights.

  31. Taw Jackson, I can understand your bitterness I don’t blame you. But all of the profanity won’t help you. When all else fail get your congressman envolved. I have recieved just about everything due me and I intend to finish up. No the post office don’t pay for your back, but you should have been paid for all nerve damage to your legs and feet, depending on the inpairment that should have more than compensated. I don’t know if it is to late or not. but if it were me, I wouldn’t get mad I would get what’s mine. Back up a minute and put your situation in perspective, make an appointment with your congressman, tell him/her all about it,be sure to write it down. try an have the case re-opened, go from there.Glover/Albret case was a case that paid off big because of the same discrimination against injured workers, it paid off in 2008 Nov.I think.you should be a part of the Edmond Walker case go on line and make sure you are signed up.also check on the Mcconnell case and do the same.by all means stay hooked up with people on this web site and the NALC.ORG page, stay in touch so you will know.I have been talked about, lie on, comspired against,you name it, it has happened to me, because of my being injured.I just keep on going and ignoring what people say. I have the ex-rays, the MRI’s, the Doctor’s statements to back up my claim, and I have gotten paid. They treat us bad because we’ve been injured our co-workers stab us in the back. I keep rolling and bouncing right along. because I know when I roll out of the doors of the P. O. All I’m going to have is what I have gotten paid. Don’t stop pushing, don’t lay down and roll over, hang in there go back to square one, begin all over.Good luck i’ll be watching.

  32. @ Deep in the Heart of Texas…Because I cussed out my doctor that did my last 3 surgeries for leaving me with no use of my genitals, and then the nerve damage, which is down in both of my feet now. That is why. Nobody told me anything about how to proceed on anything. it was all trial and error. After my 4 appeals, and a bullshit form that was finally filled out by this same doc, crushed any chances of me getting anything. You talk about being bitter. Plus, the govt does not pay on the back. All of my surgeries have been on the back. The nerve tests showed at that time, very little, and that doc that did those tests, told me these tests are inconclusive, so then add that my surgery doctor stating things in the scheduled award report that had him writing things on me that i never talked or complained about, then you have your answer as to why I never recd anything. Fucking all bullshit, and now I lay at home all day. You only get 4 total chances to get money, and I followed through on all, and the last appeal, I went downtown, and explained my situation, and then I was told by a federal lawyer that that is how it works in the USPS appeals system. Once you get turned down, you always get turned down. He told me, if i would have gotten a hold of him, he would have sent me to a doctor that would have been objective, and w/o prejudice. But he told me I waited to late to start calling fed. lawyers. I said, I was looking, but nobody knew where to find one. I even called the state bar assoc. and they knew of no one to help me. So you see, I am day late, and a dollar short. Nothing, and my house should of been paid for. No sex for the rest of my life, all because of my on the job injuries, and the surgeries that followed. But what is this Golver lawsuit ? Is this include me ? I know nothing of this, and I have been hurt since 1995. Can I get anything, and shouldn’t the post office notified me is I deserved to be a class member in this ? Anyone ? Thank you.. That proudpostalguy is so trailer trash, anyone reading his writing, can tell he never had a good upbringing, to judge all people, that all are faking is so immature, and is not proper thinking. He is trash, and ghetto, and most likely, is off his PROZAK… good luck everyone that is in pain….

  33. proudpostalguy, apparently you have never been injured are know anyone who has. I agree with Taw Jackson.I was working on a park and loop route. I was run down by an illegal alien. my sorry boss did not go out an check the situation.she just said there was nothing wrong with me. I have had numerous surgeries from this. I had a ruptured disk in my back,fractured bones in my foot, my shoulder,arms an hands were injured. I had a mail pouch on that had mail and several spurs in it that I landed on.I was off from work after the incident for 3 month,then I started the surgeries.I had to work I had 2 kids in college,and a disabled husband.after each surgery I returned to work and worked in my craft.I was a part of the glover/albrite case,walker, and mcconell.I haven’t recieved a letter yet, but it’s just the 18th. I could go on an on about what I’ve been through as an injured worker. I am insulted that PPG would make such statements about limited duty workers. becaused he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Even though I was carrying in a limited capacity and carrying 8 hrs a day my boss still lied to get me put off on NRP. I filed everything I could to get my job back. I fought for over a year. when I went back they started the harassment all over again.so don’t act like I am trying to just get some money.I am injured, in therapy 2 times a week and I work every day.

  34. proud postal guy you are crazy if you think limited duty workers are the reason the USPS is failing. It people like you who look to hard working postal workers and blame them for trying to do there without getting injury. How about bad management stupid decision made by people at the very top. They want this company to fail NRP class action is going to take the company out by making them pay a huge settlement blame us for that to. Good luck privatization is on the way.

  35. I think the postal service should be ashamed at this, and so should the attorney, they get paid and we the one’s that are hurt. @ Injury Comp Specialist, I received over $18,000. from the Glover case, but I know that every class member don’t qualify after submitting the first claim form. Everyone must carefully respond to the first set of questions in very specific wording, don’t leave out anything. The first round of paperwork is suppose to become available to class member today by mail, if you get papers you in, if you don’t wait, there will be another class action, all the post office does is pick on the sick and injured, like we ask to be hurt, I know I didn’t, I would rather have my lungs working at 100% as oppose to what I have now, 48% between both lungs. That 40,000 may just end up being only 25,000 or less. It’s a wait and see thing now!!!

  36. @ Injury Comp Specialist: please explain how you the injured employees will get $12,000. If you subtract the money to be paid to the lawyers, that leaves about $13.7 million, to be more or less equally divided among 40,000 class members. This will be about $340.00 or so, depending on the final dollar figure, and the owcp numbers. But you say, $12 grand each. Please, explain. But I think most will reject this settlement, and write letters to the EEOC/Judge, explaining how they were personally affected by this drastic measure, and add in how many employee’s didn’t get paid from owcp for many months, except the 1 hour they worked each day. I had to cash in my CD’s in the middle of their term, and penalized, just to pay my bills. So, many were affected emotionally and financially. Plus many of the USPS injury comp employees, purposely withheld the paperwork that was suppose to be sent, or faxed to owcp. YES, a huge conspiracy to get rid of the injured.

    @ProudpostalPOS !, you are scum, who thinks nobody ever gets hurt. Many injuries you do not just come back from, and you are one southern scum sucking Johnny REB, and the shit that comes out of your momma’s pussy has herpe’s, and she has tons of scabs all over her booty, from your daughter licking it all day. Put that in yo pipe and smoke it, REB…

  37. Taw Jackson you are a swell person. I would bet you have no sick leave, called in most any time you didn’t feel like going to work and let your fellow workers cover for you while you were “recovering”. I did have a very serious illness and nearly died. My sick leave was built up enough to cover my missed time. I do have compassion for those injured on the job, but how could you have that kind of compassion speaking the way you did in your reply. My guess you are a loud mouthed, trouble causing liberal. Everything is your way and if someone disagrees with you out come the insults! Then wishing harm on a fellow employee shows your lack of class. May God help you.

  38. Under Edmond Walker settlement of the case, how can I get a list of the Potential Class Members? Can you send it as attachment on your reply. Thank you.

  39. This is a totally different case from the Sandra McDonnell case. They sent out an unofficial questionaire about 2 years ago to get an general idea of how many people were effected. If you got paid from the Glover class action 9 of 10 chances you will get paid again. It should amount to about $12,000 per person. All that are included shall have their package by June 17th. If you get one, you get some money, if not wait on the next one, the USPS will screw over our injured employee again and again. And to the fake one, Postal Inspection will get you in time.

  40. I couldn’t agreed more, in the 2400 plus cases I worked on, maybe 40% were legit, I’m not a doctor so I dismiss an opinion, and just deal with the facts, the documents. Its never easy to send someone home who has worked years injured or not. The bottom line is it’s a process that needed to be address, when 10% of your workforce is injured about 60k around 2004, something is very wrong. I believe DOL/OWCP has a lot to do with it. They are a tax funded federal agency, so they very rarely reject a case, why would they, more cases, bigger budget, this has led to wide spread abuse. postal employees make up more than half of their budget. I suspect if the PO was allowed to pull out of this federal plan, DOL would collapse overnight.

  41. ProudPostalDIPSHIT: you have no idea of what your talking about, and your insight, and lack of humility is pathetic. Try getting hurt, and not I am not talking about those that take advantage of faking their injuries, and then go through this whole process of getting a OWCP claim number and then not getting any money for the 3 months it takes for all of the paperwork to go through, and then you can start making your house payments. Most have their credit ruined or have run out of their savings by then. But to put all of these inured postal people as faking idiots who have gotten legitimately hurt on the job, and some are hurt for a lifetime, to up an fire them, what a disgrace to the human race you are. The GOVT. doesn’t pay on the back, and most injuries are the back, but also carpal tunnel, leg, ankle, or many other lower body injuries, and some can never be healed, but some can be, which is why their are federal laws protecting these inured employee’s. I would like to see your attitude when you get get really and honestly become injured. As I said, you are either a human being w/o any compassion, or an idiot, probably both, and is in need of many life lessons. Wait till you get hurt, and see what us injured, have to go through. I hope you are the first to get hurt. You sir, are so pathetic. Grow up !

  42. Wonder why po is failing? Keeping a bunch of “limited duty” employees on the payroll doing little to no work while others work their tails off. In most cases it’s not the po’s fault they have limited ability. Almost as bad is all the unassigned employees sitting around doing nothing. Get smart and remove all these people from the payroll. Bring in CCA’s at least they want to work.

  43. As a current manager and former manager for the limit duty process. This is huge win for the P O. If the NRP case is settled for this much, there will be a cartwheel party in DC. This amounts to shells of peanuts. Example place 10 people off the clock at 5 days a week at $25 an hour for just 60 days, hours saved immediately and the employee has to stew while they wait on a check from DOL. Now image hundreds all over the country. Believe me after 10 plus years this amounts to nothing.

  44. you wont even get 400.00 this money is taxable. if this lawsuit involved 40,000 employees—–why werent the damages/awards at least 20,000 per employee? how much did the lawyers walk away with? why was it allowed to continue for 13 years? this is all nothing but a slap in the face to the workers. shame on the lawyers and the judge in this case. the people DID NOT GET JUSTICE !

  45. I was told no restriction is that the same.how do you know and where you get timely paper work?

  46. DIKITYDANK:::::: thank you very much….that is some relief, and now I think that the Sandra McDonnell will be bought off too, and we will not get anything.

  47. Wait, I am a bit confused. This is not the NRP lawsuit involving Sandra McConnell, and takes place from 2006 to 2012 or aprox. If this is diff, and since I was part of this sending you home, which they did back in Dac. of 2010, and having them force me to work only one hour, instead of the 8, and disrupting my living by forcing me to up and move to another city, only to then walk me out the door, 3 months later, and then me having to pay $2000.00 to break my apartment lease, or else have my credit ruined, plus pay $1400.00 to get my furniture back to where I lived. To only get a couple of hundred for this all planned out collusion, and never, never getting any award for all of my surgeries, plus now the nerve damage that has gone down to my feet, whereas I cannot stand the pain of having my shoes on for more than, maybe 20 minutes, before all of the pain forces me to remove them, and at times, my socks, all from me trying to get healed, and return to work. Anyway, I do not know if this lawsuit settlement is the one I am talking about, because the one I left testimony, also has to do with the USPS sharing medical files with regular employees, and creating a hostile work atmosphere, among other complaints listed in the lawsuit. So, can anyone tell me if this is the same lawsuit, because I was told for a fact, and from hi lever DC people that the USPS has put $400 million dollars into a separate account, with them to put about $600 more into this account, because they know that they will not win it. Plus last I read about this NRP class-action lawsuit, was that it is still in discovery. So is the same lawsuit, and if not, how do I get this small chunk of change. One thing, either way, I cannot believe this was settled, and for all of the laws that were broken, to have that judge get paid off and to settle this case, was just another illegal act the post office has gotten away with, and shows you that this judge was brought in because she was not going to give anyone any decent money that they should have gotten. Who do I have to talk to to see if it is not too late to get in on this, but in all right, this should be not accepted by anyone. Everyone has waited this long, why not appeal this bs decision, and ask for a new, or an appeal. This $200 or $400 should not be accepted at all. But first of all, is this the same lawsuit, or not. Please can anyone help me.. Thank you..

  48. This is great and how do we know if we are part of this class action? It talks about filing timely with the claim form and releases. Will be be getting these forms if we are eligible?

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