Feds Should Keep an Eye on the Race to Replace Darrell Issa

Issa-ObamaFederal employees following the mid-term congressional races should tune into another contest that could more directly affect their pay and jobs: The campaign to become the next chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Current Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., is at the end of his term-limited six-year tenure leading the panel, and there is no shortage of Republican lawmakers hoping to succeed him as head of one of the most partisan committees in the House. The crop of conservative hopefuls include Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Reps. John Mica of Florida and Michael Turner of Ohio also reportedly have expressed interest in leading a panel that, under Issa’s leadership, successfully shepherded a bill through the House making it easier to fire senior executives, delved deeply into the complicated and politically sensitive issue of postal reform, and made former IRS official Lois Lerner a household name.

Chaffetz, Jordan and Mica all head Oversight and Government Reform subcommittees, so are well-positioned for the top leadership job. While Mica has the most seniority (he’s been in Congress since 1993), Chaffetz has been actively positioning himself for the job this past year.

Feds Should Keep an Eye on the Race to Replace Darrell Issa


10 thoughts on “Feds Should Keep an Eye on the Race to Replace Darrell Issa

  1. Darrell Issa has declared war on anybody who has ever worked for a living. The guy is a cancer that needs to be removed.

  2. Congress? Obie don’t need no stinking Congress.

    Might as well downsize like everyone else an save money.

    Will get the same results. Let’s put it to the vote.

    This grid lock as got to go bill.

  3. Captn Salty likes to cut off his nose to spite his face. It’s easy to criticize when the do nothing congress is the worse in the history of the United States.

  4. our president is doing fine,light years better than that retard we had before him.capt stupid,i mean salty go back and watch more fake news from fox,its great for bottom feeders like you and the rest of the tea ‘tards.oh yea your white sheets are ready at the cleaners.have an awful day!remember god hates you

  5. Actually Troy, NO legislation will be passed until Reid is gone. There are over 350 bills passed in the House of Reps gathering dust on that fools desk.

  6. The USPS will not see any legislation passed on Capitol Hill, until Issa is gone!!

    Goodbye loser.

  7. the best way to replace issa is to vote dem in the fall if not you will have more of the same with his replacement they hate unions they would be very happy to see you working for nothing

  8. any postal or federal worker who votes for issa or any goptper is a fool,have no doubt about that

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