Excessive post office heat frustrates postal workers, customers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Air conditioning problems at a post office on Sunbeam Road in Mandarin have customers and federal employees heated.

A clerk, who asked not to be identified, told First Coast News the facility’s air conditioning has been out for two months and they recently learned repairs would take an additional eight weeks.

Customers standing in long lines for 30 to 45 minutes say the conditions seem unbearable.

Source: On Your Side: Excessive post office heat frustrates workers, customers | Firstcoastnews.com

10 thoughts on “Excessive post office heat frustrates postal workers, customers

  1. I worked at that station for over 2 decades, and I’ve been there when the a/c went out. It is hell on everybody in the back, including the carrier foreman, who was busy not ansewering the phone and looking at his wife at another station, what they need is a couple to fall out and then get OSHA in there, Something might happen…..
    An experiniced employee of Mandarin,,,,,,

  2. not let your heart be troubled, Muffin IOD Holdover Mehgan is as cool as a cucumber in Elephant Plaza …….cutting workers to the bone, while letting the po mismanageing bureaucrats wallow in a 120 Billion loss since 2009.(2.1 Billion in latest 3rd quarter, which = 700 million a month annualized) (have not paid prefunding bill since 2009-another cannard) she takes the S out of Service each and every day. I would say she said “let them eat donuts” but she wants them all to herself. Why does President Trump just not kick her to the curb?

  3. If the toolbags in charge hadn’t cut staffing customers
    wouldn’t have to stand in line in the heat for 30 to 45
    minutes. I’m sure the toolbags AC works fine while they sit
    around eating Meghen Muffins. Fire them all.

  4. Local management can’t do anything without getting their District’s approval. Not even permission to get their air conditioning repaired. So naturally, the District hot shots, whose air conditioning is working, couldn’t possibly care less. This is so typical of a service that has so many worthless levels of management. They just don’t give a shit.
    Being in Florida sure doesn’t help. When my wife and I have been there the humidity, even in October, is enough to make you feel like you’re swimming on dry land. I would be filing OSHA complaints were I in that office. Florida has some nice stuff – I have a few very good friends and a great nephew there, and the beach and wildlife is always interesting, but I would never live in a state or anywhere that didn’t have the change of seasons. I couldn’t stand it being warm and muggy all the time, which is one reason I think Hawaii’s weather sucks. We were there too, and while the humidity isn’t quite as oppressive as Florida’s, it’s bad enough and there are never breaks in it. Besides, I’d miss the fall colors, the stillness and quiet of winter if it wasn’t too severe with snow, ice, really low temps, etc., and spring time. Lots of carriers prefer the colder weather because they can dress for it, but just as many prefer hot weather. To each their own.

  5. Don’t worry about Postal customers or employees bothered by the heat! Just make sure that Postal management stays nice and cool and can O. D. on coffee and donuts. Make sure the air conditioner works in the stupidvisors rooms. A happy stupidvisor is a productive employee. They will be able to give out more discipline.

    • I’m in Pa and i almost passed out our facility is so hot. The thermostat said 79 degrees. Sickening!

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