FedEx Is Again USPS’s Top Supplier For Thirteenth Straight Year at $1.4 Billion

Top U.S. Postal Service Contractors for FY 2015

Husch Blackwell Sanders’ Government Contracts Practice Group today released its list of the top 10 U.S. Postal Service suppliers for fiscal year 2015, compiled from information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. David P. Hendel, a partner in the firm whose practice focuses on postal contracting matters, has compiled the list of the top 150 postal suppliers for the past 20 years.

According to Husch Blackwell Sanders’ :

For the thirteenth (13th) straight year, FedEx is the Postal Service’s top supplier. FedEx transports Express, Priority, and First Class Mail, and earned postal revenues of $1.4 billion in fiscal 2015 – more than triple the amount of the next largest supplier. Another postal competitor, United Parcel Service (UPS) , is also one of the Postal Service’s top suppliers, netting $154 million in revenue and holding the 11th spot.

The second-ranked USPS supplier, EnergyUnited, provides utility auditing services, therefore much of its revenues are actually pass-throughs to other utilities.

Other transportation providers in the top 10 include Wheeler Bros. Inc, which transports mail by ground, and United Airlines, which transports mail by air.

FedEx Is Again USPS’s Top Supplier For Thirteenth Straight Year at $1.4 Billion

Click here to download Top 150 USPS Suppliers for FY 2015 from the Husch Blackwell web site.

4 thoughts on “FedEx Is Again USPS’s Top Supplier For Thirteenth Straight Year at $1.4 Billion

  1. Sell this joke of an agency and get rid of our feckless NALC. Bring private company with the teamsters and any issues we will be allowed to strike! We won’t have put with this bullshit of harassment from our management and our spineless Union caving in.

  2. Federal Express makes money and the Post Office makes no money-surprise! by the way, Federal Express is as federal as the Federal Reserve Bank!

  3. $136.88 is current price of FDX stock………been aculimating since 1980. saw how corrupt po was when I came in 1987……doubled down. almost same cash value as TSP. started buying UPS when it went public in 1995…….has also been a winner. great hedge against socialist po business model. what have got from Postal Circus…..1% raise a year? people say the stock market is gambling……… they fork over money each week for the manual case lotto club.

  4. President Trump will issue the 2017 Postal Deregulation Act and sell off this dump to American Airlines, United Airlines, Federal Express, and United Parcel. The United States Postal Circus is a corrupt, unethical, nepotism and affirmative action bastardized frankenstein monster that is run for postal mismanagement PFP bonus money and not the American citizen. shut er down Donald and scatter these mismanagement creeps to the wind. with the termite infested federal govt being 21Trillion in debt…………its just when, not if.

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